Calauit Safari Adventure 2015

June 8, 2015 – We’re on our fourth day in Coron Palawan and for that whole day we have the Calauit Safari tour wherein we need to get up early to get on the boat and go to the Busuanga part of the main land, which is the total opposite side of Coron town.

Took us about 3-5 hours to get to Calauit, but it felt like 6 hours since it was raining, and we wait for long long hours to get there. I even remember that we finally saw the main house of the safari we all are like “Finally!”

Please take note that we’re on our 3rd day of swimming, snorkeling, and jumping into the waters of the lake, beaches, and open water. We’re all tired already, that’s why we didn’t mind the long trip to the Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary because we can totally sleep on board – but I wasn’t able to sleep that long since the view is beautiful too.

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Calauit Safari Tour Itinerary

If it’s your first time reading the Exotic Philippines blog, I’m a sucker on time tracking so please bear with me on this. I can only give you the time frame not the exact time we left, arrived, and do things – come on! We’re enjoying our time! *wink*

5:30 AM – Buy breakfast
6:00 AM – On the boat port. Leave Coron town.
10:00 AM – ETA at the Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary
1:00 PM – Tour ends. It took us long because there were more than 4 groups there.
1:30 PM – Lunch and leave Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary.
2:00 PM – ETA at Black Island
3:00 PM – ETD to North Cay
3:30 PM – ETD to Lusong Coral Garden
4:00 PM – ETD to Lusong Gunboat
5:00 PM – ETD to Coron Town
7:30 PM – ETA at Coron Town

Yes, we spent around 15 to 30 minutes on some destinations because we don’t want to go home too late. But we actually arrived in Coron Town around that time, and the area was like all black.

Calauit Safari Tour Package

The tour package we got already includes the following destinations we visited.

There are some destinations that is included in the Calauit Safari tour package that we’re unable to go to but we didn’t force to go there since we’re already tired, the boatman said the tide can be too high just like at the Lusong coral garden, and the current is too strong that it might be hard for us to swim and go to the corals.

Calauit Safari Tour Video

(Updated on January 1, 2016)
With that, I bring you a summary video tour for that day so you'll get a fuller idea and understanding of the Calauit Safari adventure tour, here's a video for you to enjoy. Hope you'll like it!

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Calauit Safari Rates

We actually contacted a boatman for this Calauit Safari tour package, I didn’t have his number but I’ll update this blog post with it once I got it.

But our totally expenses is P10, 500 that is shared or divided by 4 adults. That already includes the boat rental, and the entrance fees for each of us at the Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary. So if there are more of you in a group, it will be a lot cheaper, since you all will be sharing the boat rental and just pay additional fee for the Calauit Safari entrance fee.

Is the Calauit Safari Tour in Coron a Must Do?

If you want to meet and see a giraffe in person, then this is your opportunity to do so. That’s if you’re willing to spend around P2, 500 - P3, 000 to do this trip and get a complete and unique experience out of Palawan, or even just in Coron itself.

But think about it, it’s either go to the Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary or go to Africa to meet the giraffe. But still, I want to go to Africa someday – LOL.

Some people are also against with this, on how the Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary manage the giraffes, feeding them, making them get used with the humans. So, you must also think about your principles.

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