Badian Cebu Canyoneering 2015

I totally forgot when exactly did I have the canyoneering here in Cebu, but I’m pretty sure it was on the month of November before the 16th of 2015 because I was supposed to fly out and go to El Nido few days later to give you guys another insight. But due to the APEC event, my plans was APECted (get it? APECted…affected) and the year end travel is a total fail.

But luckily, few days before that your Cebu travel blog was challenged to be one of the first to try their Cebu canyoneering tour package, which is specifically in Badian area, but also part of Alegria – not really familiar with that area, sorry! But it’s still in Cebu, that I’m totally sure!

What is canyoneering?

What does canyoneering mean? Canyoning or canyoneering is actually going through the canyons through different techniques like jumping, crawling, walking, climbing, swimming, and all. Anything to just get you through, so yes. It’s very challenging and scary thing to do, because in this trail, you’ll not jump off to a 5 feet edge but up to 40ft (if you want) or 30ft (if you also like) and 20ft (whether you like it or not you must jump on this!).

The 30 feet jump.

Canyoneering in Badian Cebu 2015

I hate to give you another series of photos again just to show you the experience and I’ve been trying to get the guts to start the vlog, and I was able to record the whole canyoneering experience so, why just not use the video right?

It took me a while to post this post because of this video, I really want to give you what it will be really like to do this because it was very hard for me – because I’m obviously fat. Overweight. And the experience is very extreme, so you might think about on doing this.

So here’s a 10 minutes and 10 seconds video of the challenge by my client, it can be too long for you but at least you get the idea, right?

Canyoneering in Kawasan falls vs. Badian Canyoneering vs. Canyoneering in Alegria

We’re all talking about the same thing here. It’s just because you may start from Kawasan falls (upstream canyoneering) or start in Matutinao (downstream canyoneering) which is in Badian, or maybe also part of Alegria – since we did sign the log book in Alegria tourism office.

So yeah, they’re all in the same place, the same trail (probably) but a different type of level of difficulty.

Downstream Cebu Canyoneering

Upstream vs. Downstream Canyoneering in Cebu

Next thing I need to discuss with you is about the upstream and downstream. What we did in the video is the downstream canyoneering, meaning we follow the stream of the water which goes to the Kawasan Falls – and that’s why Kawasan falls is surely included in this experience.

The upstream is harder than the downstream – and that’s why downstream is more advisable for people who are more fit or more up for a greater challenge, totally not for me.

Upstream Canyoneering

I’d highly advice that you try the downstream first before deciding to take the upstream. We did meet some people along the way that will do the upstream challenge, and we’re like almost near the Kawasan Falls, and they’re like tired already.

Kawasan falls Canyoneering Adventure and Osmena Peak

Some may say, let’s do this after Osmena peak, do an Osmena Peak traverse to Kawasan Falls!
My first questions is, are you going to hike from Osmena peak to Kawasan? Because that would be really crazy to do the canyoneering after that. After this 4-5 experience, we’re all knocked out in the car. I really want to sleep but I felt like I’m going to be sick, and I was looking forward to drop by at the milk store – that the girls said is yummy.

What to wear?

Next is the canyoneering outfit!

I did actually do my research for this since this is my first time, and I don’t have any idea on what to wear. The staff from the travel agency though did tell me what to wear but it’s different to hear it from the people who did actually do it.

So I asked around and here’s what they said, and this is what I’ll share to you.
Wear Long Sleeves
I’m not saying wear a sweatshirt, a polo with long sleeves, if you have a rashguard with long sleeves, then do use that! Because before you reach Kawasan falls, you’ll need to go through to a jungle like area and some leaves are itchy – not sure what’s that about.

Shorts are fine
I did wear my Maui and Sons (yes, for boys) shorts, I love their shorts and I didn’t have any problem with it in terms of being flexible (because you have to be able to do anything with what you wear) just make sure you’re comfortable and can move around well. Remember, you have to climb rocks, go up and down, and all. So make sure you’ll be able to move well. But I won’t advice for you to wear really short, shorts.

Strapped Sandals (active gears)
I really don’t know what it’s called. But it’s like the Sandugo sandals with a strap for activities like this, or their shoes is totally fine. Don’t bring your rubber shoes, it may just get damaged, they have aqua shoes and rubber shoes, so you don’t really need a foot gear.

I won’t advice to wear the aqua shoes though, that’s the one I wear. It hurts a lot. It’s okay on the waters, but it hurts on the way to the last falls and walk. It’s a rocky trail, slippery, I think the rubber shoes will do the best job for this.

The Cebu Canyoning Accident and Death

Okay, I have to be honest someone did die doing this experience. Actually, he was a guide. When this experience was all over here in Cebu, a great hit, I really want to do this. I just want to have the courage and those friends to be with me to do this – no fun on doing this alone, you can’t laugh at anyone who’s scared to jump. Am I too cruel?

But then I hear this news that someone died, and I checked a known forum here in Cebu and people said that the weather was bad that day (I believe it was rainy season that time, and it’s no good to do the Cebu canyoneering on those season since it’s a falls, and water may be too strong or too much). And this guy, really forced it to do this experience, saying it’s okay, he’s experienced, and all – but I’m not saying it’s that but that’s what people did say about what happened.

So please, if it’s not good to do it, if people say not to do it on that day, then don’t. Don’t book your experience too in rainy season.

Canyoneering Cebu Tour Package and Rates

The travel agency that gave the challenge is Cebu Trip Tours, they’re a known travel agency here in Cebu. There were 4 of us in that tour, but we were with other group, a family but then we do have a different car, so it’s totally okay.

They have different rates per person depending on how many you are in a group. So the more the merrier, the cheaper it will be. But as a Cebu blogger, I got the free rate of course.

So, for the Cebu canyoneering experience, here are their rates and tour package inclusions:

No. of Persons: 4 persons (again the more the cheaper, the merrier)
  • Air-conditioned Transportation
  • Local Guide
  • Canyoning fees
  • Aqua shoes and Helmets
  • PFD (Personal Flotation Device)
  • Lunch
Tour Duration: 11 Hours (4-5 hours Canyoneering, 3-4 hours round trip)
Pick up: 6:00 AM
Drop Off: 5:00 PM

If any of you are interested, you may contact and book your Canyoneering experience in Badian Cebu through:

Cebu Trip Tours

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