Invite to Event

Exotic Philippines do accept event invites from companies wherein they want the Exotic Philippines blogger be present to help in promoting the event.

Why invite a blogger to your event?
I can give you multiple reasons, but most likely when you're reading this page you know the value of bloggers at your event. But just in case, here are some articles about the value of bloggers at your event.

Why invite Exotic Philippines?
Exotic Philippines has 6,0000 twitter followers, almost 6,000 fans on Facebook, and almost 2,000 Instagram followers. Plus, a recognized blog and an increasing YouTube subscribers!

If you wish to have me on your event in Cebu Philippines, or anywhere in the Philippines please refer to the rates below. If your event is outside Cebu or the Philippines, please take note that the hotel and transportation is not included in the rates stated below.

Media Kit
Presence at the event.
Social media posts about the event.
Blog post about the event.
Event vlog (video blog).
Facebook boost post (1 week)

G – Guaranteed
NG – Not Guaranteed
N – No/None.
O - Optional

It can be cash, products, or gift certificates.


Why you’re charging an event invite now?
I live in Lapu-Lapu City, and most of the events are in Cebu City, I have to travel at least an hour by van (and usually by taxi, or if very late via Habal-habal) to get to an event. I also have a job wherein I have to stop for hours, and sign out just to go to your event. Time is gold as what people say, and I’m investing my time for your event.

Plus, majority of the people who invite me to their event expect a blog post, so think about the time and effort to attend the event plus writing, and advertisement on the social media account and blog.

I don’t have any budget for you to blog about our event, can you please blog about our event?
If I love the brand, I enjoyed the event, treated well at the event, and it’s a must share information, I do blog or vlog about it. But if not, I do at least share it on my social media accounts.

How can I make you come to an event for FREE?
I usually go to events for free if they’re a talk about, or a must search, or if a lot of people wants to know more about it. 

Is the rate cash or can it be an equivalent to some of our products?
I don’t mind getting products from a company, just not make sure it’s not another tumbler or pen with your company name on it. You may give half cash, and half products since I still need to pay the taxi.

There are also brands that I’ve attended that gave me GCs or products for FREE and still pay the full amount.

How long will it take for you to finish the blog post?
Give me at least 2 weeks to publish the article on my blog. if it’s a promo, I usually write it within the week.

How long will it take for you to finish the VLOG?
It actually depends on my video series. If I have a series of video needed to be uploaded accordingly, then I can’t cut it off with the event video, but I can insert the event video after that.

How many social media post can I expect from you?
Expect at least 3 social media post about your event, depending on the speed of the internet and if provided or not. If you’re able to provide a fast internet, the more I can share and post.

I don’t have an event, but I want you to come to our business. Is that possible?
Yes! If you’re a restaurant or a business owner that doesn’t want to have a number of press on your business and just want me to cover exclusively, we can do so. But the rates stated above is still applicable.

What is “Facebook boost post”?
It is when I share the blog post or video on my Facebook fan page and pay Facebook to reach more audience for a week.

How to invite Exotic Philippines?
Just fill out the form below and I’ll get in touch with you in just few days.