Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rude Hand Gestures from Around the World

Rude Hand Gestures from Around the World

We have habits that we think it's just nothing or didn't notice it at all. Sometimes we have to check ourselves and see if there are anything about us that may offend or may make someone else not comfortable with you, especially if you're visiting other countries.

So here's an infographic I found online that could help us check ourselves and see what are the hand gestures that we may have been doing without knowing that to some people or countries it can make someone be offended.

There's one from the Philippines, the "call the dog" hand gesture. I think I'm not that offended (as a Filipina) by that sign because of watching too much western TV series, and understand it as seducing someone. But yes, you can go to prison here (or worse be ban) in the Philippines if you "at least" offended a Filipino citizen.

Self Check!

Surprisingly, there are some habits or hand gestures I do that may get someone be offended and they are:

The V Sign

We do use the V sign here, we do use it as a sign of PEACE or pose for a photo like the Koreans do. I do that a lot since back in high school, I guess I should stop it since I've been wanting to visit the UK.

Thumbs Up

Another hand gesture that I do when I don't want to say "Okay" or "great job", I just do the thumbs up. But I think a lot of people do this, right?

The A-Ok

Another meaning (for me) for this sign other than "okay" is a money sign.

Hands in Your Pocket

I'm a bit boyish type of girl, and whenever I wear jeans, jacket or any clothes where I can put my hands on its pocket. I usually do this to keep my hands warm, especially if I'm nervous or I'm in a cold place.

Crossed Fingers

I think not only us Filipinos do this, but also westerners. We do this when we don't mean what we promise.

How about you? Do you have any hand gestures that may offend someone?

Photo Credits: Salvatore Vuono

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

5 Best Ways To Enjoy Adventure Travel

5 Best Ways To Enjoy Adventure Travel

Adventure travel can be one of the most rewarding ways to go, but not if you aren't prepared for all that it may have to offer! Choose your destination and venue, then make sure you have a checklist to take care of all the little necessities. It's the only way to fully enjoy the awe and amazement of travel like this.

Pack Lightly If You Can

Bringing only the essentials with you will allow greater focus on the adventure itself and not the typical hassles. Pack the items that will keep you comfortable and safe, rather than a lot of  the"just in case" things you might feel inclined to have with you. Adventure travel usually doesn't involve high heels and board shorts, so be practical when packing!

Have A Contact At Your Destination

Particularly if you're traveling to an out of the way place, it's important to make a connection with someone before you leave. Even if it's just a few extra conversations with your hotel clerk, so that he or she will recognize and watch out for you while you're around. The best connection would be a native, but that may not be possible if you plan on crossing the Siberian taiga! Talk to someone at your Embassy or Consulate at the very least.

Obey Local Customs And Traditions

Whether swimming with dolphins around the Greek Isles or rock climbing up the Andes, knowing how to behave with the people around you is an essential part of enjoying the your whole adventure travel. While you obviously won't set out to offend, customs can be so quirky that you may inadvertently misrepresent yourself. Always keep a phrasebook with you, unless you are fluent in the local language.

Document Your Travel

Stopping to film your adventure should never get in the way of fun or compromise your safety, but it should be high on your list of priorities. Bring easy to operate equipment that won't weigh you down, and make good use of it. These are memories that last a lifetime and will help you tell your stories of adventure to others.

The Best Destinations For Adventure Travel

Europe is still your best bet with biking or hiking, unless you really want to get crazy with it. Traditional mountain climbing is most enjoyable where the trails are worn, but don't think you can't blaze your own trail! You can reach new heights in China or right in the United States, however; avoid drawing the attention of search and rescue teams by keeping a safe and smart itinerary.

Try a guided tour of Switzerland's Valais region. Set off on a Mayan jungle adventure with a local showing you the way. You could also look for fantastic adventure travel right in your own country, just avoid the high-traffic tourist areas and find something exciting that you've never done before.

While you want your trip to be exciting, you don't want it full of surprises! Plan it well, have everything you need and get ready for the vacation of a lifetime.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Yo Mama is so Funny - The Girl on Fire

Yo Mama is so Funny - The Girl on Fire Episode 1

It was a Sunday and we've just arrived home from Church service and we over hear our neighbor's daughter singing out loud the Beyonce song "Love on Top", she sang so loud until the song finishes while Mama and I looked at each other and just keep quiet.

While our neighbor is singing at the top of her lungs, I was on my computer and checking my Facebook while my Mama went to the bathroom and sing "....this girl is on fire!..."

Mama is almost 60 years old and she's very much updated with the latest songs because of the TV show here in the Philippines called It's Showtime where they also have a competition for singers 45 years old and above who will sing a piece of an old song and a modern one.

Yo Mama is so Funny

As promised, I've made a segment here on the blog for my Mama and it's what we call "Yo Mama is so Funny" where I'll share with everyone reading the blog the hilarious moments of my Mama. I think it's worth sharing here on the Exotic Philippines blog so that we're not that serious and you'll have something to look forward to.

I'll try to update you guys each week and at least once or twice a month. My Mama never rans out of crazy ideas at her age.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How to Legally Study and Work in Australia?

How to Legally Study and Work in Australia

As you might already know, my brother in law (my sister’s husband) is actually an Australian. My sister has been to Australia too and basing on what my sister said about the country, it’s a beautiful country to live in. Even Ellen Degeneres finds Australia beautiful.

A lot of people would love to work in Australia and live there, and anyone would love to grab the chance to get to at least visit the country but of course it’s best if they’re able to at least study there and at get a job at the same time.

Australia Student Visa

Australia is open for student visas and they even provide a TEMPORARY residency to students with an extended stay of two (2) years to four (4) and if you’re a great candidate for permanent residency, they might let you stay there a lot longer.

Work in Australia

Since you have a student visa in Australia, you can also work there at the same time. So you’ll get educated, earn money, and of course get the chance to be a permanent resident there.

Study and Work in Australia

It’s just pretty simple as that, but how to get pass all the requirements and be qualified to have the student visa in Australia.

Now my friend Jasmin who’s working for this Australia immigration company where their main office is based in Australia with lawyers and immigration experts, is one of the people here in the Philippines who could help and guide you to be a perfect candidate for getting a visa and get the chance to study and work in Australia. She has seminars mostly here in Cebu Philippines, and just few days ago she actually went to Davao to conduct a seminar there.

Student Visa vs. Tourist Visa

What some people (plan to) do is apply for a tourist visa, then (think) they apply for a job there while on a tourist visa. But little did they know, if you’re on a tourist visa you’re not allowed to work but if you’re able to work, you’re not getting paid the regular rate and the thing is that is not counted to get a permanent residency in Australia.

Since you’re illegally working in Australia, you’re not making a good impression and it’s not a long term plan. I don’t know if you've watched the Australian Borders on CI (TV channel), they’re actually chasing these type of people, you don’t want to be deported and be banned there and damage the reputation of the Filipino.

Australia Visa Seminars

I’ll try to update this post as much as possible and include the upcoming seminars of Jasmin, but here are the latest lists of seminars that she have that you might want to attend:

March 29 1PM at Buffalo Resto Grill Cagayan De Oro
April 12 1PM at Laguna Garden Cafe Ayala Terraces Cebu City

Seminars will be held in the Philippines, so to those Filipinos who wish to migrate to Australia, then here’s your chance. Most of the seminar locations are in Cebu, but probably there will be other seminars in other location depending on demand.

If you’re interested to find out more about this awesome opportunity and not available on the dates and/or location of the seminars above, then how about just fill up the form below and we’ll try to e-mail and update you on our latest new schedules so you could attend one. Or get a one on one talk with Jasmin about this opportunity. No worries, all data provided below will be just used for this opportunity.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

50 Things A Traveller Should Know

50 Things A Traveller Should Know

Either your planning to try travelling somewhere in the world or you've already traveled, do you know these 50 things that a traveler should know about? I found this infographic by the TRAVELBAG that I think will be useful for everyone who's planning to travel the world or test your worldliness.

If you don't know the top 50, then no worries there are some information and tips at the bottom of the infographic to help you become an awesome traveler. Scroll down and check it out!

Photo Credit: tiverylucky

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