Thursday, August 28, 2014

Exotic Philippines – Alexa’s Top Philippines Travel and Tourism Site

I was actually comparing the traffic stats between this new media site that I recently become a part of, with the other site owned by a known journalist and thought of checking the blog’s rank too. At times like this when I want to motivate myself to keep on blogging and doing what I do.

If you take a look at the Exotic Philippines Alexa page, there seems to be no data for my rank in the Philippines. So what I did is search through the top sites by country of Alexa and discovered that Exotic Philippines have ranked well in these categories:

Top 11 Philippines Travel and Tourism Site

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Top 5 Philippines Travel Guides Site

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I don’t know if they’ll make some changes after this or when this all started but I took the liberty to grab a screenshot for proof.

This year has been really great for me and the blog, from the awards, recognition, love and support from readers, friends and fellow bloggers have been overwhelming. And being given this rank by a known site boosts my motivation too.

Thank you everyone for all the years of support!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bahal Max - No Worry, No Hangover

Have you ever tasted the coconut wine? Well, you should try the Philippines version of affordable wine, the fermented coconut wine that we call Tuba. Luckily for me, I was able to find and get to visit the owner of the Bahal Max, the coconut wine maker in Argao Cebu Philippines.

I grew up knowing that tuba is the affordable version of wine of the locals here in the Philippines. Especially that I’m grew up in a province that also grow and have a lot of coconut trees, I do see a lot of locals (usually the farmers) drink this type of wine. It’s cheap and it deals with their thirst!

On my trip to Argao, my guide Janine took me to the Bahal Max owner Mr. Nilo Sedon whose backyard is now where he makes his fermented coconut wines.

Just right outside their house, you'll be able to see the sign above. Their house is really nice and well landscaped (by the owner).

The above photo are his newly harvested coconut wines, they do really smell good that I want to take a sip right away - well, smells good for someone like me. They mouth of the container is actually open because they have to get some air to separate the bubbles.

The bottle above contains the 3-4 months old (I forgot how much old exactly) and the bottle is worth for only P30.

 Now the bottle above is the one I bought, it's actually a coconut vinegar that's spicy - quiet similar to the famous Pinakurat and I think it worth P35. I already used it with my food for about a month now and it actually taste good, and I love spicy food.

 They also have a bottled wine like the  one above. I think it's a 1 liter worth P50 per bottle.

They have different type of wine, this one (above) is the coconut wine called Bahalina which I think left for years which also worth P50.

The other type of wine that they have in the bottle like this is their Mangonilo - a wine from Mango. Didn't taste it or buy it but it's also worth P50.

The Bahal Max products are the ones above. If you have a friend who loves wine, then better try to buy them the Bahalina which is just around $2 (P50).

Want to give it a try? You may contact Mr. Nilo Sedon via his home telephone number (032) 485- 8838. If you're dropping by at Argao, you could totally drop by at their home and buy their products in a cheaper and affordable price.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Meximama – Affordable Mexican Food Trip

I was invited by a friend to come and join her with other bloggers to try out a new mini restaurant near my place. It’s located at the Marina Mall (Save More Pusok), and just a couple minutes away from my place. If you’re going to the airport, you’ll surely be able to drop by at this new Mexican (mini) restaurant.

I really don’t know what to call it, that’s why I’m using the “mini” word. Since the area where they cook is just small and just enough for them to cook but they do have a number of tables for you to occupy.

I’ve never tried Mexican food before, so I was excited to try it out and share it here on the Exotic Philippines blog even I was tired of the 3 days event we’ve handled – lack of sleep and still up for a food trip. Luckily, I have my blogger friends tagging along to make the lunch more pleasing.

Dig in girls!

But of course, you're wondering what did served us. So here are the dishes that we’ve tried on that day, since they have a buffet style set up for their soft opening.

Meximama Street Food Tacos and Main Courses

First off, let's start with the ones that they have all ready for us on the table before we were called up to the buffet table.

(Forgot the Name)
Food Rating: 3.5 stars

I've tried one piece of this. I don't know what's the exact name of this and the ingredients, but the one at the bottom is similar to a pizza crust. 

Sisig Tacos

Food Rating: (NA)

I can't give you a food rating on this since I haven't tasted it. I wish I did though because I love sisig.

Chili and Honey Wings

Food Rating: 4 stars

I love chicken, I love chicken wings! I love spicy food, and imagine how much I liked this. But to warn you, this is above average spicy but not that spicy. Totally a must try!

(Forgot the Name)

Food Rating: (NA)

Another one that I didn't try, because I was really full. Can't take another bite!

Baja Fried Fish Fillet

Food Rating: 3.5 stars

Surprisingly, I liked it. I'm not really into fish but I think it's because of it's sauce that made me love this.

Costillas de Cerdo

Food Rating: 4 stars

I like ribs and chef did put something on this really unique that it gives you a unique taste. I actually suck this one to the bones. It's a bit spicy but you would be able to handle it.

Fried Rice

Food Rating: 3 stars

It's a Mexican version of fried rice. It's unique but blended well with the other dishes.

As for our desserts, they served us with their Churros! I would compare their churros with the Oishi Manju but this one doesn't have the sweet stuff inside, but you have to dip it. The Churros itself is good too, crispy and soft inside.

Churros Con Chocolate

Food Rating: 3.5 stars
The chocolate dip is a real good chocolate. The churros is not sweet but the dips are sweet.

Churros Con Dulce de Leche

Food Rating: 3.5 stars

Comparing the Chocolate and Dulce de Leche, I love this one much better. Maybe because I'm a milk lover and this one is sweeter than the chocolate and feels just right with the churros.

How to Get there?

As you can see on the map, it's just right beside the road going to the airport. If you're going to take a jeepney, they call it SAVE MORE (SM) instead of Marina Mall - so you wont be confused why there's no one saying Marina Mall.

There's an easier way to go around to Meximama but I think this one is more simpler and easier for you to remember. Go inside the Save More supermarket, and then go outside (on the other side, at the parking area.

Then go left (if you're facing the parking lot and on the side of the Save More door.

This area is actually  the delivery area for Save More, but go inside there, straight and you'll see this...

Yes, from there and go left again. And you'll see that area above. Just go straight and you'll have to go left a bit and see this (below).

The tables is the area where you can eat your Meximama orders.

See the two (2) girls in white shirt choosing from the menu? That's the area of Meximama where you can take orders and  where they also cook your orders. You may then sit down, relax and wait for your orders.

Want to invite Exotic Philippines to the opening of your restaurant? Feel free to contact me and include the details.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cebu Travel Guide – Cebu’s Best in an App

Jpark Island Resort and Waterpark Cebu Travel Guide Mobie App
From Left: Junix Villacorta, Ruben Licera Jr., Myla Mohammad and Joy Ablanida
We’re so addicted and attached with our smartphone and JPark Island Resort & Waterpark Cebu knows this, and this is why they've launched their very own app. An app that does not only cater your needs from the resort but for the whole Cebu too!

If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Cebu, the best place to relax, get to know, visit and even activities to do in Cebu, the app got it for you!

Of course, the app can book a room for you at JPark, reserve or book a shuttle or a restaurant. The app can even connect you to the direct lines of the resort via your mobile. So you don’t have to tire yourself for the search on whom or where to get the contact numbers on departments of the resort.

The External Affairs Director of Philippine BXT Corp. (the company owned the JPI), Mr. Reno Bacolod says “The rebrand was partly an effort to transition consumer service from traditional to modern. Modernity entails giving information and services on demand. This mobile app is one of many step that JPI is taking to hand out that promise.

The Cebu Travel Guide App

Luckily, I was able to record a video for you guys to watch and get to know the app from the developer himself. Mr. Junix Villacorta who’s also a good friend of mine, will tour you around a bit of the app.

Since I was able to shoot the video on the side, it might not be that clear for you to see the app but here’s a screenshot I got for you of the app.

Cebu Travel Guide Mobile App

Cebu Travel Guide Mobile App

Want to download it? Go ahead, download the app now! It’s totally for free! But as of now, the app is only available for Android users and it’s currently on its beta phase. They say the app for iOs will be released soon and more updates will be added.

 Don’t forget to leave your review and ratings of the app, if you want to give some suggestions, report some errors, please do feel free to leave it as a comment below and I’ll personally forward it to the developer or the JPark team.

Want to invite Exotic Philippines to an event? Just contact me and include the details.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Meet and Greet with Prony II

Prony Bohol Philippines Largest Python

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was able to (at last) get the chance to be with and be skin to skin with a snake! Fulfilling the name of the blog, the Exotic Philippines because I’m with an exotic pet. Yes, the python that you’re seeing above is actually a pet of the owner.

The owner gives him a bath, feed him and just generally taking care of this huge python. Prony the second is not the largest snake of Bohol Philippines, but actually the previous large snake is actually named the largest python whose name is also Prony (the first).

Prony the First

The first snake died years ago, and as they (the people in their preservation) believes that Prony (the first) saved its owner from cancer. The (male) owner had cancer and was given 3 months to live, but Prony seems to sacrifice his life for the owner and so the owner lived. That’s what you’ll be able to read in this bulletin.

Prony Bohol Philippines Largest Python

Prony I is actually about 23 feet long, weighing around 300 kg. If you’re able to Google his pictures you’ll be able to surely tell that, that python was really huge.

No worries though, though we’ll not able be able to actually see Prony I alive, you’ll be able to see what’s left of him. Which includes his skin...

Prony Bohol Philippines Largest Python

Yes, that was Prony I, stuffed with something inside to preserve him. He was really huge! I can totally sit on his body. Though he's surely a dead huge snake, still I was scared, maybe because I feel like it was part of a real snake and he's dead, he can totally visit me in m dreams.

Plus! You'll also be able to see this in person, still a part of Prony I...

Prony Bohol Philippines Largest Python

His 23 feet bones! And the remains of his last skin changing - if I'm using the right term.

Prony the Second

Prony Bohol Philippines Largest Python

Prony II is a bit smaller bit still huge compared to the other snakes there, or probably compared to the snakes you’ve seen around your house.

This snake may seem to you as a lazy snake, but once you try to pick him up, well in my case when I pick him up, it seems he wants to kiss me. He keeps on turning his head to me, looking at me.

I was hoping that he was not thinking of eating me, so I was just thinking that he was trying to kiss me since the owner lets him kiss her with his tongue – scary!

Prony Bohol Philippines Largest Python

We’ve also took another picture (thanks to their staff!) of the other snake, I believe it’s an Albino snake (correct me if I’m wrong) who also loves to look at me. Look at my scared face!

Prony Bohol Philippines Largest Python

Here's the forced smile going on!

Prony Bohol Philippines Largest Python

To be honest, it was not easy. I didn't just entered there and pick up the snake and smile at the camera. It took us about more than 30 minutes to finish, because their heads keeps on turning to me and it seems that they really want to look at me (in the eye and kiss me - well, feels like it) and probably want me to be their meal of the day. But hey, I'm just conquering my fear! Thanks to the owner who really pushed me to do it! I did not regret it!

So after almost 30 minutes or so, I was like... I've done my workout for the day. I was sweating like hell! Why? I was REALLY scared and I try not to be because I do believe that the animals can sense fear, especially the snake! I was even thinking that they're turning their heads and telling me "What's wrong with you? Why you're freaking out? Never saw a beautiful snake before? Don't worry piggy, things will be alright."

The thing is, every time they try to be comfortable in your hands,you can feel them moving. Their bottom opens a bit like there's a hundred of fangs below and then their body moves, who's not going to freak out!?

But then again, I conquered it (at least a bit) and finished the photo-shoot with them - I feel like I just did have a photo-shoot because there are 2 cameras taking my forced smile.

The preservation place also has other animals, so they’re kind of a zoo already. What’s great about this place is that they do love animals. As an animal lover, I can totally tell. That they’re not just there for the money, but for love and making money from their pets is just a benefit out of it.

There are actually more than 5 animals there, but there are only 2 of them who was not a camera shy.

Prony Bohol Philippines Largest Python

The Philippine eagle! Who's so stunning and handsome in his pose - which I asked him to do.

Prony Bohol Philippines Largest Python

And this beautiful swam (or duck - I think) who is not surely a camera shy because when I say "pose duckie!" he/she give me a breast out pose! Thank you duckie!

I really think these animals are used with people taking their photos, I mean, look at them! Just say "pose!" and they get it. I told the eagle "look at here birdie!" and he also gave me the breast out - and I was amazed because they understand my doggie language.

Some of the photos above are actually taken by one of their staffs there using their own DSLR camera. So if you’ve come unprepared, no worries you can totally get a photo with Prony with or without your camera. They’ll print your photo for P150 (1 photo) and you can kindly ask them to email to you the rest – which I ask kindly.

Sadly, I don't have any details on how to get there. Since I have a guide going around Bohol and using a private car, but surely if you'll ask around people will be kind enough to teach you how to get there. Prony's place is just about 20 minutes away from the pier.

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