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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Travel Guide for Your Day Trip to Kawasan Falls in Badian

Gay Aida Dumaguing - Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Travel Guide for Your Day Trip to Kawasan Falls in Badian Exotic Philipines Cebu Travel Blog and Blogger

For years living here in Cebu, I’ve finally visited and been to one of the top tourist attractions in Cebu, Badian’s Kawasan Falls. But sadly, I was too tired (since we traversed from Osmena Peak to Kawasan) and I don’t want to leave my things I didn’t dive into the cold waters of the falls.

So basically, I can give and share with you guys only the tips I can share with you, like how to get to Kawasan Falls, rates and fees, etc. I can’t really share much when it comes on how’s the water and the experience – I know, I’m such a kill joy.

Why Visit Kawasan Falls?

Travel Guide for Your Day Trip to Kawasan Falls in Badian Exotic Philipines Cebu Travel Blog and Blogger

Other than having a bucket list crossed on your list or just being able to brag online that you’ve conquered this falls in Cebu Philippines, the cold water and refreshing environment might just what you’re looking for to get out with from the city life – take a break, have a KitKat. LOL.

Other than the falls, you might enjoy the view going to the falls, it’s just about 20 – 30 minutes away from the main highway where the bus will drop you off. On the way to the falls, you’ll get to see and witness it yourself the local life…

Travel Guide for Your Day Trip to Kawasan Falls in Badian Exotic Philipines Cebu Travel Blog and Blogger

A calming view and music from the waters…

Travel Guide for Your Day Trip to Kawasan Falls in Badian Exotic Philipines Cebu Travel Blog and Blogger

And you just might want to stop walking and just dip in there – like how I felt.

Travel Guide for Your Day Trip to Kawasan Falls in Badian Exotic Philipines Cebu Travel Blog and Blogger

For those things made me really want to come back again maybe sometime soon, it reminds me of my grandma’s place where behind her house is a small river like it. Wherein they wash the dishes, wash their clothes, and I get my own clear water pool.

Travel Guide for Your Day Trip to Kawasan Falls in Badian Exotic Philipines Cebu Travel Blog and Blogger

All you can hear there is the water flowing, the water splashing, and falling from the top, and of course the people enjoying the cold water of the falls.

Tips for Your Day Trip to Kawasan Falls

Again, I can only leave you a few tips and tips that I was able to think of while observing there. Anyway, here are the few tips I can share with you:

No Guide Needed Going to Kawasan Falls. Unless, you’re going for the canyoneering experience they have, then of course you need a guide. But if you’re just going to go to the Kawasan falls, and swim there there’s no need for it. There will be a couple of guys that will offer this to you and even a ride for a certain fee but really, you can totally walk it. And I think, you’d be able to appreciate more the view going to the falls if you walk.

Travel Guide for Your Day Trip to Kawasan Falls in Badian Exotic Philipines Cebu Travel Blog and Blogger

Wear a comfortable shoes or sandals. I was wearing a training shoes, so it was totally fine but still there are some parts going to the third tier of the falls that are hard for me. I was sweating like I’m steamed.

Using the Kawasan Falls is FREE, but there’s an entrance fee. So I’m not sure if you can say it’s 100% free. There will be a group of women in a shed that will tell you that you need to pay the entrance fee, I believe it’s for the maintenance of the area. They did gave a receipt for us though. Entrance fee (as of April of 2015 is P20).

Cottages are available, but optional. Our guide Janice actually said that it’s okay if we don’t have a cottage since the locals just made it commercialized in having their own restaurants there. But I want to be able to sit down comfortably, eat comfortably, and be able to have a place to leave my things so we got the cottage. The cottage can be rented for P300.

No life jacket is required, but it’s recommended. Living here in Cebu for years, I’ve heard a lot of accidents in that falls. So, if you want to be safe then you may rent a life jacket, but if you’re a good swimmer and knows when to stop swimming and go somewhere safe then you don’t need it.

Travel Guide for Your Day Trip to Kawasan Falls in Badian Exotic Philipines Cebu Travel Blog and Blogger

Avoid going on weekends, holidays, and summer. Because other than the tourists, it’s also the favorite spot of the locals and favorite place of Cebuanos to cool down and get away from the summer heat. Actually, on that day (if you haven’t noticed in the photos) the falls is actually too crowded for me.

Bring your own food  and drinks (highly recommended). From drinks to meals, it’s over priced there and they have a slow service. So if you can, do bring your own food, if you have the budget, willing to wait, and don’t want extra stuff to carry around then it’s okay to get the food there. Please take note again of the slow service, can you imagine that we were actually the one who’s writing on the piece of paper for our orders? The waiter said “mam, palihug nalang kog sulat sa inyong order diri mam” (mam, please write your orders here) because he seems needed somewhere else and he came back more than 30 minutes later. So, imagine what time we were able to eat.

Travel Guide for Your Day Trip to Kawasan Falls in Badian Exotic Philipines Cebu Travel Blog and Blogger

The drinks are also expensive, the 1.5L of coke itself was overpriced in the waterfalls area to 50. But you can buy one at the locals just before the bridge it will only cost P30. Luckily, we brought our water.

How to Get to Kawasan Falls 

Travel Guide for Your Day Trip to Kawasan Falls in Badian Exotic Philipines Cebu Travel Blog and Blogger

Kawasan Falls Itinerary

As I’ve mentioned to my Osmena Peak blog post, we did a traverse from Osmena Peak to Kawasan Falls. I’ll be sharing my itinerary for that day on another blog post, but for this if you just want to directly to Kawasan it’s ideal to follow this.

8:00 am – Meet at South Bus Terminal
9:30 am – ETA in Matutinao, Badian
10:00 am – ETA in Kawasan Falls
3:00 pm – Leave Kawasan Falls
4:30 pm – ETA in Cebu City

It will take about 1 hour to travel from Cebu city south bus terminal to Badian, but I made a bit of allowance to the time since depending on the day and season you’re going or visiting the Kawasan Falls, there might be a bit of traffic. As for us, going back to the city took us more than an hour (if I am right it took us about 4 hours to get to the city) due to some stops made and the traffic.

Kawasan Falls Budget and Expenses

Up next of course, is to share with you guys the expenses I've made for this trip. Here are the Kawasan falls expenses and rates that I was able to gather.

P 105/way - Bus Fare
P 20/head - Entrance Fee
P 300 - Cottage
P 200 - Food
P730 - Total

The total expenses above are the only expenses I've made. Since I didn't swim, I wasn't able to make any expenses on life jackets or use the raft (which is for rent). Here are the other Kawasan rates you might be interested with.

P 300 - Raft Rent
P 50 - Life Jacket

Kawasan Falls Tour and Contact Person

As I've mentioned above, we did a traverse from Osmena Peak to Kawasan Falls, so sine I've never done this before we have someone tour us and our contact person for this is Janice. You can easily find her on WithLocals, and that's just through clicking the button below.

Janice is a traveler too, so this kind of a gig is really great for her. Go ahead and check her out!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

13 Cheap Accommodations in Boracay

Gay Aida Dumaguing - Tuesday, May 12, 2015
13 Cheap Accommodations in Boracay

Going and staying in Boracay is not cheap, well lucky for me when I visited it last year 2014 I was able to use the prize that I won as a Hotel Review Guru of AsiaRooms. But really, Boracay is on my bucket list and I’ve been doing some search already on where I can stay in an affordable and cheapest way possible, but still comfortable.

Today, I would like to share the lists of cheap accommodations in Boracay Philippines to you that I’ve been keeping. Hopefully, this will be useful for me in the future but of course will be helpful for you too. But please take note, they’re all just a list I haven’t tried or reviewed them, since when I visited Boracay I stayed at Boracay Holiday Resort – which is higher compared to these accommodations I’ll be sharing with you.

Since I haven’t tried these cheap hotels (or let me just say accommodations) in Boracay, I can’t provide you what the hotel looks like or where exactly you can find them. But I’d bet it will be easy for you to find them since it’s a small island and all the transportation usually knows the accommodation there.

List of 13 Cheap Accommodations in Boracay

But what makes it “affordable” or “cheap”? I’ve set the budget to a maximum of P1,000 (around $25 with exchange rate of $1 = Php42) per night which is actually expensive for me already but in Boracay, that’s already a great deal – believe me. So yes, these list of cheap accommodations in Boracay (which can be in Station 1, station 2, or 3, or other parts of Boracay) are all P1, 000 and below

Want to know where to stay in Boracay cheap way possible? Without a further ado, here are the 13 cheap Boracay hotels and accommodation that I was able to find.

Melinda's Garden
Ambulong, Station 3, Boracay Philippines
Book Here

Bambooze Hauz
Station 1 Balabag Sitio Pinaungon, Boracay Philippines
Book Here

Surfers Home Boracay Cottages 
Bulabog Beach, Balabag, Boracay Philippines
Book Here

Moreno's Cottage  
Ambulong, Station 3, Boracay Philippines
Book Here

Isla Kitesurfing Guesthouse   
Bulabog Beach, Balabag, Malay, Boracay Philippines
Book Here

Villa Romero de Boracay
Station 3, Manoc Manoc, Boracay Island
Book Here

MNL Boracay Beach Hostel   
Road 1A Bulabog, Balabag, Malay, Boracay Philippines
Book Here

Merly's Place Hotel Boracay
Ambulong, Station 3, Manoc - Manoc, Malay, Boracay Philippines
Book Here

Patrick's Home Boracay   
Bolabog Rd. Zone5-A, Balabag, Boracay Island
Book Here

Holiday Homes De Boracay Hotel  
Station 3 Manggayad, Boracay Island
Book Here

Second Wind Bed Bunk & Breakfast  
Bulabog Road, Brgy. Balabag, Boracay Island
Book Here

Boracay Box and Ladder Hostel
Boracay Main Road Station 2, Barangay Balabag, Boracay Philippines
Book Here

Isla Kitesurfing Guesthouse
Boracay Bulabog Rd, Boracay Philippines
Book Here

NOTE: Please take note that the links (to Book Here) are all linked to an affiliate link, it will be a great help for me and my blog if you book via my link so I can do more travels! Also, by clicking the link it won't lead you immediately to book a stay, it will lead you to the page which gives you more information about the hotel.

The list is not sorted by price, or by how I recommend or rate these accommodations. They're also a mix of Boracay hotels or accommodations in Boracay Station 1, Station 2, Station 3, and other areas in Boracay (e.g. Bulabog).

I’ll try to update this list as much as possible, since there are also some plans or possible invites for the Exotic Philippines blog or me to come back to Boracay this 2015. But if you know any other cheap accommodations in Boracay then please do feel free to leave it as a comment below. Own a cheap hotel? Then drop me a message!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

7 Top Travel Destinations in the US

Gay Aida Dumaguing - Thursday, May 07, 2015

If you are planning to travel to US, whether you are arranging a vacation with your family or alone you should know about these some of the places, I mean coolest places in the country. So, lucky for you that I have here some top travel destinations in the US that should be on your ‘must-visit’ list.

Jersey Shore

If you have ever been to New Jersey of have read about it, you will know that the most famous part of New Jersey is its shores. The New Jersey Shores are stretching from Sandy Hook to Cape May and has a number of resort towns that range from stylish to gluey. Still in year 2013, Hurricane Sandy had disrupted lives nearby the shore, and local communities have been worried about the place losing its value. But things have been better off late, and you can actually expect a happy time at and around the shore.

If you are moving around with your family, you can expect to have great family fun time in here with beaches, dunes, lighthouses, go-karts, fishing, galleries, amusement rides, funnel cakes, shopping and much much more. So, definitely it is an ideal spot for a family.

Yosemite National Park

Located in California, you can spend quality time in here. With the majestic peaks, flower-peppered subalpine meadows, and thunderous waterfalls, you can be sure about the memories you will cherish at this place will be worth an experience.

If you move in, you should look for spots like El Captain and the Half Dome, also the Inspiration point and Yosemite Falls, etc. If you are traveling with your little kids, then this should absolutely be on your list.

Grand Rapids

If you love beaches, love beer and you are an art enthusiast, then Grand Rapids is a definite ‘must-visit’ for you. It is Michigan’s second largest city and has been popularly voted as best beer city in the US in the past years.

However, if you are planning to visit the city, you should plan your vacation in a way that you can be a part of the Winter Beer Festival or maybe the Cool Brews Hot Eats or the Summer Beer Craft Festival. You will enjoy your time around in there.

Apart from this, the city is famous for a number of spots and two (2) of them are Grand Rapids Art Museum and Frederik Meijer Gardens. Travelling approximately 30 miles from there, you will be able to enjoy your time on one of the most unexpected beach getaways in the world, Lake Michigan’s Gold Coast.

Central Coast

If you are planning to stay in Los Angeles or San Francisco, then you should totally check out the Central Coast too.  Many people often miss out on spending quality time at this place, confusing it with a flyover country. Don’t make that mistake because you will regret your decision later on.
This is because Central Coast a little place that is full of sea hugging highway, hidden coves, checkout the laid-back beach towns, see the sea lion colonies, be in the fantastical Hearst Castle, have a pleasant weather, try the Spanish missions and much more. Meanwhile, the biggest advantage of visiting this place is that there are no crowds.

If you are staying around, you can even take a walk down the farmers’ market that dot the coast.
Other than this, you will also surely enjoy clicking some pictures in this location.

So, to capture every moment that you have then don’t forget to carry a camera along with you.
If you do not have a good camera, then why not buy one before you leave? If you’re thinking about buying a camera online, you can try to stores like this known website called and you can get to choose one that looks perfect for your needs.

For the cost, you might be worried because has prices that might be out of your budget restrictions. So, you should look for the best deals available on the store. If deals and offers aren’t good enough, you should look for discount coupons and get 10-20% Off Coupons for Sears which are available at a number of online coupon sites. However, make sure that you look for coupons that can be clubbed with existing offers and deals listed on the store.

Cumberland Island

Although this is one of the least developed areas in the country but you can expect surprises in here. Like the beautiful butterflies, and the tiny fiddler crabs, see the feral horses, the windswept dunes, beach bum at virgin beaches, mossy old oaks, etc. Apart from this, you can find mudflats, marsh, tidal creeks, and breathtaking sunrises in here too.

Some say that the sole reason of the place remaining underdeveloped makes it really special not only for the locals, but for tourists as well. You cannot expect things to look so good naturally when we have pollution and noise all around.

Las Vegas

Really? Do I have to tell you point by point why this place is a must-visit?

Well, some might want to avoid visiting this place with their little ones, but if you are newly married or want to spend quality and entertaining time in the US and yes of course, this is definitely the place you should come to visit first.

Things are always happening in Vegas and you could discover more, get to save more and live more in the city and do it all the time. This city never sleeps, and you can expect some of the best events happening around in the city.

Apart from the known activities, there are also a number of interesting activities that should be on your mind like ziplining with Flightlines, go-karting and managing to take some time out of your schedule for Vegas Indoor Skydiving.

Sun Valley

Sun Valley is perfect for you if you are planning to spend your summer vacations in here and during summers, the visitor count is low, and the costs are equally low. However, you can be sure that your entertainment level will be high.

So, if you are planning to spend some time in here, you should buy some clothes for your summer vacation then buy them at and get special discounts on clothing and some accessories. If that is not even enough for you to consider and don’t forget to look for coupons that can make your purchases cheaper. Where to find these coupons? Well, you can easily find them online and they are all available online. Look for the ones that match your requirements and use them before they expire.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Guide for First Time Hikers at Osmeña Peak

Gay Aida Dumaguing - Wednesday, April 29, 2015
Osmena Peak Dalaguete Cebu Exotic Philippines

One of the must do’s or try these days here in Cebu Philippines during summer is going to the known highest point of Cebu, the Osmeña Peak. And this summer, WithLocals sent me out to meet with the host, Janice to verify her experience wherein she’ll be touring and guiding guests from Osmeña Peak, to Kawasan Falls in Badian, chill at the Lambug Beach in Badian, and drop at Car-Car Cebu.

As a first timer myself in going up to the Osmeña Peak, I was able to gather some information and awesome tips from Janice our guide and I would like to share it with you all through here in the Exotic Philippines blog.

There are three (3) of us in this trip, and believe it or not we're able to fit in this single motorcycle.

Osmena Peak Dalaguete Cebu Exotic Philippines

We got at the area where we can start hiking to the peak about 30 minutes later. Going there, you'll be able to see a lot of vegetables and even at the area where the transpo will wait for you there are vegetables, and you'll just walk pass by them.

But, first off before you go up, you'll now need to log in their log book. Then, you'll need to pick one of the little girls, on which among them you wish to bring with you as a guide of the tracks going to the peak. We already have a guide, but the locals there says it's a requirement that someone from their place will tag along with us, so pick the little girl named Jennifer. For her security, I won't be posting her picture but she's a shy little girl and she was actually the one leading us and she walked way up without a sweat!

Osmena Peak Dalaguete Cebu Exotic Philippines

Want a closer look? Here you go! They're really large!

Osmena Peak Dalaguete Cebu Exotic Philippines

I've enjoyed the view so much but then few minutes later of walking, I started to realize it's hard for me to breathe already. Not because something's wrong, because we're going up, and I'm fat - let's face it. LOL.
Osmena Peak Dalaguete Cebu Exotic Philippines

We're smiling and all in that photo but we're actually stopping there (about 10 minutes from the driver dropped us) because we're trying to catch our breathe. We were not running at all, we're walking calmly but I felt like I already ran fast - like I just had my HIIT workout.

Osmena Peak Dalaguete Cebu Exotic Philippines

But then, other than hiking, the view may also take your breathe away. From the sky, to the green land, vegetables, and the work of mother nature is simply amazing.

Still, the steps are to steep for me and I'm trying to catch my breathe and listen to my heart that's beating fast. I'm asking our guide Janice and the little girl, "are we there yet?"

Osmena Peak Dalaguete Cebu Exotic Philippines

Few minutes, and a couple of stops later to catch my breathe, Janice pointed out the peak where we'll climb and I was like "Finally! I can see the finish line..." but no, getting to the finish line is a lot more challenging (for me).

At the photo below, I'm actually trying to cheer myself up.

We're almost there! Few more steps fatso! Few more!

Osmena Peak Dalaguete Cebu Exotic Philippines

And Voilà!

Osmena Peak Dalaguete Cebu Exotic Philippines

I'm so proud of myself that I almost cried. I made it! I thought I'll make it after 48 billion years.

We stayed there for about 45 minutes or so. It's already started to get hot at around 9am. So, Janice told us that we need to go down and back since it's starting to get hot and then I realized, we're going down.

Osmena Peak Dalaguete Cebu Exotic Philippines

It was a bit hard but easier compared to climbing, this one is a lot easier and faster still my sweats are dropping. But hey, they said hiking is good for you, the people there says I'll loose a lot of pounds so HURRAH!

So now hopefully, with this simple travel guide on the Osmeña Peak will be able to help you out on your first trip to the peak.

How to get to Osmeña Peak?

Osmeña Peak can be found at Dalaguete Cebu, which is about 2-3 hours long travel from Cebu city depending on what time you’re traveling and traffic. But there are two (2) ways to get to Dalaguete, and I’ve only tried one of the ways to get there but I am also aware of the other one but can’t provide much details about it

Via South Bus Terminal (Bus)

There are a lot of bus going to the South of Cebu, you may take the air-conditioned one and non- air-conditioned. Find the bus that goes to Oslob, Lilo-an, or Bato – they’ll all pass by at Dalaguete. Tell the bus conductor to drop you at Dalaguete Junction.

Osmena Peak Dalaguete Cebu Exotic Philippines
Dalaguete Junction

Once you’ve arrived at Dalaguete, a lot of single motorcycles will ask you if you’re going to the Osmeña Peak and offer you a ride. For only P100, they’ll be driving you to the peak and wait for you, then drop you back to the junction.

Via Carbon Public Market (Mini-Bus)

Osmena Peak Dalaguete Cebu Exotic Philippines
Mantalungon Market

I don’t know much about this, but as far as I know you’ll be going to the Carbon Public Market and look for the mini-bus going to the Mantalungon market which is at Dalaguete. From the market, you can then get a ride from there going to the Osmeña Peak.

Where to Eat?

As for us, we traveled as early as 4am so that we’ll be able to arrive early but then that means we don’t have any breakfast yet, so if you’ll have the same situation same as us, then no worries. At Dalaguete Junction there are carenderias but there are also some at the Mantalungon market.

We ate at the market though, our driver pointed us to where we can eat while he waits for us. I only get to spent around P40 for my meal, and was able to buy a bottle of water too since there’s no available mineral water near the peak.

What to Wear?

As a first time hiker myself, I made a mistake. I wanted to wear some shorts since it’s actually hot here in Cebu during summer. Luckily, I asked Janice if it’s okay to wear shorts instead, but she highly advised not to since there might some grass or anything that may cause some itch.

Osmena Peak Dalaguete Cebu Exotic Philippines

Still, I made a mistake. I did not wear the shorts, but I wear a LONG jogging pants that it reached the ground and after the hike it was totally dirty. I’m not saying that I went wrong in wearing a LONG jogging pants because it will just get dirty, it is because there are times that the bottom of the pants got hooked or caught by the tip of the pointed rocks that I almost fall or have another dramatic moment of my life – falling or rolling down the mountain. Good thing I’m good at balancing and grabbing things immediately, I was able to hold on and remove it.

Bring a jacket, wear a good sneakers or running shoes (I wore a Nike training shoes). I’m saying a good pair of shoes because the track is not perfect, test it out if it could be able to stick or hold on rocks.

What to Bring?

Water, snacks, water!!!

Believe me, you’ll want water. You may want some snacks too if you want to stay there for about an hour to enjoy the view.

Also, bring a towel or handkerchief to wipe your sweat. I used my jacket because I forgot to bring one.

How Much is the Expenses?

We actually traversed to Kawasan after this, so please take note about that since the bus fee returning to the main city is from Badian (the other side of the south).

P 105- Bus from South Bus Terminal to Dalaguete Junction
P 100- Tricycle Ride to the Peak
P 40- Breakfast at Mantalungon market
P 50- Tip to the little girl guide at the peak
P 105- From Badian to Cebu City
P 400
    $20- Janice’s fee

Please take note that Janice’s fee already includes the traverse to Kawasan Falls in Badian Cebu.

Why Visit?

Really? Do I have to tell you why? How about let me show you why?

Osmena Peak Dalaguete Cebu Exotic Philippines

Who to Contact?

You may get Janice from WithLocals and book the experience with her from there. How to contact her, just click on the button below.

Monday, April 20, 2015

3D2N Stay Review at Ong Bun Pension House Ilo-ilo City

Gay Aida Dumaguing - Monday, April 20, 2015
Ong Bun Pension House Ilo-ilo City Review
* Located Downtown
* Just beside the street

* Old Building
* Damage
* Smells old
* Poorly cleaned
* Bike shop at the lower ground floor
November 2014 – I was sent by WithLocals as their Ambassador to Ilo-ilo Philippines to verify a host. With this, I need to find an accessible hotel for me that will also be budget friendly, but still a comfortable and safe place to stay.

It took me weeks to finalizing the details, the hotel to stay, and the Ong Bun Pension House is my last resort. I was not sure on how near this accommodation is to the destinations I want to visit in Ilo-ilo, or if it will be easy for me to get around the city, but since it’s within the city I go for it.

Ong Bun Pension House

The Ong Bun Pension House is one of the cheapest accommodation that we can find in Ilo-ilo. We tried our best to get the best and cheapest deal since after Ilo-ilo, we’re heading to Boracay Philippines and get some beach bum.

If you’re looking for a cheap place that has an easy access to transportations going around the city, then you might find this pension house the one for you.

I was with fellow bloggers from Cebu, Mary, Chanel, and Princess and we asked them if they could reserve us two (2) rooms that is good for two. They did reserved us a room, without needing to give a down payment, but then they say if we’ll not be there on the day we need to be there they’ll be giving our room to someone else.

It’s located in Ledesma Street, and when we told our Taxi driver that we’re going for Ong Bun Pension House, he knew it right away. It took us about 30 minutes to get to the pension house, and that is from the pier.

You’ll not notice the place actually, we were actually wondering why the Taxi stopped and he told us “we’re already here Ma’am”. He pointed out to us the sign, and the guard of the pension house was standing in the stairs, and the guard asked “check in Ma’am?” and of course we said “Yes Kuya!” and he helped us with our bags, and called for their boy to help him – since we have 4 medium size luggage.

The Hotel Rooms

We got there early, so it’s not time yet for check-in but gladly one room is already available and we get to stay in that room while waiting for the other. The others get to work (online), and I get my sleep since we do want to go around.

Ong Bun Pension House Ilo-ilo City Review

The first room that we got just got cleaned, it’s near the stairs, same floor of the front desk. I was just fooling around at first in the room, checking it out, and fall asleep.
Few hours later, Chanel and I got our room which is at the third floor of the building. I forgot why we’re not able to use the elevator, it was there but maybe something is wrong with it that time, so we took the stairs.

I like our room it’s bigger than we got first, it’s a twin bed, but there’s something with its smell. It’s smells like an old room, but it was cleaned, and the air-condition is old but working well. Even the comfort room smells funny, but when I was about to put the bags at the closet, I saw the dirt behind the TV and there seem to be a black bag of cellophane. Didn’t touch it, I was too scared to touch it.
I asked Chanel if we go back downstairs and just stay there until when we want to sleep – I was that scared. It’s an old building, need some constant cleaning, and maybe also needs repainting.

Ong Bun Pension House Ilo-ilo City Review

Also, I can hear the people from the other room and the wall that’s dividing us was just a thin wood, so no wonder.

I asked Mary and Princess if they have any problem with their room, they said it was just too noisy in the morning since it’s on the street side and there are motorbike shop downstairs. It was like their alarm clock that its 7am already, and sometimes around 5am they get that kind of alarm too since again it’s on the street side.

The Hotel Bathroom

Again, their bathroom smells funny too, the first room was okay but yeah, what we got smells old. It’s obvious though that they cleaned it but I hope they sprayed it first or put some deodorizer too.

Ong Bun Pension House Ilo-ilo City Review

The water flow is just fine, but the water sink have a problem. When you brush your teeth at the sink, the water goes down to your toes even you spit everything on the sink. Yes, there’s no tube below the sink.

The Hotel Restaurant

They do have a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and I believe their open around 6am. We got our breakfast there every morning since we don’t know where else to get our breakfast fast and easy since we need to be on the go.

Ong Bun Pension House Ilo-ilo City Review

The food is of course expensive, they have value meals but still you can get a full tank (stomach) for that price since their servings are small. But then, if you’re like us, they’re on the 5th floor (if I am not wrong) of the building – yes, we took the stairs.

The Hotel Room Rates

The hotel have air-conditioned rooms and non- air-conditioned rooms. Of course, the rooms that are non- air-conditioned are way a lot cheaper (like around P150/day) but we want to be comfortable, so we choose the air-conditioned room.

But if you’re looking for their rates, you may visit their official website or just check it out here. But make sure to check their site too since I may not be able to update this as often.

Room Type


Prices are only a bracket since it also depends if you want a single, double, and triple bed. Some prices are also lower since there’s no bathroom within the room, you’ll be sharing with the others.

Exotic Philippines Hotel Ratings

It’s hard for me to weigh things here, what do you expect from a cheap accommodation? Surely, it will not be like a luxury hotel, but at least I was hoping that it’s not that damaged and poorly cleaned. As a place that offers comfort and shelter, you should be at least clean.

Ong Bun Pension House Ilo-ilo City Review

With this, I’ll give this pension house an Exotic Philippines rating of 2 stars out of 5 stars. Minus 1 for being poorly clean, 1 point deduction for having some basic needs turns out to be damaged, and another point deduction for the old room smell on our room. And yes, I could’ve given them 5 stars as a pension house if only they’re able to fix all these. I am easy to please.
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