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Monday, March 30, 2015

13 Acitivties You Can Do in Boracay

Gay Aida Dumaguing - Monday, March 30, 2015
13 Acitivties You Can Do in Boracay

Summer is here, and to those who’s craving for the beach, or specifically white sand beaches, they go to the beautiful beach of the island of Boracay.

Other than beach bumming, swimming, and bar hopping there are other enjoyable activities you can do in Boracay. Though the island is small, and it’s surrounded with water, beach, and sands there are other things to do in Boracay.

Let me share with you a list of activities that you can in Boracay Philippines wherein some of them I’ve tried it myself, and they are:

Boracay Island Hopping

Cost: P2, 300 /trip (small boat 1 to 8 persons) + 200 (registration)

13 Acitivties You Can Do in Boracay

Yes, Boracay is not the only island in the area but there are other smaller islands that you can see. But as for what I have experience, since we went there on November of 2014 (and its rainy season) we were not allowed to go farther to the part since it may not be safe anymore.

We just watched the Crocodile island far away for few minutes and turned back because the waves are getting higher. We did go snorkeling (part of the island hopping), and saw the beautiful fishes but then a jellyfish sting us so we rushed up and just leave – we didn’t know why just us though, there are others who were swimming in the area and they’re enjoying it. No worries, it wasn’t that big but it was surely itchy!

13 Acitivties You Can Do in Boracay
View from the Restaurant

It took us 3 to 4 hours to finish the whole island hopping, and ended at the beach near the Shanri La Boracay – beautiful. We ate our lunch there, above a huge stone, fresh seafood was served and you may request how it will be cook.

Banana Boating

Cost: P250 (minimum of 5 persons)

The Banana boat is one of the activities that you can try for a cheap price, especially if there are a lot of you. But then, it’s not as enjoyable as the fly fish, and our guide actually did not recommend this since he said it’s boring, and we should go for the fly fishing instead.

Fly Fishing in Boracay 

Cost: P600 (minimum of 3 persons, P500 for 4 or more)

This is one of the activities that we didn’t realized it’s fun to do, didn’t book or included it, and regret it. So we were watching the others doing it, and it’s really fun. They were all shouting and laughing together.

I’ll highly recommend this activity if you don’t have any heart problems.


Cost: P1,000 /person (haggle price)

13 Acitivties You Can Do in Boracay
Hundreds of Feet above the Sea

One of the unforgettable experience I ever have in my entire life. I never felt so slim and lightweight, I feel like a lose a lot of weight, but actually didn’t – it’s a miracle!

When my Mama found out that I did do the parasailing, her first reaction was “maayo gani naay naigo na pisi” (good thing there’s a rope that fits you) – she’s actually talking about the safety gears. And yes, she wasn’t worried that I flew hundred feet above the ocean, she was worried about the rope.

I’d say this is a must do when in Boracay.

Helmet Diving 

Cost: P1,000 /person (haggle price)

13 Acitivties You Can Do in Boracay
I'm not sure why we're here.

I’ve expected a lot from this activity, from the pictures of it, from the promotions, I was really excited. But the view down below is disappointing. There are few fishes there, the water is a bit muddy already, and it was just like we were just there to try the helmet out.

Jet Skiing

Cost: 15 minutes P1,500 , 30 minutes P2,000 , 60 minutes P3,500

One of the activities that I did want to try but I didn’t see anyone else try to do it so I thought it’s not available. It’s expensive, so rather than trying this one out I’d rather go for other activities.

Scuba Diving 

I do want to try scuba diving one day, been planning to, and even want to get certified by PADI but it’s quiet expensive. So trying scuba diving at least once one day would be great, but I think it’s more worth it to do it here in Cebu Philippines.

Go Cart

There’s also a Go Cart here in Cebu, so I’d rather do it here. But hey, if you want to do it and try it in Boracay then go for it. Don’t have any more details for you though.

ATV /Bug Car

Cost: P800/head (ATV)

13 Acitivties You Can Do in Boracay

This is one of the activities that I really loved and enjoyed. Sadly it was just for about 30 minutes, but totally worth it. I’ve been wanting to do this, but there are only few places here in Cebu that do offer this.

Though it was raining a bit, it was fun. I felt like I was an action star, plus the best thing about it is that it was all muddy! Check me out after the ride:

13 Acitivties You Can Do in Boracay

You’ll be driving up to the hill, and climb (by feet) up to get a view of the top of Boracay!

13 Acitivties You Can Do in Boracay

What a view! If only I was able to bring my DSLR (but didn’t because it was raining), I could’ve given you better photos, and a greater view of what I saw.


I’ve tried zipline before, but the zipline in Boracay is higher that I’ve tried. I’m not sure if it’s that same place where we got the top view of Boracay, but it’s really high. So, if you want some adrenaline, go for it!


I don’t like the feeling of being trapped and then they’ll roll you down? Didn’t try this experience, because I feel like my cash will go somewhere better than this experience. But then, if you’ve been drooling for it, then go ahead and roll down the hill!

Sailing Boat

13 Acitivties You Can Do in Boracay

When we finished our island hopping, there were actually a lot of sail boats waiting and some sailing. I guess they have a better and beautiful view there in the waters during the sun set and the crowd just go out and have their selfies with it.

Kite Surfing

This was one of the activities that I was actually looking forward to. We did try to contact someone from there who offer this experience, but then we didn’t hear anything from them anymore. We’re not sure how to get there, so we didn’t pursue with it.

I've also been looking for the cliff diving, but it wasn't offered to us but anyway, these are all paid activities that you can do in Boracay, and I’ll try to make a list of free or cheap things to do in Boracay.

Got some more activities and things to do in Boracay in mind? Share it with us, share to the world what you know through leaving it as a comment below.

Primary Photo: Big thanks to Mary for the primary (first) photo above. Thank you Mary Narvasa!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

8 Must Try and Destinations to Visit in Bohol in 1 Day

Gay Aida Dumaguing - Tuesday, March 24, 2015
8 Must Try and Destinations to Visit in Bohol Philippines in 1 Day

I’ve revisit Bohol last year, and yes I visited and try 8 destinations in just one (1) day. I’ve finished it all, and just returned back in Cebu around 5 in the afternoon. It’s totally possible. But then, up to now I want to revisit Bohol again, I feel like I missed something. I want to go and try their zipline, try their beautiful beaches in Panglao, see how peanut kisses is made, and many more.

But if you only have a day to spare for Bohol, well, I might just have the places for you. But if you can spend at least 3 days in Bohol, why not choconut? Anyway, here are the destinations I’ve visited in Bohol Philippines, in just one day!

Monument of the Blood Compact

Monument of the Blood Compact Bohol Philippines Exotic Philippines

Well, it’s basically one of the historic sites in Bohol during the 1565 between the Spanish explorer and Datu Sikatuna the chieftain of Bohol during that time.

Meet the Largest Snake in Bohol - Prony II

8 Must Try and Destinations to Visit in Bohol Philippines in 1 Day
Click Here to Read

One of the experience I think that I can never forget in Bohol is meeting Prony II. My courage and love to the animals was tested on that day, it caused me a lot of sweat!

Baclayon Church and Museum

Sadly, one of the historic places that was ruined during the earthquake was the famous Baclayon Church, it’s still standing but there are parts of it that went down and cracks. I didn’t go in since I think it’s not safe yet when I visited the place.

But no worries, just beside it is a Museum. Didn’t get inside too since I can’t take pictures of it. But anyway, it’s still a worth stop there.

Man-Made Forest

Bohol Man-Made Forest Exotic Philippines

I’ve seen a lot of my friends have jump photos in this area. It’s really beautiful and cool being in the middle of all of the trees. You want to stop there or not, you’ll still pass by it going to the other destinations I’ll be mentioning. But hey, you’re there, go stop, feel it, be with the nature, take a photo, and share to the world!

Tarsier Conservatory

8 Must Try and Destinations to Visit in Bohol Philippines in 1 Day
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When you say Bohol, first thing comes in mind to most of the people is the Chocolate Hills, and some is their tarsier. Who doesn’t want to get a chance to get a closer and personal look of this little guy?

Warning though, you have to go up to their forest preservation area and may find it hard to see them because they’re blending with the trees and tiny. Make sure to bring a longer lens though and set your camera to “No Flash” since it’s not allowed. You might need a longer lens for your DSLR since you’re not allowed to get really close with them, you might cause them a heart attack and die.

Chocolate Hills

8 Must Try and Destinations to Visit in Bohol Philippines in 1 Day
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Who doesn’t love chocolates? How about a hill of Chocolates? Well, they’re not actually chocolates, but it’s called chocolate because of its color.

You might not be that interested, but the view is really great. The foreigners who were there really loved it, other than the view, they love the wind blowing and the historic and famous Chocolate hills in their selfie backgrounds.

Butterfly Garden

8 Must Try and Destinations to Visit in Bohol Philippines in 1 Day
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I used to be curious about butterflies back then, and everything that I am curious about the butterflies comes back to me when I visited the place. It’s a unique experience to be with the beautiful butterflies of Bohol, and educational too!

Floating Restaurants

8 Must Try and Destinations to Visit in Bohol Philippines in 1 Day
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Of course, after minutes of walk, climbing, and discovering Bohol Philippines, time to cool off, rest, relax, and fill up your stomach!

The floating restaurant is only open starting around 11am to 2pm, so limited seats are available but the food is eat all you can. Dine in, float in the Loboc river, meet the locals, and listen to the Filipino singers singing songs in different languages – and the foreigners loved it!

How to Book this Tour?

Want to get the same experience as I have? Well, lucky you I know a local there and you can find him at and get the Bohol day tour for a cheap price and unique experience – experience Bohol the local way! Just click the button below to go to his page for this tour.

Nelson tour me around in Bohol Philippines with his lovely wife. They both speak fluent in English, great people, I was well entertained, and happy having the tour with them.

Other than the charge for the tour, I booked my round trip ticket at Ocean Jet for only P600 for both round trip ticket, plus P100 for the agency fee (for booking with them), a taxi P250 for going to the pier as early as 5am, and P25 fee of the pier. In total, it’s P975 plus the tour from Nelson of WithLocals, and plus P700 for the entrance fees and lunch.

In total, I spent P1,650 + $10.50 (Nelson's WithLocals rate) for a day of fun and discovery!

Got a question? Feel free to ask me through a comment below!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

28 Resorts and Hotels in Station 2 Boracay

Gay Aida Dumaguing - Wednesday, March 18, 2015
28 Resorts and Hotels in Station 2 Boracay

Just few months ago, I visited Boracay Philippines and I think it’s just right that I will share with you the 28 hotels and resorts I know of that are in Station 2 Boracay.

But you might ask, why station 2?

Well, that is because most of the happenings are in Station 2. From parties, clubs, activities, are all near in Station 2 but the expensive hotel and resorts in Boracay is also in station 2. Yes, you can walk it, but if you’re not a fan of walking then you might want to go for the station 2 Boracay hotels.

If you want to go for cheap accommodation you can get hotels far away from the stations or try station 3 – which I’ll share some lists of hotels in station 3 too! Coming soon!

28 Resorts and Hotels in Boracay Station 2

You ready to pick a hotel? Here are the 28 resorts and hotels in Boracay Station 2 that I found. Please note that they are all arrange according to the recommended hotels in Boracay station 2, so that will automatically change every now and then depending on their ratings.

There are actually, 38 accommodations that you can choose from at Station 2 in Boracay but since this blog post is all about the hotels and resorts in Boracay station 2, so I haven’t included them. I might include them on the budget hotels and resorts in Boracay on my upcoming posts.

What hotel have I tried in Boracay?

I stayed at Boracay Holiday Resort, you might want to check out my review. It’s at Station 2, just about 5 minutes’ walk from the beach and McDonalds. And yes, it’s also one of the recommended hotels above and it is included on the list of hotels in Boracay Station 2.

If you’re quiet in a budget, you might want to check out my blog post soon about the hotels in Boracay Station 3, hotels in Boracay Station 2, or the list of cheap accommodations in Boracay Philippines!

Photo Credits:

Friday, March 13, 2015

Flawless Skin Protect Mist – Your Summer Skin Protection

Gay Aida Dumaguing - Friday, March 13, 2015
Flawless Skin Protect Mist SPF70 Spray Your Summer Skin Protection

How many times did I forgot to bring a sunscreen when I’m at the beach? Countless times. I don’t like the sticky feeling, and that white residue still on my skin – I have to take pictures, on a beach, and there are white cream on my skin, uh-oh!

Luckily, Exotic Philippines was one of the lucky persons in Cebu Philippines to be invited by Forever Flawless to come and meet them and get to know their latest product, the Flawless Skin Protect Mist.

Flawless Skin Protect Mist

The Flawless Skin Protect Mist is formulated with SPF 70 that effectively shields your skin from UVA and UVB rays. And yes, it’s a spray! No white residue, just spray and voila! Your skin is protected for 2 hours!

Flawless Skin Protect Mist SPF70 Spray Your Summer Skin Protection

Apply the Flawless Skin Protect Mist SPF70 at least 5 minutes before going out to the sun, but ideally apply it 15 minutes before. Reapply it every after 2 hours if you want to keep on protecting your skin from the sun.

I just love the idea that it’s a spray, and I even used it just now, I opened the Flawless Skin Protect Mist (just now) and try it on my skin. Please note that I have this skin problem called Eczema, it has been my problem since I was like 11 years old – itchy! So I do think a thousand times first before applying anything to my skin, and since Flawless guarantees that it’s safe for everyone, even for kids, even on your face, and even on sensitive skin or skin with skin problems, I applied it.

It does not feel sticky at all, and one (1) spray is enough for my whole one arm. I think it has a bit of oil with it, since it feels a bit oily but not that yucky and sticky oil, it’s like a moisturizing oil – and moisturizing my skin is important, for people with an Eczema like me.

I actually have my allergy right now, I have this kind of huge patch on my skin (looks weird on me) and it was actually a bit itchy already before I applied it – though I took a medicine to stop the itching. And right now, after 5 minutes or so my allergy is not itchy anymore – weird, guess it’s really good for my skin and have no problems with my Eczema. I love how it feels few minutes, my skin feels smooth and flawless!

And guess what? Even tough guy use this cute pink bottle for their skin protection, even tough guys needs it. Anyone knows Harry Morris and Andrew Wolff?

Well, I’ve met them and they showed it to us how they apply it, well, with a help with a friend and blogger, Tara. Check it out!

Andrew says he also use this to his little snow white, and of course he use it himself since he do play and work under the sun.

It’s actually great that it’s a spray, feels good, not sticky, and no white residue. Seems to do good on my skin too other than protecting me from the UV rays. It’s a great partner for this summer! I’m ready!

Lastly, here's Andrew Wolff and Harry Morris when I requested them to invite everyone to try the new product by Flawless. Thank you guys!

Flawless Skin Protect Mist SPF70 is actually fess-free, effected, and water-resistant. It’s available on all Flawless clinics nationwide, for only P450. For more information about their product, please feel free to visit their official website

Monday, March 9, 2015

5 Must Try Vietnamese Dishes at Phat Pho

Gay Aida Dumaguing - Monday, March 09, 2015
Phat Pho Cebu

Few days ago, I along with 3 other blogger friends were invited by Phat Pho Cebu by the Abaca Group to get a taste of Vietnam!

Nope, they didn’t send us to Vietnam but they brought Vietnam here in Cebu Philippines through their Vietnamese dishes.

I’ve never tried Vietnamese food before, but hey, its food and it’s different, time to get a taste of it! I was actually excited about it since I’ve been watching this TV series about Vietnam food and it really look delicious. Especially when you see the host cooking the dish, and he taste it, argh!

Anyway, so we just let them decide what dish they want to serve us. We said it’s best to serve us their best dishes, or the dish that they want to be featured on each of our blogs.

Phat Pho Cebu

When I arrived (since I arrived first among the four of us), I was immediately greeted by the staff and welcome me to the restaurant – without even knowing that I am one of the bloggers to review, they just found out when Mary arrived.

Jody, the one who entertained us told us that she choose the best Vietnamese food that they have, and that are her favorites, and they are:

Phat Pho Cebu

Chicken Satay

Food Rating: 3.8 Stars
Price: P130

The name itself sounds expensive, "sosyal" as what some Filipino might say. But it's simply a barbecue taste quiet similar to Filipino barbecue, I thought I won't like it by the look of it but taste really good. I was surprised that it's similar. I actually want to eat some more, but there are more Vietnamese dis to taste.

As for the orange thing, it's also similar with our "atsara", taste good and blends well with the barbecue, or let me just say, Chicken Satay.

Phat Pho Cebu

Chilled Shrimp Rice Paper Rolls Goi Cuon

Food Rating: 3 Stars

First bite, I can compare it to one of my favorite food stalls, the Shawarma. It's crispy, it's veggie, it's unique. I wasn't able to finish everything though since I'm not a fan of a veggie.

There are two sauce you can dip your rolls, we're not sure what's the brown one but taste like peanuts, and the other one is hot sauce - Vietnamese style of hot sauce I guess.

Phat Pho Cebu

Crispy Egg Roll

Food Rating: 3 Stars
Price: P120

It's also similar with the Filipino dish, Lumpia. Surely is crispy, and I just love the sauce!

Phat Pho Cebu

Noodle Soup Pho Special

Food Rating: 3 Stars
Price: 395

One of the reasons why I want to try out Vietnamese food is the noodles. Watching this food TV show in Vietnam made me got curious since they said they make their noodles differently, and tastes good too. So right away, this was the first one I tasted among the 5 dishes served.

The soup taste good, and the noodles are soft, but if you'll ask me if this Vietnma noodle soup versus the Japanese Ramen, I'll go for Ramen!

Phat Pho Cebu

Com Chien

Food Rating: 4 Stars
Price; P295

I'd say among the 5, this is my favorite. I'd love to return to Phat Pho and finish the whole bowl. If you love Chowking's Chao Fan, you'd surely love this! It's a Vietnamese version of fried rice.

Obviously my favorite is the Vietnamese fried rice and the satay. I've enjoyed every bit and bite of it.

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