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Sponsor a Tour Exotic Philippines Travel Blogger Blog

Exotic Philippines is a travel blog that started on January 2011 in order to help in promoting the Philippine tourism through blogging.

Our Cebu based travel blogger aims to travel around the Philippines at least 3 times a year, and as travel agency or as someone who can provide local tours, you can support not only the blog, the blogger, but also the country.

Why Sponsor Exotic Philippines?

As a travel blog who have been around around for almost 5 years now, the blog is able to reach 6,000+ Facebook fans, 6,000+ Twitter followers, 500+ email subscribers, and getting at least 1,000 page views per day, and recognized by Alexa as one of the Travel and Tourism websites of the Philippines.

As a blog, Exotic Philippines is one of the trusted blogs where people who wants to travel or plans to travel get itineraries from, from what travel agencies, how to get to places, what tour they should get, and even what to eat, they love getting all these complete details totally for free from this blog. That's why majority of my traffic goes to my blog posts about itineraries. And show casing and assuring my readers that your tour services and tours are true and legit, there's a great chance they'll book from you - like how most of my readers do. They even want to get the number of the tricycle driver I ride with.

Read more about the Exotic Philippines stats here.

Why also invite the Filipinos?

You might ask why you should target the Philippine market? Philippines is the social media capital of the world and because of that a lot of Filipinos would love to travel. and do travel. Some of the Filipinos even thought that traveling outside the country is expensive, or traveling is expensive, and I want to prove them wrong.

What you will get from Exotic Philippines?

When you sponsor and support Exotic Philippines through sponsoring at least one tour, you will get the following:

Blog Posts

Please take notice of the plural form of post. Each destination visited will be blogged, wherein each blog post will be optimize to rank on search engines like Google, with the whole experience, and your contact details.

Blog Post
Rank (PH)

These are only some few blog posts that I've been tracking on the keywords that I want them to rank. As a SEO specialist, I have the capabilities to rank the blog posts of my website. I can't promise a #1 ranking for my blog posts though, since I'm aiming to be included in the top 10.

So imagine thousands of people each year reading my blog posts with the tour they're interested in, and your contact details on the blog post. Most likely they'll book the tour with you since I, myself confirmed that you do deliver and do the said tours.

Social Media Exposure

Depending on the areas and internet access, I'll be updating my social media accounts live on where we're going and what we're doing. Even months after the tour I'll be sharing pictures of the tour, and believe it or not, not only my readers, fans, and followers are asking me what travel agency I've booked the tour with, but also my 600+ Facebook friends.


Starting this 2015, I'll be taking videos of my trips to provide a summary video. Sadly, I am not done yet with the video of my last trip, so I can't provide you with a sample yet. Also, The video of the tour you'll be sponsoring will also be included for my year end travel video. Therefore, expect 2 videos that your travel agency will be promoted.

Videos I created or will be creating this 2016 is a part of my vlog (VIDEO BLOG) which will be uploaded on the G Dumaguing YouTube channel and the Exotic Philippines fan page.

All videos I create for my vlog will be optimized and will try my best to rank on YouTube to the first page to get more views, gain more audience, and get more subscribers on my channel.

Here's a screenshot of my ranking video with the keyword "EL NIDO" where anyone from all over the world using that keyword will see my video that is only a month old by this time that it is ranking on the first page of the search result.

YouTube is the SECOND most used search engine in the world, right after Google. Tourist spots, tours, destinations, it's the newest and the best source these days to see what to expect and how to go around a destination. With this, if you'll sponsor a tour for me, and my travel buddy/buddies you'll get the exposure for a destination, for a specific name of tour. Each video is optimized for a certain keyword or term used by YouTube users.

TripAdvisor Review

For those travel agencies with TripAdvisor page, I also do reviews on TripAdvisor and if you do have one I'll also do a review on that page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will you be traveling alone?
Usually no, I do travel with my friend who's also a blogger and that's if she's free on the dates. But there are also times I'll be with our other friends who are bloggers (maximum of 5 bloggers but usually just 2 of us).

How many tours we can sponsor?
I usually go out and travel for 5 days, it depends on you on how many tours you want to sponsor for those days. We're totally fine with 1, or 2. But remember, the more tours you sponsor, the more exposure you'll get. Just like the travel agency from Coron that sponsored our tour for the whole week.

Do you need a tour package or just the tour?
I usually ask a hotel to sponsor a stay at their hotel, in exchange of a hotel review. If there's no hotel that will be willing to sponsor at least an overnight stay, we'll pay the accommodations ourselves. We don't or will ask you to sponsor our accommodation too, but if you know a hotel who'd be willing to take us that would be a great help.

Other than the tour, what will you need from us?
It will also be great if before the tour, you can send us the tour details that you've sponsored, including the rates. In this way we know what to expect, what to prepare for, things to bring (especially gadgets that can help us capture the moments) and blog about it. Since our readers will ask about this, but if there's anymore questions from them that we can't answer we usually refer them to ask you.

Are you interested to sponsor a tour for Exotic Philippines? Please feel free to contact me!