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A Quick Stop at the North Cay of Coron

On our way back to the Coron town proper, which is about 4 to 6 hours boat ride (per way) we dropped by at the Black Island, Lusong Island’s Shipwreck and Coral Garden, and of course this beautiful yet small island of North Cay Island.

I don’t have much to share about this island, since I was more on swimming and snorkeling in the island. But I think you’d like this blog post with Filipina Explorer about the island of her Love at First Sight to the North Cay Island - she has a lot more beautiful to say since Gretchen roam around while we're snorkeling. My fault!

A Quick Stop at the North Cay Island of Coron Palawan Exotic Philippines Travel Blog

We stayed there for less than 30 minutes, yet they’re asking us for an entrance fee of P200 yet we asked to haggle for the price since the P200 is per head not for all of us. So, if you want to drop by here make sure you make the most out of it but then there’s a possibility that you’ll miss other important destinations that I’d think you’d enjoy much better.

A Quick Stop at the North Cay Island of Coron Palawan Exotic Philippines Travel Blog

The beach itself is all white sands, no stones. All clean. The water is crystal clear too. So, if you want a private island to stay at then this is the perfect island to stay. Since they do provide accommodations, and yes there are people who do stay at the island, some even do diving near the area and found some great and beautiful underwater creatures near the North Cay Island of Coron Palawan.

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