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Starting 2016, Exotic Philippines will be accepting product reviews requests this is due to offers provided by different companies to promote and market their products online.

Exotic Philippines will accept any products that you wish to reviewed but only TRAVEL PRODUCTS will be posted here in the blog, if your product is NOT A TRAVEL PRODUCT yet you still want me to review it we can post it and share it as a product review at my personal blog wherein I share different stuff and do features products, companies, events, etc.

As a blogger and SEO specialist (online marketer), I have the understanding, knowledge, and years of experience on how sellers, brands, and companies can benefit from having an influencer like the Exotic Philippines blog.

Why have a product review?

There are a lot of benefits when you have an influencer review and share your product. But here are the top reasons why you should get a consumer and customer like Exotic Philippines travel blogger review your product through a blog post.

Resources for Shoppers

A lot of customers do shop online these days, and wise shoppers do search about the company, the seller, the brand, and the product before they put it on their online shopping cart and checkout.

Through having a blog, a blogger, and an influencer review your product they get more insights of the use, the quality, the company, and where to buy it. Making them want to buy the product more.

Let your potential customers know more about the product, about the company, and you through a single product, through providing a product to Exotic Philippines and be featured on the blog.

Increase Sales

Of course, when potential customers get to know more about the product, the seller, and the brand then the more likely they’ll buy the product. According to studies, products with reviews are 105% more likely to be purchased, and are more significantly more trusted by nearly 12 times more, and produce an average of 18% uplift in sales.

If you’ll be endorse by an influencer, that you’re a trusted seller and/or brand, the more likely they’ll purchase the product from that seller and/or brand. Since the benefits, the use, and the quality of your product is endorsed by an influencer.

These are the main reason why you should, but if you want to know more about this, please refer to this article talking about why you should get a product reviewer: Ecommerce Consumer Reviews: Why You Need them and How to Use Them

What you’ll get from Exotic Philippines?

When you’ll send a product to Exotic Philippines for a review, you’ll get the following benefits.

Blog Post

It is most likely in a form of a review. It will of course highlight the benefits, the use, even how to use the product. It will be shared and published on the blog, and will be live on the blog as long as the blog is alive. A link to your page or website where customers can buy it will also be included, and contact info can also be shared if it’s okay with you.

Video Blog (Vlog)

There are products that is best to be shown and discussed through a video, an exclusive video will be made. If you want a video of your product, please let me know.

The Vlog will start this 2016 as a new feature of the blog, though I already have subscribers there now and videos.

Social Media Exposure

Other than the blog post of reviewed product, the product will also be shared when it have arrived, used, and as long as it’s not damaged, it will be featured on my social media accounts, even including the blog and vlog (soon).

Ranking Blog Post and/or Video

As a SEO specialist I have the skills to rank the blog posts and videos, even website on search engines like Google – that’s my day job. With this, I can also rank my blog post and video about your product. But I can’t guarantee top 10 rankings since I also have monthly paying clients that pays me to rank their own websites.

Product Review Package

I’ve created a product review package for you to choose from, just to clarify the scope of my job as a product reviewer.

SEO Optimized Blog Post about the product.
A link to your page or website
Product Review on eCommerce site (e.g. Lazada)

Exclusive product video for Vlog

Rank Product blog post

1 month
2 months
3 months
Rank Product video

1 month
2 months
3 months
Product Worth
(keep the product)
P2,000 and below
P2,000 – P5,000
P5,000 – P10,000
P10,000 above

  • I should be able to keep the product. If not, please contact me and let me know what you need from me so I can give you the rate.
  • Months. It is the length of campaign to rank the blog post and/or the video to increase exposure.
  • There are also times when I felt like doing more than 1 blog post for the product to give more insights, this may most likely happen. 


Do I need to pay you when I want you to review a product?
If you let me keep the product, there’s no fee. If you want me to return it, please contact me and let me know what tasks you needed me to do.

I want the product to be returned, is the review for free?
No. There will be a fee involve, please let me know the tasks you want me to do (e.g. post a product review, create a video, etc.) so I can give you the rate. Please take care of the shipping fee back to you too.

I want the product to be returned, how long should it be with you?
Please give me a month to thoroughly test the product. But if you’re in a hurry for your campaigns, please let me know. So I can deliver it before the date you needed.

What's best, for you to keep the product or have it returned?
It's best for me to keep the product, since there are people who actually ask and want to know more about the product. With this, I can answer their questions, and share more about it on the blog - which means there can be more blog post and videos about the product.

How long should I wait for the product review blog post?
It usually takes me a month to really test the product, to be able to share the must know about it. But if you’re in a hurry and doing this for a campaign, please let me know the date of the deadline so I can write it days before.

What type of products I can have you review?
I can review any type of product, but this blog focuses more on travel if I felt like the product is not relevant to my blog we can share and publish it on my personal blog at

So please let me know what product you wish to send before sending it.

What type of products that can be reviewed here in Exotic Philippines blog?
I do share travel tools, travel gadgets, and things. Any travel needs like bags, luggages, clothes, gears (will be doing scuba diving, swimming, and other water activities soon) are accepted. If you have techie stuff, I do have travel gadgets reviews like smartphones, tablets, laptops, power banks, camera, camera accessories, and even drones since I felt like this are really great gadgets for travelers.

Can I expect 100% positive review from you?
No to the blog post. If I just say the positive side of the product, no one will believe my review and I do give an honest review of the products given to me.

Yes to the product review on other sites. Most likely I say the best thing about a product on ecommerce sites and other review sites.

I don't have a product, so can you do a service review?
Yes. Of course, this is also applicable for services. But if it needs me to fly out somewhere, please let me know. Please note, that I am from Cebu.

Can I send you a number of products that I want to be reviewed?
Yes, of course! I also accept long term sponsorship. I'll give banner advertising as a bonus for long term sponsors.

Where can I send the product?
I'll be providing you with my mailing home address, but to give you an idea where I am from and where you'll be sending it. I'm from Cebu Philippines, living in the Mactan island - just near the airport actually.

How to get a product review from Exotic Philippines?
Please use the contact page, or email me at and let me know about the product and any other things you need from me.

How to get started?
Please contact me first, let me know the selling price of the product, and if you have product info that you can send me online, please do. Also include your official social media accounts and website if you have any. I'll then be providing you my home address (yes, I don't have an office or PObox), I'll update you when it arrived, and if the blog posts and videos are up. Please note to give me a month to put up the reviews, but you can see it on my social media accounts.

For any more questions, concerns, or inquiries please feel free to contact me anytime.