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What is Exotic Philippines?

Exotic Philippines is a travel and lifestyle blog; owned and started by a Filipina based in Cebu on January 2011 that aims to help to promote the Philippines tourism through blogging and sharing real inside and local information for travelers who wants to visit and discover the Philippines.

Exotic Philippines Blog Traffic

Most of the traffic/visitors of the blog come from search engines wherein most of them search for hotels and tourist spots in the Philippines; and most of them are in or coming from the Philippines, USA and other English speaking countries.

Exotic Philippines have been also recognized by a known traffic tracking website, Alexa; as the TOP 5 TRAVEL GUIDE and TOP 11 TRAVEL AND TOURISM site.

Exotic Philippines Top Philippines Travel and Tourism Site and Top 5 Philippines Travel Guides Site

Traffic Rank in Country May 2015 July 2015 August 2015September 2015 October 2015
USA 64,792 44,253 30,539 35,086 41,840
Philippines - - - - 6,022
Worldwide 763,206 334,471 213,159 173,404 153,634

Note: Remember, it's a rank. The lower the number, the better. Meaning the lower the rank, means the higher traffic I get. My traffic is mostly from the US

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Exotic Philippines Awards and Nominations

You may not have heard much about the blog, but the Exotic Philippines blog have been already recognized and awarded with the following:

Philippine Blog Awards 2011 Best Travel Blog Nominee Blogger Awards 2013 Hotel Review Guru Finalist Blogger Awards 2014 Hotel Review Guru 2014

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