NEW NORMAL: 4 Things To Know When You Plan For A Getaway In The Philippines

 The COVID-19 pandemic has hit hard on the tourism industry since earlier last year. The whole world is living in the new normal, and things have changed as it was before; but all these travelling restrictions are temporary, we will be able to put our passports to use again once the situation gets better. 

Thankfully, the local inbound travel is slowly resuming. If you are itching for a local getaway or staycation in the new normal, there are a few things you need to note before you start packing your bags.

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Plan and Pre-book everything before your trip

If you are planning for domestic travel within the country, do check the requirements from the government. Some tourist spots like Bohol requires a negative RT-PCR test result submitted 72 hours before departure, document submission for pre-booked transport and tours and a confirmed hotel or Airbnb booking are needed as well. Although the cost of COVID-19 test is relatively high, it is mandatory to curb the spread of COVID-19 and ensure to yourself and others’ safety. Good news to the traveller; according to ABS-CBN News, the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) currently provide a 50% subsidy for the swab test, which only charges Php 1,800.

For the hotels or resorts management to be prepared to serve their guests with safety and proper health protocols, you must pre-book everything; including flight tickets, hotel reservation, transportation, and tours package. No spontaneous trip and plan this round; it is our responsibility to keep everyone around us safe.

Install and Register Traze Mobile Application

In battling against COVID-19, several counties introduced the tracking app, and it also applied to the Philippines. Cosmotech Philippines cooperate with Philippines Ports Authority (PPA) launched the TRAZE Contact Tracing App. You are required to ‘check-in’ by scanning the QR code provided at the restaurants, hotels or airports in just a few seconds. If you have come in contact with a COVID-19 positive patient, an in-app notification will pop out so that you can start self-quarantine or visit the hospital for a COVID-19 test.

Wear a mask and keep your hand sanitised

Hygiene is the top priority while you plan on the getaway amid the pandemic. Face masks and hand sanitisers have become our daily essential in coping the pandemics. Onboarding will be denied to those without a face mask. Keep your hand sanitised after touching public surfaces. Besides, all the tourism-related facilities such as hotels and accommodation, restaurants, spas and recreation are mandatory to run through regular sanitation. The travel-enthusiast is also encouraged to request the contactless check-in process to minimise physical contact.

Social Distancing Rules

Air - travel

Only 70% passenger capacity will operate, and middle seats will not be available for flights following the social distancing rule.


Dining tables and chairs at restaurants will be rearranged according to the social distancing measure. Besides, hotels have temporarily stopped providing self-service buffets and replaced by serving plated meals to minimise the risk.

Hotel accommodation facilities

The establishments limit the guest capacity for public facilities to maintain the social distance. To avoid the hassle or ruin your plan, pre-book the time slot to use the facilities such as pools, gym and spa to ensure you have a smooth and save getaway experience.

Sometimes you just need to go out there to unwind and recharge from the work from home lifestyle. Opt to travel responsibly by complying all the safety protocols imposed by the authorities.

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