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If you’re reading this page, most likely you’re here because I’ve contacted and asked if you’ll be interested in sponsoring at least an overnight stay at your prestigious hotel or maybe you want get reviewed and be featured on my bog.

This page can be quiet long since I want to give you everything that you might need for me to convince you to sponsor me and my blog. So, I’ve arranged the details below and they’re stuff that you may want to know so feel free to read on.

Who and What is Exotic Philippines?

Gay Aida Dumaguing a.k.a. "G" is behind the Exotic Philippines, a travel blog that aims to promote the Philippine tourism through blogging since 2011. With this got the following recognition:

Why Sponsor Exotic Philippines?

There are only few businesses who appreciate and knows the value of a blog and marketing their business online. Let me share with you the top 3 benefits when you sponsor Exotic Philippines.

Be featured on our blog

Since I’ll be posting my hotel experience on my blog, I can include your rates, amenities and contact details in the post so that our readers will be able to contact you; plus of course a link going to your website and social media accounts.

Social media exposure

I'll be tweeting, sharing and posting on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and FourSquare my hotel experience, including the rooms and hotel amenities and facilities. I can also use a hashtag that you want or already using for your online marketing campaigns, or use the hashtag that I’ll create and use for the visit in your city/province.

Lifetime Investment

With the exposure that you have on my blog and social media accounts, these exposures can totally help your marketing campaign and drive traffic (visitors) going to your website which is most likely will convert to sales.

More detailed discussion on the benefits of sponsoring bloggers here:

What you will get from Exotic Philippines?

When you do sponsor at least an overnight stay, you will get the following:

Blog post

I'll be posting and featuring your hotel on my blog; sharing the room rates, type of beds, amenities, facilities including some tips. It can be a form of review or just being featured on my blog.

In my trips, I make travel guides and one of the success I can share with you wherein the travel agency that sponsored our tours and the hotel sponsored our stay was included. Here's a sample of one of the travel guide that is ranking very well.

Social Media mention

I’ll tweet, share and post on my social media accounts in real time about the experience I have with your hotel.


Depending on the number of days I'll be at your hotel or the package you avail, I can create a whole trip video of city/province but if not, I can create an exclusive video of your hotel that you may also use for your marketing campaigns. If you want me to create an exclusive video for your hotel, please sponsor at least a 2 nights and 3 days stay.

*NOTE: Please do note, that as a SEO specialist I have the experience and capabilities in ranking the blog post and videos on search engines. But I can’t promise the top ranks.

I also recently added and created a VLOG (VIDEO BLOG) on YouTube and my Facebook fan page. With his, I am able to rank my YouTube videos not only on search engine, but also in YouTube - which is really great since YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world.

On my daily vlog on a trip, I'll be including a clip where I am at your hotel. If I stayed more than a day at your hotel, that means more exposure on my audience. Here's an example

As of August 5, 2016  this video has 3,783 views

What's great with this is that these daily trips are being searched, people want it, are interested about it. They search for it and you get the exposure on each views I get from that video alone, plus the exposure you get from your exclusive video.

Here's an example of my video ABOUT A HOTEL (ROOM TOUR) ranking on YouTube and gaining views just after a month uploading it.

You can try this yourself.

Here's one of the known 5 star hotel in Cebu who sponsored me and my fellow bloggers in Cebu to come and enjoy their resort. It's previously known as the Imperial Palace of Cebu but now renamed and dropped the franchise. Check it out!

Here are the sample videos I've made for the hotels I've been too and have sponsored my stay and supported my blog.
Asia Grand View Hotel in Coron

Caalan Beach Resort in El Nido

Paladin Hotel Baguio City

Ponte Fino Hotel Batangas City

Summit Ridge Tagaytay

Villa Kalachuchi B&B

(Upcoming hotel videos: Panja Resort and Blue Palawan Resort in Puerto Princesa)

Other hotel reviews and/or featured Philippines hotel can be found here.

Vlog *New

Vlog (Video Blogging) is the latest feature that this blog have. You'll be able to see this feature on this blog on it's 5th year anniversary, after the redesigning of this blog. As of now, I'm making more videos to share and increase my subscribers.

The Vlog, summary trip video, and the exclusive video are all separated. So expect at least 2 videos wherein your hotel will be seen and/or mentioned in the video.


I've created a sponsorship package to clarify the scope of the part of the blog and the sponsorship, through sponsoring at least a 2 nights stay at their hotel.

  • A blog post about the hotel with a link going to the official website of your hotel.
  • A video blog about the hotel uploaded on the blog’s YouTube channel and fan page.
  • A link to the hotels official website on the video description (in YouTube)
  • Upload at least 3 photos per day about the hotel while staying at the hotel.
  • Mention to the travel guide.
  • A TripAdvisor review


Here are a couple of basic questions of hotel owners and marketing heads for me.

How many days are you planning to stay?
An overnight stay is okay, but ideally a two (2) nights stay is ideal. Since most likely I'll be in your province for an assignment and have a tour. I would like to spend one of the days on taking photos and/or a video, and getting to know the hotel more. But then of course, if you're in a tight budget, we can squeeze it all.

If we sponsor at least 2 nights stay, what we will get from you?
You will get a blog post about your hotel, a social media post on all my social media accounts while the stay (and if I have more photos to share, maybe after the stay too), and of course being featured on the vlog.

How many social media posts can we get from you per day?
You can expect at least 3 social media posts about the hotel per day while we're staying at your hotel.

You have other bloggers with you, what can we get from them?
Not all of the bloggers I'm with are doing vlogging, but surely they can offer you a blog post and social media posts in exchange for the stay.

When we will be able to get the blog post about our hotel?
Please give me at most 2 months after the stay to post it. Since majority of my blog posts are scheduled already to be published.

When we will be able to get the video of the hotel?
Please give me at least a month to 2 months after the stay to post it. Since there might be destinations that I've been to before going to your area.

Can I use the video to share and promote my hotel?
Definitely. Feel free to share and use the video.

How will I know that the blog post or video are live?
I'll tag your official fan page on my social media account (most likely Facebook).

Are you staying alone?
Most likely, no. I usually travel with fellow bloggers to make your sponsorship more worth it.

Do you need or want breakfast/lunch/dinner included?
It totally depends on you if you want to include it. Still, if you do or don't include a meal, I'll still surely try it at least once to include in my review about the meals you serve at your hotel. So, it's great if you do but it's okay if you don't include meals.

What is "Featured Tour on EP Tours"?
It is for travel agencies that is willing to sponsor a tour. Exotic Philippines has a Philippine tour directory wherein my readers will be able to contact local travel agencies to get the best deals. As a sponsor, any of the local tours of the travel agency will be featured on that part of the website with a "verified" status, meaning you've been tried and tested and my readers can trust you. To take a look at what it's all about and more details, please visit Exotic Philippines Tours.

How to Get a Hotel Review from Exotic Philippines?

As a WithLocals Ambassador, I can be sometimes assigned to do tasks on different areas in the Philippines – and that’s when most likely I’ll contact hotels for accommodation sponsorship – but then most of my assignments are here in Cebu Philippines. Then again, I am very much open for any invitations to come over to your local and get to spend at least an overnight stay with you.

Date of arrival will depend if I’ll be able to grab a seat sale or if you’ll be willing to sponsor the flight/transpo. Also, we must consider the weather, the typhoon, and my schedule. But I suggest that you may partner up with a travel agency and share the expenses if you want me there as soon as possible.

Any size of hotels, resorts, B&B, pension house, etc. are accepted as long as you are willing to sponsor at least an overnight stay and want to be featured on my blog. For interested advertisers who I haven’t contacted yet, please do feel free to fill out the form below or email me at gay at

Want me to stay at your hotel? Just fill out this form below and I'll get back to you. Don't forget when and where is your hotel located. Thank you!