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Exotic Philippines is a travel blog that is founded by a freelance SEO specialist, Gay Aida Dumaguing, a.k.a. G. It all started as a way to practice and SEO experiments, plus to be able to practice her writing skills. This travel blog aims to promote the Philippine tourism as a way to help the country because she believes that if there's more tourism, there will be more jobs for Filipinos.

Through providing details and information to readers, the blog readers appreciate true and accurate details for trips, travel tools, travel gadgets, guides, and more!

Blog Traffic

Exotic Philippines gets an average of 8,000-10,000 page views per month where a huge percentage of the audience are from the Philippines and the US, and are mostly female from the ages of 18 - 34 years old.

An average of 50% of blog's traffic comes from organic search where half of it is from Google.

Social Media

All of the Exotic Philippines blog post are automatically shared on all the social media accounts. The following are the social media accounts:
  • Facebook - 5,900+ fans
  • Twitter - 6000+ followers
  • Pinterest - 3000+ followers
  • Instagram - 1000+ followers
  • YouTube - 1000+ subscribers
G also made a new way for her readers to appreciate and get more detail and visuals to get more accurate details of destinations, products, and more through video blogging (vlogging) where it is uploaded on her growing YouTube Channel. The channel is the extension of the Exotic Philippines  blog.

Blog Awards

This travel blog received the following recognitions and awards:

Partnership Options

Interested in partnering with Exotic philippines? The following are ways we can do so!
  • Press or Social Media Trips
  • Blog post advertising
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Banner Advertising
  • Sponsorship (accommodation, tour, etc.)
  • Giveaway
  • Vlog advertisement
  • Review (hotel, product, service)
  • Public speaking
If there's anything that you have in mind and you think it's a match for the blog, then feel free to contact me!

Past Campaigns

The following are some of my previous campaigns and the companies I've worked with.


The following are travel guides and blog posts that has airlines supported the trip.
The following are travel guides and blog where travel agencies supported the trip.

Please note that these are not all the campaigns I've done. I've started this list in late year 2014, and the blog started in 2011, I couldn't recall all the campaigns.

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