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Here's a new segment in Exotic Philippines that I have created. It's what I called Qs for the Month! This could totally help me out in thinking of what to write and post here in the blog. So if you've got some more Qs there. Hit me!


Yep! Just an initial for QUESTIONs. So yeah, it's what most of you guys are looking for here in Exotic Philippines and I don't want you having trouble finding it.

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So if you have anything you would like to ask I'm just a facebook or twitter away. I'll try my best to answer you right away and I do hope it's related to the niche.

Anyway, I got 10 questions or let's say inquiries here in the blog. I chose the top 10 that interest me most and that I already have a blog post about. So here they are (just click the link of the title to go to the post):

Rico the Magician

Yes! One of my favorites in Pilipinas Got Talent season 2. He's a magician (obviously) but he's totally different. He's fun and very energetic! I got emails and traffics about his contact information. I've asked Luis Manzano to ask Mang Rico but got no reply from the celeb guy.

Great news though, there was a wild card in PGT last week and I did vote around 30 times for this guy to be into finals and yeah! He did get into finals. The grand finals of Pilipinas Got Talent is coming and I wish all the best for Rico the Magician and the other finalist. I wont say he's my only favorite because there are other finalist that are totally great! I'll totally watch the grand finals and I'm so excited but totally nervous about it.

Exotic Filipino Foods

You love Exotic foods eh? I do have a blog post on exotic Filipino foods. I didn't even stand it. It's a Filipino food but I can't stand the thought of it. But if you're really into it, just check out my post.

Cebu Tourist Spots

I did have a post about the Cebu Philippines best tourists spots. It was one of the posts here in Exotic Philippines that gained lots of visitors. So I would recommend you do check it out especially if you're planning to come here.

Filipino Courtship

Aha! I'm thinking you're into someone and you want to pursue eh? Oh well I would highly recommend the video tutorial of Mikey Bustos! It's totally funny but it's real.

Filipino Love

You want some Filipino lovin'? I've got that just right for you! I love discussing about it but not totally opening about it because some of the Filipino may not agree with me. We all have different thinkings you see, that's why we're called individuals because we have INDIVIDUAL thinking and identity....and you know the rest. LOL

How Are You in Filipino

I know I've got a tutorial about that. If you don't know I use to have a Filipino language tutorial in here. It's just that I've been totally busy these past few months and with my voice recorder totally messed up. That makes totally impossible to do. But There might be a possibility that I will have another post about it. Just wait for it!

Boracay Philippines

Ah....The island of Boracay. Yes I'm talking about the beautiful Boracay. The white sand beach, with party, food, great people. Would love to come there one day. Just don't have the chance right now.

Cebu Dancing Inmates

Or what most of you say "Cebu dancing prisoners". Yes Cebu Got that and I've got a post about that too. They're totally great guys there. They're maybe prisoners but they know how to party! :P

Basics of Filipino Language

I teach basic Filipino language here. But if you're talking about the Basic language that travelers use, then I have it for you! I actually divided it into two.You can check out the Common Phrases Travelers Use Part 1 and part 2.

Do the Philippines have any tourist attractions?

This is the most weird question I've got. But to answer this, yes we do! Lot's of it! But I've got few posts on the tourist attractions but I've got posts on the top tourist attractions in the Philippines. So I would suggest you try to check the whole category.

There you go guys!I hope this would make a shortcut to the Qs you've got there. If you've got more Qs then comment below or send me message through facebook or twitter or even through my contact page in the blog.

I would totally love to hear from you!

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