Pilipinas Got Marcelito Pomoy

Pilipinas Got Talent (PGT) a TV show in ABS-CBN that shows and find talents all over the country found Marcelito.
Marcelito Pomoy the simple man with two great voices, a voice of a man and a woman that sounds like the Asia's song bird Regine Velasquez. The man who went to Manila Philippines to find his family who left him in the province. Joined TV shows and perform for his family to find him.

I myself is one of the people in the country who watch PGT. I myself witnessed the audition of Marcelito. Watching him enter the floor and interviewed a little by the judges, you wont expect what and how this man can blow your mind.

Yes, the video above is the time when Pilipinas Got Talent have found him. The time when he have stunned the whole nation as he sang the song "Narito Ako" (English: I am here). Through PGT he was able to find his long lost mother with the help of ABS-CBN network they were able to meet once again after long years.

Above video is the time when Marcelito Pomoy performed for the semi-finals singing the song "On the Wings of Love". There is a pitch or tone that he wasn't able to do because he was actually sick. But at least he tried.

Marcelito and the dance sport dancers Niel & Beth was the top 2 result of the vote for that batch. Niel & Beth won the first place and Marcelito got the second place. The third placer basing on the votes and Marcelito have to go in front for the judge to choose who among them should go to the grand finals.

Obviously, Marcelito was chosen by the judges and went to the grand finals.

Above video is Marcelito's performance for the grand finals of Pilipinas Got Talent singing the song "The Prayer". There are 14 grand finalists all in all. 14 talented people that we must decide who should have our vote and the prize 2 million pesos. 14 to choose among and vote for that is worthy enough to be called the Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2 Grand Champion.

A day after was the decision time. People voted for 24 hours, that is including me. I voted for Rico the Magician, Freestylers, Marcelito Pomoy, Happy Feet and Niel & Beth. I was crossing my fingers for all 5 of them gave their best at the grand finals. They are worthy to be at the Araneta!

PGT get the top 3 among the 14 grand finalists and they are Freestylers, Happy Feet and Marcelito Pomoy. Not announcing who won, who got the highest votes all of the 3 contestants lined up while the judges waited for the final result, for the result of the voice of the whole nation or let's say the whole world. There were a lot of people from all over the world who voted. For you can vote online or through text messages.

The Freestylers, Happy Feet and Marcelito stand in front of all people of Araneta and waited for their names to be called. Waiting to find out who is the grand champion.

I'll leave you the video below just to show you who won. :) Enjoy!

Congratulations to the grand champion!

To those who want to see the whole program of the performance night please watch here.

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