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Filipino Love: A Courtship Tip from Mikey Bustos!

I was actually at work when I first watch this guy, Mikey Bustos’ video. He was talking about the Filipinos accent, which was actually true but funny for me. I just played the video once and it just totally hit me that I should feature his video in the blog.

I looked for him in facebook and found him then message him directly! I'm so glad that he did approved it. Thanks Mikey! You got our support!

You guys should totally watch the video. It’s totally true, funny and a great tip for those men out there.

I do agree with him talking about these dating sites. That it made others to easily find filipino women or a partner with a click. For me, I don’t want to marry a guy because he click the BUY ME A DRINK button in my page. Well I’m aint that easy to get!

Anyway, just to explain why. I think you would agree with me guys that it felt so good, great, victorious if you did everything you can do and you made it, you got it, you have it!

Just like way back 2 years ago when I finished my college degree, I walk on the stage and receive my diploma and shake the hand of the guest speaker. It’s totally a YES! For me, I felt like killing every soldier of my enemy who blocks my way. I felt I want to cry (but I didn’t because it would ruin my make up!) and wanted to shout “I MADE IT!”....

So this is what Mikey here is trying to say to you guys. It would be a sweet victory if you did your best out of something, something that you give everything out to have that success.

With these dating sites, everything seems to be in “quickie” mode. One click, you courted a girl from the other side of the globe which you haven’t met yet, one more click you just did take her out on a date because you buy her a drink, another click and you just did make her your girl…. And what? One more click you got a wife? A wife that you’ve never met, you’ve never even kissed before? How long is that, 1 hour? (ROFL)

Well anyway, just check out the video and get some good and funny tip in getting some Filipino love from the guy Mikey Bustos!


It’s Mikey Bustos again in our Filipino language this Friday, here in Exotic Philippines!

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