Hire SEO Services and Me...

Gay Aida Dumaguing
If you have noticed I just post in this blog at most once a week now. I've been totally busy lately! Totally!

I have another website that I am still working on. It is a website for the services I offer. So that I could have clients and could earn money while helping other people and blogging here. If you don't know what is SEO just keep reading and I'll tell you more about it below.
I'm still in the middle of weighing and testing all stuff. So yeah, right now all I could do is maintain this website at least once a week.

So about the website. I actually named it SILVINO SEO SERVICES but it's actually Hire SEO Services. I just replaced Hire with the name of my father "Silvino". If you don't know, my father passed away last month and that was the time when I started got less posting here. That's why I named it after him. Just for me to be reminded that he's always with us in our hearts.

Anyway, don't want to get all EMO here!

Why am I telling you about my website?

Yeah, you've been probably wondering why. Well, just in connection with my niche here in this blog and my website. Hire SEO services is a website that I manage and hopefully I could traffics (just like here in Exotic Philippines) and of course could be able get clients. I am working with the Filipino team here that are totally the best and are ready to give you the best service!

Got it? Yes! The connection is we are Filipinos, living in the Philippines and ready to have an outsourcing job!

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also discussed there in the website. Right now you can see it in the menu with the label what is SEO in it. Better if you just go there and read about it.

I am a blogger/businessman, I don't need SEO!

Small or big business owner or even you're still planning to have a blog or you already have one, you may be need to Hire SEO services. You want to know why? Then visit my other website because it's all there.

Right now, I'm still thinking of what to share to you guys this monday. Hopefully I have something to post. I'm totally blank today!

If you've got something you can suggest then I'll be accepting it! You've got something eh? Contact me now or leave a comment down below! If you're interested in guest posting then I would love to hear about it. Just drop me a message will yah?

Do you appreciate what this blog do? Want to send help for this blog? Your every cents goes a long way