Top #6 Tourist Attractions in the Island of Cebu

Few days ago we’ve talked about Cebu. Now I want to share to you guys what are the tourist attractions here in the beautiful province of Cebu.

My mother is a Cebuana and I’ve been living here in Cebu for about 7 years already. But when I was still a kid we use to visit Cebu to be with my mom’s relatives or visit my siblings who are studying here.

Anyway, I haven’t gone around in the island of Cebu yet for my 7 years here. It’s because I went here to finish my studies and now I’m here to work. 

So for you guys, here are my top #6 Cebu Philippines tourist attractions pick:
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Tops is two thousand feet above sea level in the hills of Busay and is a very popular sight seeing spot with a stunning view in the Metro Cebu, Olango, Mactan Island and Bohol. It’s best to visit Tops at night and sleep there overnight so you could witness the beautiful sun rise.

Tops is one of the most talked about here. Some of my friends invite me to come with them but I can’t. So hopefully, someday and one day I could step into the hills of Busay!


The Bantayan island is best for people who wants to spend their visit at the beautiful white sand beaches. It is about 3 hours drive from the metro and take a ride in what we so called “RoRo”.

I’ve never been to the Bantayan island before so I have nothing more to share. This is another place I want to come.

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There are 3 island hoping destinations, namely Gilutungan Marine Sanctuary, Caohagan and Sulpa Island.  There are many boat owners that you can contact and rent their boats. Some offers an eat all you can in the boat and swimming in the beach in the middle of the islands.

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Have a unique experience and swim in the cool and tropical forest of Kawasan Falls. Kawasan falls is a crystal clear mountain springs. It is where the river falls steeply down below to the hills above the town. It is so beautiful and have a very cold fresh water.

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Moalboal (mo-al-bo-al) is another famous tourist attraction here in Cebu. It got beautiful white and beaches, diving spots and other great adventures!

Moalboal is ideal for diving adventure seekers with affordable accommodations and restaurants.

Photo Credits to Cebu Travels


Malapascua is an island that is part of the municipality of Daan Bantayan and in the province of Cebu. It is a small island in 2.5 kilometers long and 1 km wide with 8 hamlets.

Malapascua is also known for its great view underwater which makes it a great diving spot. With it's white sand and underwater view it's a great place to stay and spend your visit and relax. Some even says it's the new Boracay, but the mini version.

Okay! There you go! The top #6 Cebu Philippines tourist spots!
I’ve never been to these places but these are the places here in Cebu that are most talked about and must visit spots! If you’ll come over in Cebu Philippines, gimme a buzz! Maybe I could help you out or something.

There a lot more to want to see here in the island of Cebu but I’m more on focusing on places that you’ll be stunned by it’s beauty. If you’re religions and a Catholic, there are lots of religious places here like the Taoist temple and the old Parish Church of Cebu. But I didn’t discussed it here, since I’m not a catholic myself. :P

So hope you enjoyed it! Leave a comment if you want a specific Philippines tourist attractions to be discussed here in Exotic Philippines.

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