Top 5 Philippines Travel Tips

I’m giving out a Philippines travel tips because a trip to the Philippines can be a total fun and full of adventures, that’s if you’ve got the proper planning, knowledge and tools with you, your trip will be surely not going to end up bad.

You have to expect the unexpected when you visit here in the Philippines, so have the proper precautions before you come and visit the country. So for you guys, here are some useful Philippines travel tips and make your visit enjoyable with lots of adventure!

Tip #1: Look rich?
Avoid bringing valuables! You’re here to visit the country and not to show the Filipino people that you’re drowning with richness. But if you did, just deposit them on your hotels deposit safe, its just decent  watch and clothes are all you need.

Tip #2: Bring the house?
There are some travelers (especially the first timers) who seems to bring everything from their home with them. Don’t bring your gown (because we don’t have Oscar awards here), don’t bring your gigantic earrings with diamonds here (because you’ll end up being kidnapped or hold up), so in short don’t show that you’re rich (if you are).

Be simple, be realistic, be smart! Pack what you need. If you can pack your things with at most 20 pounds that would be awesome! Else, I don't think you need my Philippine travel tips if you wont hear me out. But through this, you can manage your things and you don’t have to check-in your bags at the airport.

What to pack? Bring light clothes (especially on summer). Cotton tees, shorts, tshirts, any comfortable clothes that would be best for summer and don’t forget to bring sandals or slippers that would be comfortable for walking.

Philippines have a tropical climate, with generous amount of rain and gentle winds.  But if you came here and it’s a rainy season, well it’s cheap here you can buy jackets at the price of P300.00 (that is $7 USD for the exchange rate is P43). So don’t bring lots of stuff because you could totally buy clothes here in a cheap price.

Tip #3: Show me the money!
If you’re going to exchange your dollars to pesos, it is safer if you go the malls like SM or Ayala. There are other options but for your safety don’t go to the exchanger that is open, like on the street. There are mini money exchanger that is beside the street, but you could be easily spotted by people and may attract those people to get your money. You can also ask your the travel advisor of your country and ask for safe or recommended places to visit in the Philippines. Ask for more Philippine travel tips so that you will be guided.

Do your transaction on the mall, and don’t leave the counter until you have put your money safely on your pocket. Don’t show how big you got, what bills it is, keep it to yourself. Sometimes what I do is, I go to the comfort room and hide my money.

Tip #4: Spend the money!
Want to shop and are schedule to come here in the Philippines? Do your shopping here! Aside from filipino food, clothes are sold here cheaper even they are designer clothes.

You should note this for your Philippine travel tips, it is a customary here in the country to leave a tip on a rendered service, but it is not necessary. Give a tip if you want to, if you’re generous enough to give it to the person giving you a good service. Usually, a customer gives tips to bellboys, waiter, drivers and chambermaids.

Tip #5: Accomodation!

If you’re planning to see some Philippines tourist attractions or do some activities, you should select a place to stay that is near to the place(s) that you want to go to.

Search it online or get a help from a reservation website. They can give you some ideas about the hotel and can also give you some great packages.

Found a hotel? Great! Now check their amenities and facilities, make sure they are well conditioned for it can be totally hot here in the Philippines.

Okay guys and gals. You hear me out on my top 5 Philippines travel tips for you when coming here in the Philippines! Hope this help you out and I’ll be giving more about it, just come back here in Exotic Philippines and check out more information about my beautiful country!

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