Filipino Language 006: Common Phrases for Travelers Part 1

You missed this? It’s Filipino language tutorial time!

I haven’t posted my personal Filipino language tutorial for about 2 weeks now. It’s just that I was so busy lately of the stuff I needed to do. I have decided something for myself last week, so right now. I’m free!

Well, anyway, I was thinking for days what to teach you guys, and then I realize that “hey! Some of my visitors are not from here, so why not teach them the common phrases that is needed for vacationers!?” I think it would be really great for me to be able to give and share to you guys a travel tips like this.

It would be totally cool that you could be able to understand and use the Filipino language when you get to come over here in the Philippines. It would not be too hard for you to travel in the country and you've got the lesser chance to get lost. Well, hopefully you wont get lost.

Your trip to the Philippines will be totally more interesting if you know these basic phrases in Filipino language that is needed to know by travelers. So, hopefully this would be totally useful to you guys when visiting my country.

And so I’ve done some little research on the common phrases and there are about more or less 10 phrases.

Luckily, some of them I’ve already taught you guys like one of our episode entitled the greetings.

So in this Filipino language tutorial episode I have chosen the top 10 of all the terms and divided it into two (2) parts. So for next week would be another part of the common phrases for travelers, well that is in Filipino.

So in this post, it is the part one of the two parts that would be posted here in the blog Exotic Philippines.

My first 5 Filipino to English translation for today are the following:

  • My name is…
  • Can you help me?
  • Where is…
  • I don’t understand.
  • Do you speak English?

These are the first 5 terms that I think a traveler should know when coming here to the Philippines. If you noticed it, these are actually the phrases that you’ll use when you want to ask directions like asking for the exact location of a certain Philippines tourist attractions or the worst is, when you are lost. Don’t you worry! With the Exotic Philippines, Filipino language Philippines travel tips episode this could help you out!

Watch the whole video and learn these phrases through my Filipino to English translation and of course the Visayan to English translation.

I haven’t got the downloadable versions of our Filipino language tutorials yet, but I’m looking forward of doing this for you guys! I’m just looking for free resources that I could find and use it so it would be less hassle for you.

Tell me what you need more to know before I have the next part, maybe it is more important than what is on my list right now.

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