Tuslob Buwa – Cebu’s Exotic Food

I’ve finally tried the talk about exotic food in Cebu that you can now basically find everywhere in the city, but sadly not all eateries are open all day. So that’s why it took me long to try since there are known eateries that locals says they have the best Tuslob Buwa but I can’t catch them since they’re only open late in the afternoon till about midnight.

Yes, we’re talking about Cebu’s exotic food the Tuslob Buwa! Tuslob means in English “Dip” and Buwa is actually Bula that means bubbles. Why this name? Because you must dip your puso (a hanging rice – a traditional way of rice being cooked and made, as how I can explain it) while the dish is still having some bubbles, and cooking in a low heat.

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I basically begged Channel to join me because I don’t want to eat all alone, and as your Cebu travel blogger I think I should really share with this you guys to show more about what Cebu offers. And there’s only one place we know that is open all day, it’s the Azul Tuslob Buwa eatery located at Escario Street, in Cebu City. We were actually invited before by the owner, but I wasn’t able to come that time because they invited us to come late at night – and I’m a Cinderella. So, no, this is not advertisement for them. They’re just the only eatery that is open all day, I believe they’re open 24/7.

And as you might know, I make YouTube videos these days, and so I was able to document my first taste of the Tuslob Buwa and share my experience with everyone. So for more food videos, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, and watch this video!

Tuslob Buwa Ingredients

Here are the following ingredients of the Tuslob Buwa.

  • cooking Oil
  • onion
  • salted shrimp
  • pig's brain
  • pig's liver
  • cornstarch in water

Tuslob Buwa Recipe

The video basically shows you how to cook it but here’s the summary on how to cook it and show you what’s the Tuslob Buwa recipe just in case you have the ingredients in your area and want to try it.

  1. heat the oil.
  2. add the minced onions and cook it for few seconds.
  3. add the salted shrimp and cook it for few seconds.
  4. add the pig's brain and let it cook for a few minutes.
  5. add the pig's liver. let it cook for a few minutes.
  6. add the cornstarch diluted in water.

There's also some other spices available from pepper, salt, soy sauce, and chillies that are up to you to add. Amount will just depend on you.

When it's a bit sticky, it is then ready for you to dip your rice with!

Where to Eat Tuslob Buwa?

If you’re like me who don’t want to go out late at night, your only choice (as of this moment) is the Tuslob Buwa in Azul. As your Philippines travel blog, I'll try to check out the other eateries for you and maybe be able to tell you if it's worth the wait.

Tuslob Buwa is more known in the Pari-an area in Cebu city, and I’ve heard about Papart’s tuslob buwa, so if you want me to check that out let me know. But I personally don’t have any experience to other eateries. Some offer this as a street food, wherein someone have already cooked it for you, and all you have to do is just buy the rice and dip it with the others – not really hygienic but if you’re up to it, why not.

Warning though, the brain (one of the ingredients for the Tuslob Buwa) has high Uric Acid, so if you feel body pains after eating this, then you should not this one too much of this or even every day or you'll be in more pain. It's also one of the reasons why that I didn't try this right away, because my Mama would kill me if she finds out.

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