10 Things I Love About the Promate Armor 10 Power bank

Just few weeks ago I received a package from a friend, I know he was sending me a power bank but I didn’t know that it was NOT AN ORDINARY POWER BANK.

He sent me this Promate Armor 10 Power bank with 10,000 mAh capacity, and I was so excited to open and use it right away! After using it for days now, I’d like to share with you the 10 things I love about this product. Thinking, maybe I’m not the only one who’ll be loving this product and you too might be interested with this – especially if you’re like me, a traveler, and clumsy.
10 Things I Love About the Promate Armor 10 Power bank Exotic philippines travel blog gadgets review


Promate Armor 10 is IP68 certified which means it has been tested using the international IP68 certification for water protection. That means, that when you’re in an island hopping here in the Philippines, the days of getting rattled of your power bank getting wet from the water even just a drop are gone!

The Promate Armor 10 can be immersed in the water up to 3 feet or 1 meters for 30 minutes!


With this device, you can also charge your phone (of course water proof phone) while you’re swimming because it has the water proof port included and a cord for you to use to charge while on the waters – super cool!

No more missed photos or videos, just because you ran out of battery.


The Promate Armor 10 power bank is made with a durable polycarbonate and ABS material which means my friends, this power bank can stand clumsy persons like me! And that really makes me happy with this product because not all products (even from shoes to phones) can last with me for at least 6 months.


And because it’s of course shockproof, of course it can withstand drops, snow, dirt and even water!

Just look at the design. You can really tell that even a high drop can’t break this power bank in one blow.


When I saw it from its box, I was like “Damn, this power bank is tough and looks heavy”. I was wrong.

The Promate Armor 10 power bank is 1.05 thin, and only weight at 8.04oz while my other power bank that the other company says only weights 215 grams (or 7.58oz) but why do I feel like the his one (the Armor 10) is way lighter than the one that I have and bought.


The Promate Armor 10 power bank has a USB-C port both in and out, micro USB input, lighting charging input, Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 port, and of course the water proof charging port! That means you can charge anything from your Apple devices, Android, or even tablet or camera! I also think I can charge a drone with this – well, I don’t have the drone yet but, hey! This is great!


Due to its Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 capability, this power bank is fully Quick Charge-compatible, which means that you can enjoy the benefit of always getting power wherever you are in a short amount of time.


Now, this is another thing that I didn’t expect from any power bank but it did. As someone who travels, you don’t when you need a flashlight, and not all of us have those expensive water proof phones or those flashlights that can handle water.

Why not have this? Your devices are powered up, and you get a free flashlight. Totally useful when you’re out doors, and sometimes when you’re just at home – you can easily grab this in a blackout.


I always complain on having to put my phone in the bigger compartment of my bag so that I’ll be able to charge it with my power bank. But this? I can easily just clip on the Promate Armor 10 power bank on the outside of my bag, and be able to charge my phone while using my phone or my phone on my pocket!
Your power bank is then be very accessible. And yes, they included the clip when you buy this power bank!


I know it’s the feature, but the entire thing. I feel like I somewhat requested this product made and they hear me out. A lot of my worries, concern, and wishes have been answered here as someone who travels, who’s clumsy, who lives in a country that any time there’s a power outage.

I always seek a reliable and durable device for me, not only in traveling but also for work. With this Promate Armor 10 power bank I can be more confident that I’d be able to stay connected through my phone, online, and capture moments because this power bank is a reliable partner.

For those who’d like to see more about this product, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. As I’m writing this I’m looking for a place and preparing to test this product to give you guys more visuals and show you what this product is like. So watch out for my video!

If what I shared right now satisfies you and you wish to grab it right away. Then you may grab this item at the following stores for Php 3,995  which comes with 18 months warranty.

National Book Store
PCiNet Computer      
Digital Interface
Perfect Shot
The Loop by PMC
The Loop by PMC
Concept Computer
Vivocom Technologies

Order online via Lazada at https://www.lazada.com.ph/shop/promate-store

(Update: As of July 25, 2018 - Out of stock in Lazada. You can buy it at Promate stores at SM North EDSA, and Robinsons Manila)

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