Be Both a Traveler and A Sun Life Financial Advisor

Love traveling yet wants to earn at the same time? Sure that there are a lot of things one can do these days. But getting a way to earn and travel at the same time is something we would love to grab, perhaps. Having a work-life balance is something we all want and from #LiveBrighter Forum held at Quest Hotel last July 28, you can make that happen!

Live Brighter Forum

The forum was all about being Sun Life Financial Advisor. It tackles about Sun Life’s history and how many people they’ve touched hearts and lives for better.
Ranked as one of the insurance companies that have strong and superior reputation based on the standard and poor's ratings and A.M. Best respectively, this shows how financially stable and capable Sun Life is as a whole. As people are getting familiar with insurance and its benefits, the more being financial advisor gets interesting.
Be Both a Traveler and A Sun Life Financial Advisor

The Benefits

Being a Sun Life Financial Advisor, according to Ms. Marga Bernardo – one of the speakers of the forum, you get to enjoy a lot of benefits and here is the 7 things part of it:
  • Flexibility – enjoy the opportunity to work at your preferred schedule. Yes, that is anytime, anywhere. This perfectly suits for travelers or those who simply wander and would love to earn at the same time!
  • Earn as much as you want – The sky is the limit as the saying goes. When you become a financial advisor, the more clients you get, the more earnings you get too.
  • Huge Market Potential – the insurance penetration nationwide is 2%. This means that the higher chance financial advisors get clients to invest for Sun Life.
  • Spread Sun Life’s Advocacy – When you become a financial adviser for Sun Life, you work for a noble cost in helping people in managing their money.
  • A Place to Work – if you want to work in an office-based set up, Sun Life has your back. They have different offices across Cebu which you can select when you become part of them.
  • Sales Tools – Laptops, projectors, advertising tool, and are more provided.
  • Support - Training professional development, facilitation of government and regulatory licenses, and advertising and promotion are provided for free!

Be Both a Traveler and A Sun Life Financial Advisor Quote

How to Earn?

Becoming financial advisor (FA), you earn through commission. You get to enjoy commissions for every new business opened and so as renewals. What’s interesting about being FA for Sun Life is that you get rewarded for your hard work. Provided that you hit certain parameters, you get qualified for bonuses and rewards such as all-expense paid trip both local and international (which sure you will love!), gift certificates, and a lot more!

For reference, destinations in 2017 were the following: Taiwan-Japan Cruise, Sydney Australia in May, and Palawan (August), Poland (April to May), Shangrila (September in Cebu) all for free.

At Sun Life, you don't just be enjoying commission and earnings but also experience fun. These are all offered if you become Financial Advisor.

Career Growth

When you decide to become part of Sun Life, you don’t stay as financial advisor forever. If they see potential in you, you can get promoted to being a manager candidate then to a unit manager, and so for until you become a new business manager.

To prove that Sun Life values their people, a Million Dollar Round Table member was invited to be one of the speakers of the said forum as well. He is none other than Mr. Don Ursal, a Cebuano who started his career as an ordinary BPO employee and is now a Manager Candidate.

Be Both a Traveler and A Sun Life Financial Advisor When you become a Million Dollar Round Table member

When you become a Million Dollar Round Table member, you are not just an ordinary financial advisor. You don’t get commission of a few thousands but of million, 1.3M in commission to be exact. If that’s something you see yourself of becoming one day, then make sure to answer this reality check: Are you satisfied with your career right now? Are you living to work? Or working to live?

To learn more about being financial advisor, talk to a SL’s financial advisor or you can visit any Sun Life office in the city or you can visit for details.

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