Cowrie Island of Honda Bay Puerto Princesa

Cowrie island is one of the three (3) islands destination for your island hopping in Honda Bay in Puerto Princesa Palawan. It’s usually the last island you’ll visit for island hopping and most likely be spending about 2-3 hours in the island.

Among all islands we’ve visited for the Honda Bay island hopping, Cowrie island has more activities to offer. From jetskiing, banana boating, and of course snorkeling.

If you’re up for a snack, they do cook some regular Filipino snacks like the banana cue and have some fresh coconut juice available there.

I didn’t swim there anymore or even go for jetskiing since it’s expensive for me but it looks like fun to watch the others do it. There are also some who went for the banana boat and yeah, they’re all shouting like crazy.

Cowrie Island of Honda Bay Puerto Princesa Palawan blog vlog Exotic Philippines travel blogger vlogger

They also have a good comfort room there, for those who are choosy on where they take their deeds. It’s just really far from the side of the island where you’ll be chilling at.

Sadly, other than that I don’t have much of information to share to everyone since I spent most of my time in just chilling there and get some rest. But I do believe if I have more energy that day, this would’ve been the island I can enjoy a lot more with.

I apologize if I don't have more information for you as a Philippines travel blog. But for those who have more information than what I have, please let me know and share it with us here through leaving it as a comment below!

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