6 Must Have Travel Items

When it comes to traveling the world and seeing all that there is to see, the actual logistic of travel are not as glamorous as people often think. While you may post a glamorous picture by the beach sipping a cocktail, the reality is that it took a solid amount of travel and exhausting to get you there.

To help you make the transport portion of your next adventure as relaxing as the destination, below is a list of must-have travel items.

Wireless Headphones

As you travel between airports and planes, taking your bags on and off again, the cord of your headphones quickly becomes the most cumbersome aspect of your travel. You may already have a pair of headphones in your travel arsenal, but we guarantee you that you haven't traveled in comfort until you have traveled with wireless headphones.

Comfortable Travel Shoes

Gone are the days where people used to dress up to fly. Nowadays, the more comfortable you can be while still looking good, the better. For the perfect pair of fashionable travel shoes, check out the Groupon Coupons page for UGG . Look for footwear that is not only comfortable but also durable.

Sleep Mask

We aren't talking about the cheap piece of fabric that your airline gave you to in a small welcome pack. We mean a real sleep mask. Check out the range online or head into a travel and adventure store and take a good look. Instead of the regular $2 masks that quickly break and become tattered is a range of high-quality sleep masks with benefits such as cooling gels or light filtering options.

Ear Plugs

Similar to the eye mask, you are likely to get a small pair when you first board your flight. However, if you don't, or if they aren't good quality, you are stuck on the plane with crying babies and people watching movies out loud. Before you fly, pick yourself up a good pair of earplugs that can filter out any negative travel sounds.


The air can get pretty dry when you have been sitting on the same plane for 12 hours. Additionally, just traveling between different climates can wreak havoc on your skin. A small container of moisturizer is a must have for any traveler’s carry on bag.

Pain Tablets

Whether you suffer from migraines or general headaches from dehydration, you are likely to want some pain medication at some point in your travel. The worst thing is, airlines aren't allowed to sell it to you on the plane!

For this reason, be sure to carry small packets of a range of pain medication with you as you travel. If any of the medication is prescribed, be sure to carry a copy of your authorization along with a note from your medical practitioner.

When it comes to traveling the world there are always going to experience that you could never have planned for. However, with the items on this list, you should be covered for the majority of your travel related disturbances.

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