Pandanon Island Hopping from Cebu - A Beautiful Island of Bohol

Cebu is just one of the beautiful islands in the Philippines, which is also surrounded by several islands, and that’s why there are a number of island hopping in Cebu that you can choose from but you have to go to where it’s nearest.

For example, in Moalboal Cebu there’s an island hopping there where you’ll be visiting a tiny island called Pescador island that has a lot of corals under it. It’s famous for diving spot in Moalboal since there’s a school of fish there, even some sea turtles, but the most famous there is the Moalboal sardine run.

But Moalboal is about 3-4 hours away from the city, and the nearest and easiest way to go island hopping in Cebu is the island hopping in Mactan.

I honestly thought that there are only 5 islands to choose from - since in island hopping packages in Mactan just includes 3 islands. But there are some more, from what I’ve heard on my recent island hopping adventure to Pandanon Island here in Mactan Cebu.

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Pandanon Island

Pandanon island is one of the beautiful islands that you’ll be able to go island hopping but it’s further away from what the islands that is actually part of Cebu. And yes, Pandanon island is not part of Cebu, but is an island of Bohol.

The beautiful island of Pandanon is actually about an hour away from Mactan island but you’ll be enjoying your view on your trip to the island since you can also take pictures, selfies at the same time and if you’re bringing some ingredients for you to cook, you can do this on your way there.

TIP: As your Cebu travel blogger, I do highly suggest that you go and leave early from Mactan, the island is open as early as 7am and a lot of people who have connections there can reserve some cottages and if there are others who are earlier than you, you totally might ran out of cottages to stay at. And there’s only few shades there.

Going to Pandanon island is actually optional since you’ll be charge an additional fuel fee and there’s an entrance fee in the island.

Do I need to convince you to come to Pandanon? Well, luckily I was able to make a vlog about my first visit to this beautiful island. Watch it here!

We’re just able to visit the Pandanon island and the Nalusuan island to spend less and it’s just actually right and was able to arrive in Mactan around 5pm.

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