Strawberry Picking at Baguio’s Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad

Is strawberry your favorite flavor? Me three!

To be honest the only reason that I want to go to Baguio City is because of the strawberries. I love strawberries…flavor. Not really a fan of the fruit, it’s not that sweet unlike mangoes. But I just love the color, and shape. That’s why I’ve been looking for the time that we’ll go to Baguio and do the strawberry picking!

How to Get to Strawberry Farm in Baguio?

We took the Taxi, left early from our hotel. The taxi the day before suggested that we leave around 6am so we will not compete with the locals there with taxis plus the traffic – yes, there’s traffic in Baguio.

But with the cold weather and comfortable bed at Paladin Hotel Baguio where we stayed, we left our hotel around 7am. We also find it hard to find a taxi, not because we’re going far from the city, but because all taxi’s passing by us are occupied.

About 30 minutes waiting for our ride and waving to the taxis passing by, a vacant taxi stopped in front of us and we told him that we wish to go the strawberry farm. He said “P400 ma’am because it’s too far and traffic” and because we forgot to ask the hotel how much is the ideal rate and he’s the only taxi vacant there we did go for it.

On our way to the strawberry farm, he even said he can take us to other tourist spots that we didn’t include in our list. So I felt like, our P400 is worth it.

But on our way back, he did drop us to this tribe thing yet told us he wants to leave because he waited for us for an hour at the strawberry farm – hello!?! We did go for strawberry picking, if we’re just going there to get strawberries we should’ve go to the market.

Anyway, we did not get inside that tribe thing since we’re tired from strawberry picking and just paid him just P400 – no tips, no extras. I could’ve gave him an extra if he’s not complaining a lot.

When is the Strawberry Picking Season?

If you want to know the best time to go to Baguio City for strawberry picking, the strawberry farmer that we have said that through the months of December and March. The farmer said that they'll start planting the strawberries around October, so they can harvest on December - which is the best I think because it's their coldest month.

But the strawberries in December is not as many on the months of March to April. We were there on the month of March, so we were on the right time to go there!

The Strawberry Picking Experience at Baguio’s Strawberry Farm

Luckily for you I started vlogging already that time, so I’ll be able to give you guys a more visuals on what we’ve experienced. Watch my vlog for that whole day of Strawberry picking:

The strawberry picking in La Trinidad Baguio will cost you P300 that includes your 1 kilo of strawberries and the strawberry picking experience. If you’re planning to do this, please do bring a container with you or if not you’ll have to stick with their tiny basket that is risky since the strawberries are very delicate. It didn’t even survive when I bought it here in Cebu – was planning to coat it with chocolate.

Baguio Strawberry Farm Strawberry Picking Expenses

As a travel blog it is always expected to share with you guys the total expenses for this experience, or at least for that. Please note that since I’m a Cebu blogger there may be rates that you can get cheaper since some may think because I’m not from there, it’s okay to trick us with the prices.

Anyway, here’s the total expenses for that trip:

200 – Round trip taxi fare (P400 / 2 – Channel and I split the fare)
350 – Strawberry picking experience and 1 kilo of Strawberries
200 – 2 Strawberry Jam
20 – Strawberry ice cream
20 – Strawberry Taho
5 – Comfort Room use
795 – Total Expenses

I’ve also tried the Strawberry Taho there where I’ll also make a blog post about it in comparison to the other Taho areas that I’ve tried. I’ve also tried the Ice cream so far I’ve just tried there, and of course bought their Strawberry jam there which I do highly recommend – I’ll also make a comparison and blog post about the best strawberry jam in Baguio City.

As for the Comfort Room (CR) that’s the usual rate, you can’t easily spot where it is – I’ll be guessing you’ll need to use it since you might spending about an hour at the strawberry farm in La Trinidad Baguio.

Is Strawberry Picking Worth it?

For me, yes! It was tiring, sweating but I was smiling all the time. Looking for the twin strawberries – and there were a lot of them. It may cost too much to some of you but the price I think is just okay, not cheap but just average.

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