Loboc Long River Cruise Floating Resto in Bohol

I’ve just recently revisited Bohol to take pictures of their tourist spots, well, after 2 years visiting it, some of their tourist spots have changes, and I have been to new tourist spots in Bohol – which was great, not my intention but that’s a total plus.

One of the things that I’ve discovered is that there are two (2) different floating restaurants in Bohol Philippines. I thought that there’s only one, the one that I’ve previously tried that was really disappointing in terms of food.

So luckily, our driver brought us to a different one, the other one, the Long River Cruise Floating Resto – the previous Loboc river floating restaurant was the Rio Verde Floating Resto.

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When I saw that it was a different spot, I was telling the guys that I hope they have at least a better food, making the whole experience to be at least worth it. Unlike the Rio Verde, what you pay for is only worth for the view not the food – you might just want to eat the fruit there instead.

The Long River Cruise Floating Resto

I’ve actually asked one of their staff if the Long River Cruise Floating Resto is owned and managed by the government, he said it’s private but I’ve got the feeling that it’s not but managed by locals there to help them with their livelihood.

The rate is pretty much the same, here are their rates:

Adult - P450
Children (4 to 8) - P175
Children (9 to 11) - P300
Senior - P360

The place is more well equipped, clean, and well managed at the Long River Cruise Floating Resto also – for me that is.

For our Loboc Long River Cruise Floating Resto experience, you might want to watch my vlog about our whole experience.

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Long River Cruise Floating Resto vs. Rio Verde Floating Resto

In terms of food, I preferred the Long River Cruise Floating Resto than the Rio Verde, but the Rio verde has a better spot – they have a great view and they have this natives to visit.

But if you ask me, where will I bring someone? I’ll bring them to Long River Cruise Floating Resto. The food is more decent, not really delicious, but better than Rio Verde. Unless, Rio Verde changed already their cook and hired someone that can really cook good food.

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