3 Tropical Vacation Outfits Ideas

You can’t focus on work anymore because you’re panicking about what to wear on your trip to Boracay, Philippines next week! Don’t fret, girl. Here are some Instagram-worthy tropical vacation outfits that will keep you cool and feeling cool.

The essential travel outfits comprise of lightweight and bold pieces that are well-suited for the destination. Don’t we all like to have extra space in our luggage for makeup bags, shoes, and souvenirs? It’s important that the pieces you bring are versatile so that you’ll have space for those things! Choosing pieces that can be dressed up or down is crucial for building the perfect travel wardrobe.

Rompers are your best friend when it comes to traveling; they’re a whole outfit in one! You won’t even have to fuss about matching tops to bottoms. These are an easy way to look stylish and put together while saving you time and room in your suitcase. The patterned linen material makes these rompers appropriate for the occasion and breathable. Pair them with sandals or heels for casual or dressed up looks. You can even wear a romper on the plane ride since they’re so comfy! Go straight from the terminal to your beachside lunch in these cute little numbers.

You can pair a bikini with a cover-up like the Lorelei cover-up dress as an essential hotel-to-beach outfit. Rompers like this tropical floral one from Tobi are also great beach cover-ups! The plunging neckline is appropriate with a bikini top or monokini underneath. It’s chic and casual for a stroll around town, sightseeing, and hitting the beach as well. Throw on some sunnies and sandals for a laidback feel. These pieces will take up minimal room in your bag because of the lightweight material, and versatile so you won’t have to change outfits when you drop back into town for lunch.

Breakfast on the beach or ocean-view bar for drinks? Whatever the occasion, these tropical-themed dresses will turn heads. Pair them with a pair of nude sandal heels for an updated look or flat gladiators for a more casual day-in-the-town sort of feel. Dresses are easy to throw on, and just like rompers, you won’t have to worry about finding matching separates. They’ll also keep you cool in humid climates. Don’t you worry about the sweat stains; they’ll be perfectly camouflaged in these bold patterned dresses!

Pro Tip: look for light fabrics like these to save space in your suitcase, and don’t forget to roll them instead of folding; this will minimize wrinkles. Another tip is to hang the pieces that do get wrinkled in the bathroom while you’re showering. The steam from the shower will help loosen the wrinkles so you won’t have to do any ironing (definitely a plus)!

Packing for travel shouldn’t be hard. Make your outfit choices just as laidback and stress-free as your vacation should be! Ease your mind and take these travel style tips. You can thank us later. Bon voyage!

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