Nacpan Beach and Calitang Beach - El Nido's Twin Beaches

Have you ever wondered what Boracay looks like before all the commercialized buildings was built in the island. Or thought of a beach paradise, long stretch beach with blue clear waters. Well, if you’re looking for that then you’re looking at the right post in this travel blog.

You might have heard of it, of its name or hear people saying there’s this beautiful long stretch of beach in El NIdo Palawan, that place in El Nido to just relax, chill, be under the sun or even play some games with friends on the beach, and yes It’s the Nacpan Beach of El Nido.

Nacpan Beach and Calitang Beach El Nido Twin Beach Palawan Exotic Philippines Travel Blogger Blog Vlogger

The Nacpan Beach

The Nacpan Beach is a 3 km long stretch of beach with powder soft sand with coconut trees lined up, it’s like the paradise of Instagramers there. It’s quiet, beautiful beach, blue skies, and if there are people all you can hear is laughter, fun, and relaxation.

It’s been known as one of El Nido’s stunningly beautiful beach but it remained undeveloped – not complaining, that’s what makes it beautiful. No commercial buildings, lots of coconut trees, no bars, no loud music, you can just hear it’s just the wave and birds, and people laughing.

Nacpan Beach and Calitang Beach El Nido Twin Beach Palawan Exotic Philippines Travel Blogger Blog Vlogger

I felt love at first sight to this beach, it’s the most beautiful beach I’ve seen so far. Sure, Boracay is beautiful, but this one is so natural. Nacpan beach being undeveloped and no commercialize stuff makes it so beautiful. I do hope that the government would maintain this.

What’s best about it is that there are spot in that long stretch that you can be completely alone.
Waves can be really big here though, and I mean big and strong that it hurts. So don’t go too far away, I was just even near the shore kneeling because the waves are too scary for me – not a fan of it. But still love the Nacpan beach.

On the southern side of Nacpan beach, you’ll see a small hill, climb it, and you’ll be able to see Nacpan Beach’s twin, Calitang Beach.

Calitang Beach

Calitang is on the other side of the Nacpan Beach that’s why they’re called the twin beaches, or maybe they should call them conjoined twins (LOL). Sadly, they’re not identical twins, but I do think Calitang was really pretty before but due to some human activities there it’s not as pretty as Nacpan anymore.

Nacpan Beach and Calitang Beach El Nido Twin Beach Palawan Exotic Philippines Travel Blogger Blog Vlogger
But the side of Calitang beach is where this picture perfect view that I really loved. If only it was not that hot that day, and I’m not that tired climbing it, I would’ve spent more time there. It was scary climbing that small hill – which is a must do when you go to Nacpan beach.

How to Get to Nacpan Beach

The Nacpan Beach is 18km away from El Nido town, you can either rent a motorcycle for around P500 – P1000 per day or just hire a tricycle to get you there – 1 tricycle can fit up to 4 persons (maximum) we paid P1,500 to take us there. Vans are also available for bigger groups (P3,000 for the whole day).

From the El Nido town, take the main road going to the El Nido Airport – yes, they have an airport now, and yes, you can go directly to El Nido but the ticket is pricey.

Go straight, just follow the road until you see the sign “Pasadena-Bucana” then turn left. After 15 km watch out for the sign on your left that is attached on a tree’s body, there are a lot of signs but you’ll most likely see the “Jack’s Place Nacpan” sign. If you see some rice fields, and I mean a lot of it, you’re near.

Turn left ( to that road where the sign is located) and follow it, which is about 3km long. It’s mainly rough road, can be dusty too so make sure to bring something to cover your nose if you’re sensitive or just to be safe. It can be dusty and bumpy, that’s why a lot of foreigners (and maybe next time I’ll go there, I’ll do it too) to rent a motorbike instead of a van or tricycle. Since it’s easier to maneuver.

Watch My Nacpan Beach and Calitang Beach Vlog

I’ve actually made a vlog about this day trip to Nacpan Beach and Calitang beach, so if you want to see what’s my reaction like or get an idea about it, then go watch my vlog. Do subscribe to my channel too for more travel vlogs!

TIP: Since you’ve rent the transpo (tricycle, motorbike, van) for the whole day, around 3 or 4 pm leave Nacpan and go to Meremegmeg beach to catch the beautiful sunset.

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