An Afternoon at Baguio City’s Burnham Park

When we were done visiting the Camp John Hay on our second day at Baguio City, we just asked the taxi driver to just drop us at the Burnham Park which is just very near to our hotel, the Paladin Hotel. We arrived there around 5pm when the students are out of their classes and the park has a lot of kids – no complain, it looks more alive.

The taxi dropped us where there are bikes to rent available, there are a lot of bikes to choose from so it’s your choice which type of bike to rent.

The 4 wheel bikes are for rent for P50 per 30 minutes, and the single wheels like what I ride was P40 per half an hour. The thing is you can just bike on that long street, not all over the Burnham Park. So, the 30 minutes bike is just enough for you to get dizzy and tired biking going back and forth.

An Afternoon at Baguio City’s Burnham Park

We walked around after that going to the pond they have, we were thinking of trying their boat, their swan boat but when we saw the green water plus the feeling of being tired biking we decided to just watch them.

We were also lucky to be able to see some fountain show, but Davao City have a better show since it goes along with the music. It would’ve been a lot entertaining though with music.

I do wish that Cebu have this kind of park. Near to the city center, with a lot of activities to do, clean, maintained, and very refreshing. There’s a place for kids to just bond, talk, hang out, and all.

We spent about 2 hours of our time at the park and went back to our hotel to take some rest since we decided to go to the night market that same day.

All in all, the Burnham Park visit was worth it. I love the place but I wish the bikes could go around but I totally understand why just one road is allowed on that area – they don’t want to overlap with the others who are letting their bikes rented on the other side. As a blogger from Cebu, this is a refreshing place in Baguio to hang out at. It feels so peaceful and secured hanging out at this place.

If you love to chill, relax, bond, then this is the place to go for it. It’s free to go here. No entrance fee!

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