How to Renew Philippine Passport? (CEBU)

Traveling around the Philippines is great, but there are times when I was invited to go and visit a different country and one of the things that hinder me to go and do it is my passport. My passport is 19 years old, it was issued way back in 1997 when my family and I visited HongKong for a vacation. That was just it.

So today, I've attempted to renew my passport, but I lack in valid IDs since I work freelance, I don't have any company ID. No worries, you visiting this travel blog to find out how to renew your Philippine passport is not a waste. My Mama was able to renew hers with no sweat, and I was there.

Philippines Passport Renewal Requirements

Please note of the word "renewal", I only need to renew my Philippine passport so I don't need to apply for my first passport - which is harder, as they say. So if you're looking for a post about getting your passport for the first time, I'll try to share it with you when my niece will get theirs, to serve you better as a travel blogger.

How to Renew Philippine Passport CEBU

Anyway, here are the passport renewal requirements:
  • 2 Valid IDs
  • Old/Expired Passport
  • Filled out form for the application.
  • Photocopy of the valid IDs 
  • Photocopy of the old/expired passport (first and last page)
What are the valid IDs? This was my issue, I have a huge list, but basically the IDs that are plastic type or the ones that are hard just like your driver's license ID or company ID. The new postal ID is also acceptable. 

If you don't have any valid IDs yet, the fastest ID that you'll get is an NBI clearance, the new postal ID, and the Students Permit from LTO. If you still have your school ID, then they'll accept that. 

Just in case, bring your NSO birth certificate too. Since there are some situations wherein they'll ask for your NSO birth certificate. Where to get it? Just order one online.

Philippines Passport Renewal Process

You don't need to be really early if you'll be just renewing your old passport. A lot of people have advised us to go there around 2-3pm which we did. We were there around 2 and we were already done around 3PM.

UPDATE: Before I renewed my passport, I was with my Mama when renewing her passport and attempting to renew mine on the month of May 2016. Since my mother is a senior citizen, my papers are tagged along with her and marked my papers as "assisting a senior citizen" (they have a code for that, I believe it was ASC). So I was given same priority like my Mama. Sadly, due to lack of valid IDs I was told to just return when I have process other possible valid IDs or supporting documents and said that I just need to directly back to information. So on July 8, 2016 I came back and go directly to the information without a schedule since my papers were marked also that I just need to come back when I have the other documents.

But starting July 1, DFA Cebu will only accept scheduled appointments. Read more about it below.

So here are the steps on getting your passport renewed:
  1. Get a passport renewal form from the guard. Fill out the form.
  2. Give the filled out form to the guard. Just sit and wait for your name to be called. You'll be called after about 5-10 minutes.
  3. Go inside the DFA office. The guard inside the DFA office will assist you on where to go. You'll simply line up for your turn at their counters.
  4. Process Counter. Once it's your turn submit the photocopies, filled out form, and the old passport. You'll also be asked if you want it rush or ordinary. If you want to extend your passport's validity, you may talk to the person in this counter.
  5.  Payment Counter. Pay the fee. For the ordinary it's just P950 but if you want it rush it's P1,200. 
  6. Capture Counter. Another line, and wait for your turn. A very kind lady will assist you on this. Just line up, and wait for your turn to have your picture taken, and to finalize the important details of your passport. Remove your contact lense, your earrings. 
How to Renew Philippine Passport Cebu Exotic Philippines Travel Blog Blogger

And that's pretty much it. No worries, the lines I'm talking about is not usually that really long. Plus, you'll all be sitting down. No leg pain.

After that you're done. Wait about 15-20 days for your passport to be processed, the date that you can claim your passport is placed at your receipt. Keep it since it also serves as your claim stab for your passport.

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) office in Cebu is located at the 4th floor of the Pacific Mall in Mandaue City, Cebu Philippines.

As for if the 15-20 days is accurate, they did say that there are some delays in the process. They kept on pointing and making you read a post about a delay on the passports. But I do hope they'd be able to deliver it in the said date. Let's see! I'll update this post if they're able to deliver it on time.

You may also check out my video when I vlog the whole renewal process of my Philippine passport. So you may also familiarize yourself with the process and the look of the DFA Cebu office.


I decided to add this part of this blog post since I recently renewed mine since I just got my postal ID. There have been a lot of questions about passport renewal, so I hope I will be able to answer it all through this part. If there are more questions about it, feel free to comment it on the comment section.

What are the requirements to renew your passport?

  1. Any IDs that are plastic type (not sure what you call that material) just like your school ID, therefore don’t give them LAMINATED IDs – not accepted.
  2. Birth Certificate (original and Xerox copy). Bring your NSO birth certificate, they’ll usually just look for your NSO birth certificate, but as for my case they also asked for my local birth certificate. And NO, they don’t accept just the Xerox copy, they need to compare the Xerox copy and the original – lucky if they’ll return the original NSO to you. They got all of mine (photocopy, original NSO, local birth certificate).
  3. Application form. The application form for the passport renewal is just there, you can just fill it up there. Use BLACK ballpen, and make all your writings clear (not like a doctor’s writing) since they want your name to be clear.
  4. P950 for regular process. The current processing fee for your passport is P950, if you need it express they can but for an additional fee, for a total of P1,200.

What IDs are considered valid?
The government issued IDs like the Digitized SSS ID, Driver’s License, GSIS E-card, PRC ID, IBP ID, OWWA ID, Digitized BIR ID, Senior Citizen’s ID, Unified Multi-Purpose ID, Voter’s ID. But other IDs like Old College ID, Alumni ID,Old Employment IDs are also accepted. The lady when I first came in said that all plastic type IDs are acceptable. But for the complete list, click here.

Any one of these IDs will be fine, but just to be sure bring at least 2 of them and some supporting documents.

What are the valid supporting documents?
The official list provided by DFA are:
  • PSA Marriage Contract
  • Land Title
  • Seaman’s Book
  • Elementary or High School Form 137 or Transcript of Records with readable dry seal
  • Government Service Record
  • NBI Clearance
  • Police Clearance
  • Barangay Clearance
  • Digitized Postal ID
  • Readable SSS-E1 Form or Microfilmed Copy of SSS-E1 Form
  • Voter’s Certification, List of Voters and Voter’s Registration Record (please attach receipt)
  • School Yearbook
Where can I get NSO birth certificate?
You can order online, pay online or via payment centers, and have it delivered to your home through

Is there a dress code?
No, I was actually in my shorts when I renewed my passport. But I do suggest that you make yourself do look great, but still you - not covered by makeup, if I remember it right they'll ask you to remove it. It will be that look on that day that will be on your passport for the next 5 years and you'll give it to the immigration officers to the countries you'll be visiting, who will decide if they'll let you in or not. So do look presentable, least on the upper.

How many days after can I get my new passport?
I processed mine on July 8, 2016 and they gave me August 5, 2016 to claim my passport. But in my mother’s case, her passport was ready for pick up on May 27 and she applied for the renewal on May 12, 2016. It is said that the regular processing in renewing your Philippines passport is 15 days for regular processing, and the express is said to be 7 days.

Is it possible to request a passport validity extension?
Yes, but they've plastered something on the wall that it depends on the case. So I guess you need a big reason and some supporting documents to extend the validity, and pay P200.

Is there scheduling for passport renewal?
No. You can just walk in there, just make sure your requirements are complete but this is applicable ONLY FOR DFA CEBU. For applicants in Manila area, you might need to go for the appointment system through

Beginning July 1, 2016, priority numbers will no longer be distributed and DFA Cebu will only entertain applicants with confirmed online appointments.

Exempt from obtaining confirmed online appointments are those entitled to the courtesy lane:
  • Senior citizens
  • Minors aged 7 and below
  • OFWs with contracts
  • Differently abled/PWDs, etc.

The exemption is subject to certain conditions.

Appointments may be obtained by visiting the website:

Is there any fee involve in having our appointment online?
Setting your passport appointment online is FREE OF CHARGE.

Where is DFA in Cebu?
It’s on the 4th floor at the Pacific Mall Mandaue City, Cebu.

Should I go early to renew my passport?
No. If you’re just going to renew your passport, you can go there in the afternoon where there are less people, less competition. I believe for those who wants to get their first passport, you need to go early but not necessary for those who just want to renew.

This will now depend on the schedule provided to you.

How long did it take for you to renew your passport?
For both me and my Mama, it was less than an hour. But give allowance if you need to go somewhere after the process since there may be times when there are a lot of people at DFA Cebu.

Can I renew my passport even it's not yet expired?
Yes. I wasn't able to ask how many months is required or okay that you can renew your valid passport before it expire. But I do suggest to renew it at least 6 months before it expires, since a lot of countries do let you stay for at least 6 months. If you travel a lot you can renew your passport when you've used up more than half of the pages of your passport. I believe you can renew it even a year before the passport expires.

For any questions, concerns, please feel free to ask to serve you better as a Cebu travel blog. If I missed anything let me know. Like, share, and comment!

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