A Walk in the Wright Park Baguio

Right after we visited the Mansion for few minutes, we walked just across it, and we’re at the Wright Park of Baguio City. We enjoyed our walk at the Pool of Pines, surrounded by pine trees and seeing other people walking, touring, and locals walking their dogs.

It’s also where I bought a painting, I haven’t still put it up till now since it’s a bit pricey to have it framed.

Anyway, it was more or less 10 minutes walk to the end wherein we took a bathroom break for a while, since we've been walking around from destination to destinations. The pool at the park though is nice, it’s green, but nice. Not sure if there are some fishes there, but it’s too greeny to see if there’s a living creature there.

A Walk in the Wright Park Baguio City Exotic Philippines Travel Blog Blogger

At the end of the Pool of pines, you’ll see another like open building (not really sure how to describe it and wasn’t able to take pictures of it since I was busy with my painting and thinking about the bathroom). But behind it, there are some people or locals there selling souvenirs and you can rent an Igorot costume and take a picture with it for a fee.

It was a great decision that we went to the Mansion first after we visited the Botanical Garden, because if we went to the Wright Park first, where you can go horseback riding, you’ll have to walk the long stairs going up. So it was easier for us to go down to the Wright Park and see the horses.

I’m an animal lover, I love horses, I like horseback riding, and I took pity to all the animals there at the Wright Park. There are dogs that are not treated well, like really pulling their leash too tight, and the horses are colored pink, and their eyes look so sad. That’s why I didn’t go for a horseback riding there. I just took pity on the horses, that I don’t like to encourage everyone doing it.

A Walk in the Wright Park Baguio City Horseback Riding Circle Exotic Philippines Travel Blog Blogger Horses

There are a lot of horses there, and it doesn’t smell like a park, it smelled like a comfort room for horses. I know it’s expected that it will smell like poop there, but at least they could clean that up right away, and take care of the horses well.

A Walk in the Wright Park Baguio City Horseback Riding Circle Exotic Philippines Travel Blog Blogger

The horses at the Wright Park of Baguio City are already used with the service they offer, or what they do there that when their customers left them at the circle, they just go back to their spot. And that’s the time I just want to cry for the horses.

If you’ve never tried horseback riding, want to try it, or there’s no other great place with well taken care horses for you to try, then this is good enough. But again, I don’t like to encourage everyone to do so. They’re so pitiful.

As a travel blog I have to share all the destinations or tourist spots, and this tourist spot in Baguio that I didn't really appreciate much, or just felt sorry for.

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