Passing Through the Big Lagoon of El Nido

The Small Lagoon of El Nido Palawan was really impressive, and hearing the name Big Lagoon as one of the lagoons included in the El Nido tour A, I set my standards to the Small Lagoon and expect a lot from the Big Lagoon.

It was already about 3PM when we arrived at the Big Lagoon of El Nido, sadly, I think we lack time since there’s one more place to go after that. I’m not sure why there are kayaks that we can rent there since we’re just on our boat passing through. I think if the water level is a bit higher, we’re allowed to go down and do the kayak at the Big Lagoon.

We were not even got a chance to dip there, we’re just literally passing through the Big Lagoon and go back to where we entered. Not sure if it’s same with different seasons and weather, hopefully it is. But I enjoyed the view, but still the Small Lagoon El Nido is a lot prettier and more fun to be at.

On the way inside the Big Lagoon, we just do sightseeing and take pictures in front of the boat and just pose. I was able to get the chance to do it too but I didn’t like the lighting.

Passing Through the Big Lagoon of El Nido Palawan Exotic Philippines Travel Blogger Blog

But do you know? That the scientists that these Big Lagoon and Small Lagoon were formed by caves so many years ago and then collapsed.

Anyway, it was beautiful but I wish we’re able to swim there though. More time in checking out the place, but then you’ll be too tired to stop by at the last destination. So, I guess that’s why.

In summary, we did enjoy the view of the Big Lagoon and see the turquoise water flowing in it, and as a travel blogger I really appreciate the beauty of this place. All I wish that I was able to take a dip there.

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