A Challenging Getaway to Hidden Beach of El Nido

We were on the boat going onwards, towards some big rocks from our first stop at Helicopter Island. I didn’t really get where we're going, where’s the tourist spot? The anchors dropped, and our guide then said that we can now jump off now to go to the Hidden Beach. And I’m like, to where? The wave is strong, and if I jump off there most likely the waves are going to take me to the huge rocks. But then I saw some tourists coming out, and that’s the time I realized maybe we’re going there from where they’re from.

I’m very dependent on my fins, I can swim without a life jacket, with a snorkel and fin, but if you remove the fin, I feel like I’m going to drown, and the guide said, no fins – I’m a dead piggy meat.

I did try it. But I drank some salty water, felt like drowning because the wave is too strong that it covered my snorkel and all. I went back to the boat and ask the guide to get my life jacket, I can’t go on to where we should be without my fins, or at least a life jacket.

Our guide from Northern Hope Tours then waited for me at a rock and I swim towards him, and he just grabbed me from the back and bring me to the nearest area where I can hold on to the rocks and go to where we should be going.

And, then I saw this.

 Hidden Beach of El Nido Palawan Exotic Philippines Travel Blog

The Hidden Beach is a beautiful beach hidden behind some huge rock formations with shallow and very clear waters, and white beach great for swimming. I went from corner to corner just to take photos, there’s also some small cave but the tourists are all over it, taking photos.

It’s really beautiful, so beautiful, the challenging part of going there is worth it, but then it’s too crowded. I just hope that they control the number of people doing the tour each day, because it can be too crowded even though the Hidden beach is a big area.

It’s actually like a big shallow pool. A pool for kids, but its sea water. Surrounded with beautiful rock formations, and white sands. I actually wish we could stay longer, but the longer we wait the more people are coming in, and yeah, I can’t take the photo of me like owning the place or all alone in an island.

If you’re afraid of the wave, don’t be, just ask your tour guide for some assistance. Wear your life jacket, it’s highly suggested if you’re not that confident in swimming – like me, without fins.

The Hidden beach is part of the El Nido island hopping tour C, but to give you an idea of the whole island hopping experience of the El Nido Tour C, then watch my video.

After the Hidden beach, we have another stop at Talisay beach where we had our lunch on the boat.

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