It’s a Whale, It’s a Fish, it’s El Nido’s Helicopter Island!

Just about 25 minutes away from the El Nido shore, we arrived at the white sands, in the land of the Helicopter island. Yes, the name of the island is “helicopter” because of it’s helicopter shape but it’s also known as Dilumacad island.

Actually, I see it more like a whale, or a fish. But yeah, it can be a helicopter too, without a propeller.

Once we arrived, we jumped off the boat, other from the boat decided to go around first, take pictures, jump shots, or another OOTD. But, as you might have noticed in my blog, I love waters, I love snorkeling since the day I visited and snorkel in Coron Palawan. So yeah, I grabbed my snorkel, my fins, and my GoPro Hero 4 Silver and swim far away from the island and into the corals.

El Nido Palawan Helicopter Island

I was so excited to see some corals again, and beautiful fishes, hoping El Nido has something more to offer than Coron since everyone says it’s way better. But sadly, I’m not sure why but there are some corals damaged in the island, not sure if it’s because of the typhoons, or strong waves, or what.

Still we’re able to spot some fish eating there, bigger than the regular once you usually see when snorkeling. It seems to have a lot of corals than other islands, but it was just damaged.

Our guide said that there are a lot of fish near the big rock, but I’m afraid to go there since the wave is too strong, that it might just push me to the rock. Though, I do see a number of foreigners going there, I’d rather not since I’m not that really good in swimming, or even at least had a swimming lessons, unlike them. I’m totally dependent on my fins.

The Helicopter island has a beautiful 300 meters white beach that is great for your photoshoots, or maybe a romantic date in a very quiet island.

El Nido Palawan Helicopter Island

Our stop in the Helicopter island was just for about 15 minutes or so. There’s nothing much to do there other than taking pictures, climb the rock (if you want to be more adventurous), and go snorkeling.

There’s a similar island shaped like this in Coron, somewhere near Busuanga. Not sure what’s the name of that island though, thought it was this island, but realized it is not.

Here's  a tip, if you like roaming around you might like to go to the northern side of the Helicopter island since there's an underwater tunnel there and a fringing reef on it's southern end. Please take note that I was not able to do this, because I spent majority of my time snorkeling, then sitting at the beach side watching the wave and the sun shine!

The stop here in Helicopter island is included in the island tours in El Nido Palawan, specifically the El Nido tour C.

Since I’m done making the El Nido island hopping tour C video, let me share it with you so you’ll get the whole idea.

Our next stop was El Nido’s Hidden Beach.

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