Amazingly Sophisticated: Wine Tour Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi coast stretches along the Sorrentine Peninsula and makes one of the world's ideal locations for growing grapes. Where there is wine, there is deliciously prepared food, comfortable lodging, and the warmth of true hospitality. Come, live and enjoy an Amalfi coast wine tour from Sorrento.

Historically charming, deliciously smooth: The wine tour Sorrento invites you

Sorrento sits like a jewel overlooking the bay of Naples. One of the star cities along the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento is a haven for wine tastings, exceptional food and the luxury of culture. Local wines include Gragnano Penisola Sorrentina vinted by the Lovine family. Sorrento, Italy is a destination. The area is imbued with the with color. The gentle breeze is scented with citrus from the Orange groves, but the wine itself is a vacation.

Richly woven from History: The Amalfi Coast wine tour is a decadent destination

Throughout the Campania region are amazing wineries, with outstanding cellars. Wine, they say takes its essence from the land on which the grapes were grown. Castel San Lorenzo is a region within Campania that is rich in vineyards and wine making. Castel San Lorenzo Moscato Spumante is a sparkling wine that captures the fruity taste of the region. The Bianco is delicately pleasing and pairs easily with lighter foods. While these are a few samples of some of the wines from the Campania region, the wine tour Amalfi Coast is designed to allow you fully to sample the diversity of the wine making throughout the Amalfi Coast. Other wine making cities within the Campania region include Penisola Sorrentina, Greco di Tufo, Galluccio and others. The area is dotted with outstandingly wonderful winemakers.

Southern Italy: A wine lovers paradise

The Earth itself seems to have come together in the Campania region to create soil, landscape and climate that is allows the grapes to flourish. It is the region itself that credit is given to when we discuss the quality of wine. There are vintners here who are masters, but without the influence of the land, the local plants, and the orchards, the wine would not be the same. This is one of the reasons that people are drawn to the Coast of Amalfi. Whether you start off with a wine tour Sorrento style or you end your tour in Sorrento, the journey between will amaze you, and the wine will spoil your palate.

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