7 Tips For Philippine Travel Trips

It’s school days here but on some other countries, summer is coming nearer and nearer! I’m hearing a lot of planned vacations from my followers, fellow bloggers or even on my friends on Facebook.

Due to the Philippines tropical sun, destinations and friendly people in the country, surely a lot of foreigners are planning to come here or wanting to come and visit the country. Some may have been here already and will come back here again this year!

So to guide and help you out, especially if it’s your first time coming here in the country here’s my 7 tips for YOUR Philippine travel trips!


Though not all plans are 100% successful or all will go exactly as you have planned, but at least you’ve got lists of things to do and places to go. This could also totally help less hassle on your vacation and lets you enjoy your holiday.

I suggest you should try out the foods, not just on the restaurants but try out the street food also.  But I’m worried if your stomach is not used with it, you’ll just get sick. So make sure you’ve got meds with you when you travel, especially if you plan to eat the street foods. Don’t forget to include balut on your MUST EAT FOODS list!


There were even celebrities here in the country, foreigners or even ordinary citizens who got arrested with this (the worse thing could happen) and was called out in the airport. Never, ever, EVER! Joke about bombs or terrorists in the airport or even just outside the airport. I think this is applicable to any country too, right? Who wants to hear that kind of joke anyway? 

There are some people in the airport that may have been away for years from their family and are excited to go home, and they over hear the word “bomb” … they’ll surely freak out and report you!

So never joke about this.


This actually happened to me here in the country but I’m not on a travel but I’m near at my school where I’m enrolled at. I was in the mall (imagine that!) and I’m waiting in line to buy a waffle and then with the WIDE OPEN area where people can walk in, someone just bump me and even said “AI! SORRY..” and then I raise my eye browse at him. I was next in line so I bought a waffle, sat down with my friends and I was waiting for the call of my mom that day and so I put my hands on my pocket and said “OMG! Where’s my phone?..”

Just as simple as bumping himself to me, he was able to grab my phone. The phone that was a gift from my brother and yes he was totally mad at me.

So be careful with this. Even your bags, it’s not advisable that you let your bags placed anywhere and unattended. Even if you’re holding it, it’s in your arms someone could just easily grab your wallet inside it. That happened to me too, I was in the jeepney and of course someone is sitting beside me and I was looking out to see if I’m near already. When I go down, I found out my phone is gone. Again, it’s from my brother and he’s mad at me again. Time never change…

So even if you’re on the jeepney or anywhere. If you could put a lock on your zippers then do it! If you have a backpack with you, don’t use it as a backpack, instead of wearing it on your back, let it face in front of you if it won’t block your view.


If you think that you’ll just spend about a few hundred for your travel and just need to bring that amount, just to be sure bring some extra money. We’re not sure if there will be some unexpected situation that will happen where you need to pay for something else or maybe you had too much shopping. Though items here in the country are affordable and even the food, be still sure to bring some extra money.


This month is a rainy season here in the Philippines. From March to April it’s starting to go really, really hot! Sometimes it starts on February too! I’ve also noticed that usually there are huge storms here in the country on September or October but that doesn’t happen always anyway.

So include in your plan (if you’re planning to spend your vacation here) on what month you want to come and consider the weather too! But if you really need to come in the country on a certain month, day, or week be sure to check the weather so you could grab the things that you need. Maybe you’ll pack your summer clothes and it’s rainy season here, you’ll totally have a wet summer! (LOL)


Now, I hope this won’t happen to you but just to be sure and be prepared of everything, if you’re traveling with your kids make sure you have a photo of them with you. The clearest one too! In this way, just in case they get lost, the other citizens and of course the police in helping you find your kid.

But hopefully, this won’t happen to you. So make sure to instruct your kids not to talk to strangers, to stick with you. Just in case they get lost, let them know where to find you like which hotel you are staying, your name (for some kids doesn’t know their parents name), or if you have a mobile number with you the let them memorize it. If you could also provide them a tag that they could wear like a bracelet or that they would love to wear then let them have it, so that they’ll be returned to you as soon as possible.


I’m not sure why some foreigners are afraid to ask some directions but most of the foreigners who ask me are actually thinking twice to ask, but when they saw me on the street they approach me and ask me some directions and help.
Yeap! I’ve actually helped some Japanese, Koreans, Americans or even British foreigners who seem don’t know where they could take a ride and which way they should go.

There are some Filipinos in the country that didn’t even went to school or did not finish their primary levels, but still they know some Basic English. They’re not slang or can’t speak perfect English but you can already understand them already.

How you interpret their English? It’s like their giving you a clue. Some will say “RIDE JEEPNEY SAY MALL STOP”.. To translate “You go ride a jeepney and say you’re going to the mall and that’s where they could drop you..”

At least they could help and give you some instructions and it’s up to you to patch all the clues. It’s like watching the Blues Clues right? (LOL)

Also, the Filipino are very friendly and hospitable people. Ask the celebrities who have been here and what they will usually say is “people here are very friendly and warm..”

So don’t be afraid to ask though most of what you hear (maybe) on the news about the country is some negative events, facts or news.. We’re not that bad… We’re like any other country such us yours!

So I hope this was helpful. If there’s anything you wish to ask, feel free to contact me through the contact page or just leave it as a comment below!

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