How to Keep Yourself Healthy on a Travel?

What I hate most when I’m up for a vacation, or in a travel and in a great place where I could do a lot of stuff is that getting sick! So instead of doing some activities, touring, shopping and discover the place I end up staying at the hotel room, lying in the bed and watching TV in a language I can’t even understand.
Ah yes! I’ve been there. This happened to me quite a number of times already, once when I was 10 years old and my family and I was at Hong Kong. 

I got sick, I’ve got runny nose, fever but I want to walk around since it’s not hot that time there since it was January. My Mom insists that I stay with my Dad at the hotel while they’ll go shopping with my two sisters and brother.

When they got back, they’re like “we saw…”, “we bought…”, “look at this photo we shot..”.. and all those time they went shopping, touring and whatever they did, I was watching the Simpsons in CHINESE! There was even a time I’m all alone at the hotel room and they’re outside going somewhere.

So I want to share to you guys some tips that I’ve got from my Mom in staying healthy, alive and kicking during your vacation. Some are also from my experience which I would like to share with you too. This is for you to be able to enjoy and totally grab the opportunity to discover, travel and have fun on your holiday!


When we’re on a vacation, it is expected that we go walking around the destination. Walking in the beach maybe, or doing some shopping which us girls takes hours for us to finish. So at least a week before you take your vacation, do some long walk or maybe do some biking to start stretching your muscles. In this way your body won’t be shocked of your beach walk and won’t get some muscle pain.


This was one of the mistakes I did. It was my first time to go outside the country back then and I honestly don’t have any idea how cold it will be at Hong Kong. It’s cold in my province and I thought it would be just somewhat a bit colder at Hong Kong. Internet is not also introduced to us that time but my parents have been to Hong Kong before.

When we arrived at the airport, or actually even I’m already seeing Hong Kong in the airplane window I’m already starting to get cold already. Then when we arrived at the hotel, I’ve got that RED NOSE RAIN DEER already.

By knowing the weather of your destination, it would totally help you out in knowing what clothes to pack and bring with you. Though we don’t have snow here in the Philippines, we do have rainy seasons and we also have that REALLY, REALLY HOT weather season. So make sure to check the weather before packing.


Honestly, not all restaurants here in the Philippines offer you the mineral water when you dine in. Most of the water they pour on your glass is a tap water. So I would advice, if you think or unsure if your tummy gets easily upset, then go have some mineral water. Just to be sure! It will cost you some few pesos but it’s worth it, rather than spending your vacation on a room or worse in the toilet!

Also make sure to bring a bottle of water with you, in this way you could immediately drink water and don’t need to find one especially if in your long walks and under the sun.


My Mom is diabetic, when we go to a mall or just go around the city we make sure we bring her medicines with us. Do not forget to bring your medicines if you need this for maintenance. I would also advice to bring some medicines that you might need like for fever, body pain or allergy. In this way, you’re prepared and you don’t have to go outside the hotel and tire yourself finding a drug store while you’re sick.


I used to travel with my parents (wherever they’ll go) and the usual problem is that we’re on the middle of nowhere and we’re hungry. Usually, my Mom will bring some snacks and we Filipinos love rice and we’d rather have that than junk foods or biscuits, or even bread!

So make sure, before taking the road or a flight, you’ve at least eaten enough. Sometimes it may be hard to find a place to eat on the road, or it might take you awhile to check-in to your flight. In this way, you won’t get headaches and be able to enjoy your flight.


As some of you know I’m working from home, it’s not only an hour but actually and usually I get to sit more or less than 4 hours. But I’m trying to make it a happen to at least stretch my arms and body every now and then.

Do the same when you’re in a travel, especially if it’s a long one. In this way we could keep our blood circulated and be able to keep our body healthy.


One of my dogs, Kiara has a motion sickness, we used to travel to her vet who is just about less than 5 minutes travel anyway, but she really is vomiting when we’re on the road or when we arrive there.

As for us humans, if you know you have motion sickness it is advisable to take a medicine an hour before your flight or as prescribed by your doctor. In this way, you won’t spend vomiting in the plane and embarrass yourself from your fellow passengers on your flight.

I hope this LONG blog post was able to keep you an idea and gain some knowledge. Well, of course I do hope that you also find this useful on your plan of taking a vacation. By taking these tips that I’ve prepared for you, you could be able to keep your body healthy, alive, kicking, and of course you get to have that great experience on your vacation!

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