EP Interview 001 - Part 2: Would a Decent Filipina MARRY a Foreigner?

EP Interview 001 - Part 2: Would a Decent Filipina MARRY a Foreigner?

Tuesday, we’ve started this interview with four fellow bloggers and they answer the questions of some foreigner who wants to find love in the Philippines. Hopefully, we’ll be able to correct the thinking of some that all of the Filipinas are like this and that. That we may though belong to a third world country, that even though most of what they hear from us are not that good , there are still people like me and you in the country that are not like others.

For those who missed the previous part, you can read “Would a DecentFilipina DATE a Foreigner” in the blog.

So to follow up the previous interview, will a decent Filipina MARRY a foreigner? Some foreigners thought that all of the Filipina are just with them because of money, comfort or whatever reason they thought of.

To (again) clarify everything, on what we the Filipinas really are, though we’re being generalized (in a negative way), hopefully through this post they’ll find this informative, for this people we have with us here in Exotic Philippines blog are real persons.

The Interview…

If you have read the previous post, and read the post on Yahoo! Answer, someone said there “ALL FILIPINAS SEE FOREIGENRS AS MONEY”. I won’t deny the fact that, sadly there are people who are like this.

There are some people here in the country that sees foreigners as a WALKING ATM MACHINE, why? It’s either they want to be with you (friends or lover) because your money is multiplied by 42 (current exchange rate) OR maybe they’re thinking of stealing from you because obviously you’ll be rich in their eyes, even if you’re not.

The funny thing is, there are also foreigners who think they’re the boss in the country because they think they’re so rich and special to us because they’re a foreigner. Just like my PREVIOUS neighbor, he thinks he’s so special because he’s white. He talk to us like a boss, like we should do this and that, but we’re just neighbors! Hopefully, foreigners reading this won’t do this in the country, because honestly we have the right to kick your ass out of the country. LOL. The current President even kick someone out of the country and banned them here. They’re Koreans I think, not sure.

I also found out about this few months back when I finally reported the previous neighbor we have here in the Police. He told us, that next time we call them right away so that they’ll check his passport, and possibly if he’s that ill-mannered, they could kick him out of the country.

So, I would like to ask you girls. When you see a foreigner at a mall or at the street, disregarding he’s cute or unattractive. What’s your first impression? Do you think of money, love or what?

Ayzee: I automatically think he's here to look for a girlfriend / wife.

Ronelly: My first impression is that they have a lot of money. $_$

Kai: I’m thinking more like “Hey, Tourist. Cool.”  Then I check out their outward appearance.

Jona: Backpacking made me surpass such questions. I often entertain questions like “Why is he/she here in the Philippines? For love? For the beach? What is the Philippines to him/her?”

I’m not going to name my friend who had a bad experience with a foreigner. My friend is pretty, attractive, sexy and petite yet simple and smart. 

She was with her other friends in the mall and as they pass by this shop, where there’s a group of foreigners sitting. One of them just pointed his finger at her and said “THAT GIRL, I WANT THAT GIRL!”.

She was obviously shocked and scared of what this foreigner means. She find out after they talked that, by sitting on that shop the foreigner is choosing a girl that he would like to date. What do they think of us here in the Philippines? Department stores of dating? Wifes? Girlfriend? Made to order Bride?

Of course, my 18 years old (back then) friend ran away from him since he insist and grab her arms. They hide from a dressing room in the department store for hours, and asked the help of the sales ladies there to hide them.

How about you girls? What is the worse experience you have with a foreigner? May it be dating or just someone you are with in a place?

Ayzee: He was a white guy, probably in his 50s. He wasn't rude or anything, actually we didn't talk. What bothered and grossed me out was he was holding hands with a girl, not more than 15 years old I'm sure, who was wearing a very skimpy outfit and a face full of makeup. We were in a hotel, so yeah. Go figure.

Ronelly: We love each other and we see each other as partners in life till we grow old.

Jona: Not mine, but the general scene altogether. When my boyfriend saw 60-year-old foreigners with twenty-looking Filipinas, his eyes widened. It is a saddening situation. In my recent trip to Siargao—locals, kids included, asked if my boyfriend is a foreigner. They said the good thing about marrying a foreigner, he will give monthly allowance and such.  You will become rich and what-not. As independent as I am, I often lecture girls—always marry for love. Be financially independent through your own hard work. It is more rewarding and ego-boosting.

But these foreigners should be blamed too. Do they expect twenty-something girls to love senior foreigners? That's a rare scenario.

I’ve read some so called “THE EVERY DAY AGONY AS A FOREIGNER'S WIFE”, where a Filipina is married to this foreigner that who keeps on complaining about the country, and generally us the Filipino. But he’s married to a Filipina, living in the Philippines and he disrespects almost everyone in the country.

So, how about you girls? Will you marry a foreigner who disrespects you, your family, our country, and generally us Filipinos?

Ayzee: No. Never!

Ronelly: No. Who wants that? May it be a foreigner or not, it is not good to marry someone who disrespects your being.

Kai: NO I won’t. My family and origins are a huge part of what I am today.

Jona: Respect (superficial or sincere) is a foundation of any kind of relationship. 

We all don’t know our future but if ever you’ll be married to a Foreigner, where would you prefer to live? Here in the Philippines or in his country?

Ayzee: It really depends on the situation. If a decent good-paying job is available for me in his country, I might consider migrating.

Ronelly: In his country given that his country has 4 seasons. :P I want to experience different climate!

Kai: I would prefer to live here. IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES.

Jona: I'm not ready to go out the country. The Philippines, of course.   I'm not ready for winter. It's freaking cold.

As some of the foreigners think of the Filipina, and as a DECENT Filipina I would like to ask you. Are you going to marry a foreigner because of financial reasons?

Ayzee: No. I won't marry anyone just for money. I take pride in being independent and making my own money, so no. Never!

Ronelly: No. Marriage is not about money.

Kai: No!

Jona: No. I'm financially independent.

Lastly, If you’ll marry a person (foreigner or not), what do you want to be the reason(s) to marry?

Ayzee: Love. That's it.

Ronelly: I felt bad when one foreigner (my online student), hang up the phone while we are in the middle of a conversation/class just because he didn’t seem interested with what I’m discussing.

Kai: When I marry, it’s got to be because of LOVE! J

Jona: LOVE.

That ends our VERY FIRST INTERVIEW here in Exotic Philippines and that is with these ladies here.

I do hope that through this interview we’re able to give clarification, information and an insight to those who wants to find their “TRUE LOVE” in the Philippines through the Filipino love!

So, for anyone who wish to drop their questions. Feel free to drop them as a comment below. Then probably I’ll be able to create a post for it OR maybe just answer it right away.

Again, I would like to give my big thanks to these girls who volunteered for this interview and sending me their answers as soon as they can.

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