EP Interview 001 - Part 1: Would a Decent Filipina Date a Foreigner?

I saw this posting at YAHOO Answers as I was looking for a blog post here in Exotic Philippines. It’s actually quite a funny question for me, especially some of the answers in the post. But anyway, here’s the screenshot:

You can also visit the page yourself, so that you won’t say I’m just making this up. Just CLICK HERE to visit the post.

So it made me think, if my other fellow Filipina would date a foreigner, and the best to ask are my Filipina blogger friends, right? I invited them to join us today, and they’re pretty game for this to give everyone, especially those guys who are thinking of dating a Filipina an insight or information that they want or must know.

Purpose of this Interview

If you did visit the post in Yahoo, someone answered that most Filipinas are poor, liar, scammers… and someone there also posted that we all see money on foreigners.

So to clarify this one for our Filipino love discussion. Why not ask the Filipina? Why ask a foreigner who dated Filipinas from a bar? What do you expect right? If you want a decent Filipina, go to the church and not at the bar to get drunk with them. (LOL)

But to be honest to everyone who never tried dating a Filipina or never been here in the Philippines. It is true that there are Filipino/Filipina’s that do such thing, yep sad to say that but, I think all countries have that kind of people right? No matter where you go, there are people who are like that. It’s just that these days it seems they’re branding us with that which is really not good.

Who are they?

I’ve asked my fellow bloggers who have tried and want to try dating a foreigner, who are already in a relationship with a foreigner or looking for some lovin’… Well, of course they’re all decent and do consider themselves decent, and they are:

Ayzee Casimiro

Ayzee is a 25 year old Filipina, degree holder, now working as a copywriter. At the same time, the blogger of the hot and spicy blog, Chilipina. But really, CHILIPINA is the combination of CHInese and FiLIPINA, since she is a Filipina-Chinese.


Ronelly is the blogger of Are you worth the strip? blog, and a 21 years old Filipina. She’s a BS Biology graduate and for the incoming school year, she’ll proceed Medicine! Should I start calling her Doctor Ronelly instead?

Kai Sensei

Kai is also a blogger and she blogs at Brew of the Day blog. She is a 30 years old happily single Filipina, waiting for Mr. Right. Kai is a graduate of B.S. Family Life and Child Development at University of the Philippines Diliman and now working as a professional teacher.


Lastly, here’s Jona. The 26 years old blogger of Backpacking with a Book blog, who’s currently in a relationship (sorry guys, she’s taken) with a foreigner named Chad. She’s also a Master Degree student and currently working as a teacher, writer and photographer here in Cebu.

The Interview

Now that we all have them introduced and get to know them a bit, we can start our interview. I’ve given them a series of question and it’s all up to them if they want to answer it or not.  So here’s the interview I had with them:

We’re talking about dating with a foreigner here, so I would like to ask, do you gals ever want or wish to date a foreigner?

Ayzee: I'm open to dating anyone, regardless of his race/nationality. It's not a pre-requisite nor a no-no.

Ronelly: No, because I have this thinking that foreigners especially Americans, choose exotic-looking Filipina. I don’t want to see myself as an “exotic-looking.”

Kai: Yes. Well I have met foreigners who are cool to hang out with online and in real life. So I wouldn’t mind going out with a foreigner.

Jona: Generally, no. Just imagine the cultural hiatus that one has to go through. Language and tradition are the prime hindrances.  Plus, geography!

As posted on Yahoo, I would like to ask you girls, as a decent Filipina, have you gals ever dated a foreigner? May it be in person or virtually (online), have you at least once tried dating one and what made or why did you dated him?

Ayzee: Yes, It wasn't intentional. I'm really not the type who looks for a foreigner to date. It just so happened that he's an American.

Kai: In real life, no I haven’t. ONLINE, yes I could say that I was in a “relationship” with a foreigner. For the online thing, his BLUE EYES and “sweet talk” won me over. I was in college back then so yeah. LOL.

Jona: I'm dating an American. It randomly happened, and there is no exact reason. I just fell. Love knows no reason. If I scrutinize my situation, it will be a lot easier to have a Filipino for a boyfriend. But as what Merlie Alunan says, “Who can teach a heart what the heart desires?” Love happens.

So, how was the date? What did you like about it? Was there anything that you dislike on your date? Or was there anything that they did that made you not to be interested anymore or offended you?

Ayzee: It was really nice. He's a writer too so we had a lot of stuff to talk about: favorite book, author, movie adaptation of our favorite books. He's also a musician, and I’m a music lover. I lent him my favorite OPM albums by Eraser heads, Bamboo, Dicta License. But his favorite was that of Wolfgang's. He's a decent guy. He didn't do anything offensive or disrespectful.

Jona: We've been together for two years now. And so far, it is great. Perhaps because we are both mature. For a relationship to sustain, maturity, acceptance, and openmindedness are necessary regardless of race.

I’m curious, where did you meet? Online? Dating website? Chat? Or a friend was a bridge? A lot of foreigners find it hard to get to meet a decent Filipina, and I don’t know why. So I want to ask you gals, where did they find you?

Ayzee: We met a high school batch mate who came home because another batch mate was getting married. He tagged along because he loves to travel.
Kai: At the ONLINE at a forum.

Jona: Through an academic research I conducted. He was one of the participants. But dating sites are not bad, if your intention is clean.

What are you looking for in a guy? Generally, foreigner or not, what should be his qualities?

Ayzee: I really don't care if he's foreigner or not. I believe love comes in different packaging. He just needs to be responsible, with moral values, sweet, patient, witty, and can accept me for who and what I am. With looks, I prefer someone who's tall and at least looks presentable (hello, good hygiene. LOL) To sum it up, someone I can grow old with. :)

Ronelly:  The qualities I’m looking for in a man are: gentleman, caring, loving, independent, good in decision-making, has initiative, hard-working, intelligent, and street-smart.

Kai: For me, one of the major things that I would consider is religious beliefs. It’s a MUST for me and non-negotiable that he should have beliefs same as mine.  Also, must have is GOOD PERSONALITY, stable job, sense of humor, and educated.

Jona: Smart. Humble.  Supportive. Open-minded. Baldy. ;-) Can handle a stubborn woman like me. ;-)

Personally, I’m attracted with men who’s well dressed and of course with good manners, attitude or let’s just say personality. But of course, not everyone is really good with dressing up themselves (just like me), so it’s not really necessary but would totally fall to a person who treats me right and well. How about you girls, will you date a foreigner who’s not well-dressed and not well-mannered?

Ayzee: I can date a less stylish guy, but an ill-mannered guy? NEVER. I don't care if he's Filipino or foreigner. If he's rude, he's out!

Ronelly:  No!

Kai: It depends.   I’ve known some foreigners who don’t dress up that much but have great personalities and are awesome friends.  So getting to know them first probably in a group setting is a must. However, I would not consider going out with a “not well-mannered” person – local or foreign.

Jona: The brain, for me, is the sexiest part of the anatomy. That being said, I don't care if he is well-dressed or not. But manner is a different arena.
There's a part two (2) and a continuation of this interview that will be posted this Thursday. Meanwhile, why not visit their blogs and let us know what you think of this interview and the question posted on Yahoo.

If you've got some more questions or would like to answer the question yourself, why not also post it as a comment below where we could discuss it through this post. But please, let's all behave well. Alright?

I would also like to say Thank You to the girls who were so willing and game to join this interview and share with us their opinions, experience and thinking to give these foreigners a REAL AND HONEST answers to their questions.

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