The Birthday Giveaway – 2012

OMG! I’m OLD-er….

I usually don’t like to celebrate my birthday and since I was a little girl I don’t like inviting people over the place (like my Mom did way back years ago) and I’m so shy when everyone’s singing for me. I don’t know why though… LOL

Anyway, you came here for a giveaway so I’m going to give you one. SORRY IT’S NOT A CASH but (hopefully) a fun experience you will have.
So what are the prizes?


  • You’ll get a surprise call from someone. I want to keep it a secret who will call you, there’s no excitement there.
  • YOUR CONVERSATION WILL BE RECORDED AND SHARED ON THE BLOG. I want you to be aware of this though, you MIGHT go crazy especially if you’re so into this person. The purpose is that so that everyone here will envy you (LOL, just kidding!), so that everyone will know about your experience.
  •  Optional message or testimonial. If you could give a short video, a photo or at least a message for the prize that you won, that would be totally great! But then again, it’s optional.

What I’ll need from you for the grand prize is of course your phone number, this person can call you without that. No worries, I won’t ask you now. I’ll ask you later when YOU ARE THE CONFIRMED GRAND WINNER. I won’t be calling you, nope! It’s not me, it’s too expensive! LOL. But surely, I’ll make someone call you and congratulate you, and get to talk with this person. (Gosh, I’m being careful with my words I might go SLIP TO THE TYPE (NOT TOUNGE BECAUSE I’M TYPING).

Also, I’ll need later the preferred time to call, this person is busy so we don’t want to waste his/her time. Right?

So please, if you join this giveaway, you must agree to all of these stuff up above. You might want the call but you don’t want it to be recorded, that’s sad. You won’t have that proof of your prize, and I want to prove to everyone that you have received the prize that you won. If you’re cool with what said above, feel free to join then!


  • You’ll receive a CARICATURE DRAWING THROUGH YOUR E-MAIL. The caricature will be either you, a friend or any member of the family. It must just be one person though (sorry). So if you’re a mom, but want to submit the photo of your child to make a caricature, then it’s okay. As long as you’re the winner, you get to decide. But once you confirmed it that you want it that way, no more taking it back since the artist will be starting on it as soon as you send me your photo.

  • 2 Winners will get a chance to have their very own caricature!

I am not sure if you notice this, but I have been posting some caricature or drawings of me from someone. I just found a great artist and she’ll be the one who’ll make a caricature of you. Below is her caricature art of me!

Ah yes! You also have the choice to change your body, as you can see here I’m pretty sexy but in reality I’m the total opposite (LOL). So you can be a hero, a business woman and that is included on YOUR PRIZE! Like it? Then join in the fun!


  • This giveaway is open WORLDWIDE.
  • This giveaway will start on June 4, 2012 12:01 EST to June 11, 2012 12:01 EST.
  • On June 11, 2012 I’ll try to contact the winners. If on June 13, 2012 there’s no reply I’ll be force to redraw on June 14, 2012.
  • There will be some mandatory tasks on the Rafflecopter, the rest are optional to do but if you will do everything below the more chances of winning.

I think that’s all the stuff you need to know about this, but if you’ve got some questions feel free to ask me through leaving a comment. But if you’ve got no questions then go ahead and join the contest through the Rafflecopter form below:

What’s your birthday gift to me?
I don’t ask any material things from you, it’s enough for me that you guys are also happy today AND FOR THE WEEK!

Did I say for the week?
Yeap! Please do come back here in the blog this Wednesday and Friday for $50 giveaway! It’s a birthday party celebration!

When is the announcement?
Well, if luckily our WINNERS will be able to reply back to me as soon as they can. We can announce the winners right away. I won’t be announcing the WINNERS right away, since I want to have their prizes. When they did get to have their prizes and hopefully share with us their experience and prize then I will then post it on the blog.

Ideally I want to post it on June 18, 2012 but since the caricature takes much work and time and possibly on the week that the caller will call the winner, the winner might be busy or for any reason that can’t answer the phone. But hopefully, we’ll be able to have it AT MOST on June 25!

So please do come back here in the blog to get to join the fun. You may have win or not, it will be totally fun to listen to their conversation and see the artwork for the winners. So it would be totally great if the winners could hold their prizes with them… and hopefully they’ll be game for this fun giveaway!


All I ask from you guys is to share this giveaway. I would totally appreciate it if you could do so!
Here's some birthday greetings that I have received today when I woke up and I want to share it with everyone!
If you wish to know where you could get all these, I'll let you know where when I get to announce the winner and if I got their prizes already. So be sure to be back here in Exotic Philippines!

Thanks guys and I hope you enjoy the giveaway and as for the winners…. Have fun!

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