Travel Plan for 2012

To be honest I haven’t travel much this year because I don’t have enough funds and time to go around. My family and was supposed to travel and tour some destinations here in the Philippines on the summer of 2011 but sadly, everything turned out to be the total opposite.

But anyway, here’s another year approaching and another chance for me to make happen the things I haven’t done this year. So hopefully if the heavens will let me I could be able to go around the country and be able to blog more here in Exotic Philippines.

I won’t promise everyone here that I’ll be going to finish travelling the country in some few months or at most this year, but I will try to go from place to place and share my experience with everyone. But to start my travel, I just want to place out my plan but if any other chances that someone invites me to go somewhere else, why not right?

I have heard about this place that it is like the mini-Boracay of Cebu. With its white sand long beach with blue skies, palm trees it surely can be the mini-Boracay of Cebu. It’s just within Cebu, a few hours away from me and I don’t have to spend money for air ticket and hotel booking.

I’ve been to a hot spring before that is many years ago, it was the Camiguin hot spring and it was totally hot but I wasn’t aware that it is really hot that I dive in right away. So I want to experience that again but not in the same hot spring and I think there would be a lot of you that would love to know about this place.

Malapascua is another island that is just here in Cebu, I’ve heard a lot about this and just looking at the pictures it’s a breath taking view. I’ve also heard that this is a great diving spot, which is what I really want to try doing this 2012.

Though I am also invited to go to Daanbantayan I would totally love to see and visit talk about Bantayan Island. I think my mom would love to tag along if I come over here, she would love to see this island again.

Bohol is just the neighboring island of Cebu, I’ve been there once years ago when the road is still so rocky. I was not able to appreciate it back then and now I want to came back there since I’ve heard there are a lot of must visit and must do in the island.

I’ve been longing to go back to this place since it’s been around 9 years I haven’t gone back to Mindanao. The sad thing is the Typhoon Sendong has damaged a lot the city where there are hundreds of lives lost. I’m looking forward to be able to step on the land again.

This is one of the places I want to go to next year that would be too far from possible that it will happen but I want to keep my hopes up. With the expenses and the distance, coming to this place this 2012 will be just a wish. As much as I want to come over to this wonderful place I think I should be able to wear a bikini when I come here (how I wish).

There are a lot of places here in the country that I could visit but I would like to prioritize first the places that is near in my place so that I’ll just have less expenses but still if there are people out there who wish to invite me to come over and offer me a stay and/or maybe a free transportation then why not!!??! Everyone loves free just like me!

So stay tune more, the better and will be the best Exotic Philippines this 2012!

Do you have any locations that you can suggest to me to go to that is within the island of Cebu or just near Cebu? Then share it with us here and let’s see if I have the funds to come over!

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