My 2012 Wish List

What's my wish list this 2012?

Christmas is already over yesterday and the 2011 will come into an end, but I want to have my wish list that I hope to have on this upcoming year 2012.
I wouldn't say that I should have this on a certain month, date but I would love to have these following items or achieve these this year depending on my income, work and of course the progress here in the Exotic Philippines.

My phone the Nokia 112

My current phone is Nokia 1112. It may look cheap and not into the latest (I can’t even surf online because it’s black and white) it is actually a reliable and a great quality phone. I have already drop it a hundred times but everything still works so well, even if I put it on a loud speaker mode it's still good. It’s simple and just give you what you need if all you want from a phone is to be able to receive texts and answer calls.

So why I want a new mobile phone? I’m on the hunt for Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro an android phone that have 5MP camera, I can surf and it’s one of the latest style of phone. I can’t afford to buy a good quality of digital camera right now where it costs around 10,000Php or more. I know there are digital cameras that just worth around 4,000Php but I don’t want to spend my money on something that I couldn’t get the best out of. I want to spend on something that I can benefit a lot and would want to have it forever. This is why I want a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro for me this 2012, with its 5MP camera I already can take shots, I have a phone and I don’t need a laptop to go online.

I’m prioritizing this because I really want to travel this 2012, it may not be around the world or all over the Philippines in a year but I am planning and hope to get to travel more compared this year. I couldn’t just blog about where and what I have seen in a place, and just describe it but I should share some photos or at most some videos with you guys too that is why I need a gadget that will help me capture moments!


A DSLR cost around 20,000Php and above. I found my ideal DSLR which is the Canon 600D but as of now, again I can’t afford to have one and I think if I’m going to buy that my mom would kill me. You may have seen me taking pictures with a DSLR but it was from my sister who gave it to my Dad, and when my Dad died the DSLR goes to my brother, so yes I don’t have a camera right now except for the camera of my extra phone that is just 3MP and it takes a video in VGA.

Why DSLR and not just have a digital camera? Well, I don't like buying things just because it's cheaper but I buy items because it meets me the quality that I want and this is why I want a DSLR rather than an ordinary digital camera. It can give me high quality photos and HD videos! Great for interviews!!!

As a wanna be traveler I think and I think most travelers would agree with me that having a DSLR that can take photos and videos is totally a MUST! So I do hope I could have a DSLR this 2012!


Though I’m thinking of having the Android phone I still think that I should have a new laptop for myself, with my job as a SEO I should have a laptop that I could bring with me so I could be able to work or get up to date with clients.

I do have a laptop right now but as of now, I’m just borrowing it from my brother. My Sony Vaio laptop gave up on me. LOL


Ah... yes I am a four eyed person and I don't know why on earth I didn't think to buy an eye glass for myself this year. I was not able to wear one for this year because my last eye glass was broken.


Having a car or even a scooter is totally impossible. My Mom is too afraid that I’ll get hit on the road and die. She don’t even like seeing me riding on a scooter and scold me when I ride one because it’s so dangerous when for me it's exciting and I like it but my Mom hates it.

Do I look alright in blonde? But hey
this is sexy!

I’ve been trying to lose weight for 24 years of my life, yes that is MY WHOLE LIFE!!!

Hopefully this 2012 I could be able to lose weight and be able to experience that feeling of sexiness! I have two (2) reasons I should lose weight this year, first is that someone’s getting married (NOT ME!) and I don’t want to be on another wedding album that I’m this large. Second is that, well my Mom wants me to get a boyfriend already and she’s so worried about me because she’s diabetic and my Dad died because of heart attack. So she’s afraid that at my young age, I’ll go next in line.


Ahhhh.. talking about income! I’m good with my income right now but with my needs and wants I think with my current income I couldn’t achieve all of the things that I have mentioned above. So yes, I’m calling out all businesses or employers who need SEOs, HIRE ME…


This is one of the BIG TIME aim for me this 2012. I really WANT to travel, to tour around Cebu and go out from Cebu Philippines. Watch out for my post this Wednesday where I’ll share with you guys the places and destinations I wish to travel.


I really want to keep this blog alive and keep on helping and promoting the Philippine tourism. So I think through either my income or through Sponsors or partnership I could be able to go on, keep this blog alive and get to travel around the country.


I think every blogger always aim this for their blog and I am one of them. I know I still need to improvise my writing, blogging and everything here in the blog and I will try my best to improvise everything here.


I want to have a great year this 2012 because 2011 was the worse year in my whole life. So I am looking forward to make this year one of the best for me, my family and friends and also I wish YOU TOO to have the best year!

How about you, what’s your wish list for this 2012?

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