Daghang Salamat 2011….

I remember last year that I was so excited that 2011 is coming, especially the summer is getting nearer and nearer. January of this year, I decided to start a blog that will help in promoting the Philippines tourism and there born Exotic Philippines.

Why a travel blog?

My family and I was really excited for 2011, because after 3 years my older sister will be coming back home to have a month vacation. She promised that after she will do the things that she must do for her visa, we’ll be visiting islands, tourist spots and enjoy the time while she was here.

When she told me the exciting news, I then decided to start this blog where I’ll be sharing with everyone our travel and adventure and at the same time be able to help and promote the Philippine tourism.

April 29, 2011 she came home and landed at Manila. My parents and my brother with his wife and children went to Manila (yes, without me) to meet her there. Everyone was in tears and so happy, they even went to different places in Manila to celebrate.

15 days after my sister went home, all our plans for the month that is the vacation, tour, and celebration all fall apart when our Dad died. So yes, the rest of the half of the month of her vacation we spent it to mourn and not celebrate.

Back then I didn’t even know that the word “EXOTIC” exist.

I was thinking of WORLD TRAVEL something but my other older sister suggests the name Exotic Philippines. It sounds nice and I like saying it, though some of my friends was laughing because it’s somewhat like the word “EROTIC I look up the word and the more I like it.

What I should be thankful for this 2011?
Though everything did not end up where it was planned there’re still things that I am still thankful for.

First is God. I thank HIM a lot for everything. Though it was not such a good year I know that he have His reasons why he let it be this way, it’s either a lesson for me to learn, a situation to avoid or maybe He have something bigger for me… this 2012?

Family. Though my Daddycoolz (that’s what I call him sometimes) is not with us anymore, our family have become stronger and more supportive to each other, my sister who used to be not that close to my Mom is now checking on her every now and then. But still, I just do wish that my Dad is still with us. (*sigh)
from left; ME, Mama & Daddy
Friends. I have 3 friends that I am very thankful of having, they’re the ones who have been so supportive of what I do here in the blog, who have been pushing me and lifting me up (I feel it that way, hope it’s not that heavy for them) and they’re the one who I talked to (usually via Facebook or Skype chat) when I need someone to talk to.
From left: Jasmin, ME and Nilo 
Thank you Jasmin, Nilo and Lalai (a.k.a. Love Faith) … I just want to say this through this blog that I do appreciate you guys having around me (or me around you) and I am sorry, this does not mean I’m going to treat you out next month but maybe on my birthday again?
From left: Lalai, ME and Baby Madie
Readers. I only have FEW people who actually speak out here on the blog through leaving a comment but what comes to shock to me is that, there are people who send me an e-mail who appreciate my RUBBISH BLOGGING. I don't expect to be perfect because I'm not good at writing, I'm not an editor or a writer in a newspaper or magazine, I'm just an average person that blogs. So I apologize if sometimes my writing is just toooooooo...... boring. LOL

Thank you guys for subscribing, being in touch and reading my blog post! Another thing is that I’m also thankful that you’re trusting me on this, you’re using my hotel and flight booking page and in this way you’re already supporting me with what I do here on the blog.

Blog Awards Committees. To Philippine Blog Awards & Best Cebu Blogs Awards, though I did not win but  made it as a finalist, thank you so much for recognizing my blog and us bloggers for our year of hard work. 
With Duetche Atil Mark Montana the founder & President of
Best Cebu Blogs

If you don’t fall in any category above, still THANK YOU!

It’s been a long but fast journey and I’m hoping for a great year this 2012!

God bless you all…


See you next year… :D

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