Escape to Boracay E-book

As I have mentioned 2 months ago that I was planning to have a FREE e-book for you guys and I am very much happy to announce that I am done now with the e-book!

I would like to present to you all “ESCAPE TO BORACAY” e-book that has the information that you need about the beautiful Boracay Island. Yes it’s a Boracay guide so that you could be able to have the possible best stay in Boracay.

There are websites and other e-books that have this information but this e-book is the combination of all e-book. So I would say it myself, it is not perfect but it’s the best!

What this e-book have?
If you’re planning and been wanting to go to Boracay Philippines, of course you’ve done some research about it but each you’ll have to bookmark websites, copy and paste information and stuff. There are also a lot of websites that tells you that they are among the best in Boracay, so I have done a lot of research about the island and have gathered the best information to give it to you guys through this e-book.

It has the information you need about the Boracay Island. This e-book contains the best hotels and resorts in the island, cheap accommodations, restaurants, etc.

Is it really for free?
Yes! It’s totally free! No hidden fees!

How to avail the free e-book?
Just easy! Just sign up for the updates here in Exotic Philippines and then check out your mail. You’ll then receive an email confirming your subscription with a link to where you could be able to download the free Boracay guide e-book!

It’s been a successful 6 months here in EP and I just want to give you guys a great give away! Since I’m getting a good search volume on Boracay Island and the e-book Escape to Boracay was born!

This is my simple thanks to you guys of supporting EP for months now…

I would also love to hear what you think about the e-book so after you’ve finished it, if you’ve got some time to share your thoughts about this Boracay guide e-book then just comment down below.

I will also update this page every now and then and put what people have said about the e-book! You can rate it to twitter (tag me so I can read it) or at Facebook. Share this page to your friends and family and bring them along with you in discovering the beauty of the Boracay Island.

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Thank you everyone and I hope I will also get your support on this!

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