The Funny Fight of Banal vs Cave

I forgot that it was AJ Banal and Tyson Cave’s fight last weekend and was not able to give you links for the live streaming. Sorry about it.

Anyway, to make it up to you guys I got a video link of the fight. I would just like to give you the main fight of that day to make it short. So here are the shots:

Unlucky me I didn’t get to watch the whole fight. It was the 4th round when I started to watch but I can tell it’s totally FUNNY BUT UGLY FIGHT.

In my own opinion, Cave is not that good in boxing. He’s a type of a boxer I won’t look up or at least get any interest with. The way he fights, he seems like doing a street fight like Hatton. No offence to the boxer and their fans. But really and honestly guys, a boxer like that is not worth it to watch. From cheat punches and stuff, I can say that I will just get pissed with him and want to throw him out of the country.

My point is, if you want to be as famous as Pacquiao and be respected like him then give a good and clean fight. You don’t punch someone’s ball to make the whole fight end and you ended up the winner. Let’s be all honest, who wants that kind of fight right?

At the time of the fight I was just actually about just 5 minutes where the fight is, as you know the event was held here in Mactan, Cebu Philippines and I want to go there and slap Cave’s face. I hate this kind of boxers, they go to a boxing ring to box and what they do is street fight.

So what’s FUNNY ABOUT THE FIGHT? I’m not sure which round but there was a part where he seems to be running (literally). Another is, Cave seems to forget that he’s in the ring to box and not to sumo wrestle. He’s trying to take down Banal through throwing him down. Another funny part was, he was trying to lift Banal and it’s him ending up on the floor.

My mom, sister and I were totally laughing. If my mom is not diabetic and totally fit she would have been rolling in the floor and laughing at Cave. My sister lies down and totally laughs out loud, so loud that her tummy hurts already. As for me, I fall from my chair.

You may find this post insulting Cave but I’m just being honest here. I even remember that Cave was interviewed by a local reporter here in the Philippines and he said “I came here to fight Banal, where is he?” (Not the exact words but that was his main point). When I watched this interview, I told myself “wow! Then this would be a tough fight then…” and so I expected a good and real man to man fight.

So yeah, Cave was just doing a total bluff!

You’ve watched the video above so you could be able to give your own view about the fight. Let me hear you out, just comment down below! 

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