Philippine Azkals Raped Amanda?!?

Football (soccer) is not that new here in the Philippines. I played football at school before and stopped because my friends (neighbours) are playing basketball already. So yeah, I know the basics but I was not a total fan because we don’t get crazy about it.

Boxing and basketball are more of our thing but maybe someday football will be included because of the Philippine Azkals. A lot of people here want to join the team and want to be in the team. A lot of girls also go crazy on the half Filipino players, well obviously they’re cute and hot.

A girl named Amanda Coling came up and alleged the Philippine Azkals players raped her. I don’t know if it’s true but maybe because of me watching too much crime investigation TV series, my guts is telling me that it is not true.

Who is Amanda Coling?
Amanda is a freelance commercial model and events host and was in the FHM magazine. I haven’t heard of her actually, but that is not until she showed up and said she was raped by the Azkals.

Was she really raped?
I don’t know. Only people who are really there know if it is true and that’s if it really happened. But if she really was raped, there are some questions that came into my mind.

Good Luck Azkals?
If it was me who was raped (that’s if it is true), why would I say “GOOD LUCK! to the men who raped me? As far as I remembered Amanda was interviewed by TV Patrol reporter and she even said those words to the Azkals players when they are on their way to a game outside the country.

If it was me, I won’t even talk or can even mention their names. I think I’ll be locking myself in my house for months or I think even years. But if a reporter would really want me to say something to the men who allegedly raped me, I would say “go to hell!” and not ‘good luck!”

Still show some skin?
As mentioned above Amanda was cornered by the TV Patrol reporter and that is in the FHM event. She was wearing a dress that is above her knee but if it was me who was raped, well I’d rather be in my room wearing my pajamas. But hey, we have different kind of boosting and picking up ourselves from pieces.

No comment from the Azkals.
This makes sense, if I’m the guy and raped a girl I wouldn’t admit I raped someone without any evidence. So I’d rather say “no comment” just to be safe but I think if I heard the news for the first time and did not raped anyone I would say “Really? Can you ask her if she was dreaming, day dreaming, imagining or fantasizing me?”

Let’s face it the players are getting famous in the country and they’re totally attractive. Sadly, some people who want to be popular and enter the show business want a shortcut through using people.

But I’m not saying Amanda Coling here is using these alleged rapists, it’s just one of the thoughts that came into my mind.

I’m not an expert and I’m not saying that they’re all innocent or not. I’m just speaking my side here, so what’s yours? Speak out people.. Tell me what you think about this issue. Was she really raped or the Azkals are totally innocent?

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