Filipino Language 006: Common Phrases that Travelers Use Part 2

Here’s my second part!

Another five batch of the common phrases that travelers use, and of course do some Filipino to English translation thing and vice versa.

I got lots of views on the part one, so I’m hoping I could get more in this part. If you’ve got anything you want to add, just leave a comment! J

I have looked over an amount of list of phrases that travelers use, and it’s kind of hard for me to which next you really want to know more.  Just for the basic and to help you guys by giving you this Filipino language travel tips, hope this help!

But for the basics, here are my another batch of my top pick!

  • How much is it?
  • Left
  • Right
  • Open
  • Close

I was supposed to record a video for this but I’ve got a totally noisy background and my mic has a little problem too. I was supposed to record last night but the kids of my neighbor keep yelling, seems like they’re having a party or something.

So here’s a written tutorial! No video, no audio, let’s just read. Ready?


“How much is it?” in Filipino language is “Magkano ito?”.

I don’t know if you guys know that it’s part of us that we must be respectful to the elder, and by this we insert PO. So if you are talking to someone you respect, you can put PO. So in this phrase, we say “Magkano Po Ito?”

Where “Magkano” (mag-ka-no) means how much and “Ito” (i-to) means this.

In Cebuano we say “Tagpila ni?”. Where “tagpila”(tag-pi-la) means how much and “ni” means “this”.


Left in Tagalog is “Kaliwa” (ka-li-wa) and in Cebuano it’s “Walah” (wa-lah).

While Right in Filipino is “Kanan” (ka-nan) and in Cebuano it’s “Tuoh” (Tu-oh).


Open in Filipino is “Bukas” (Bu-kas). Bukas have another meaning, it can also mean tomorrow depending on how you say it. So if you want to say “open it!”, in Tagalog you say “Buksan ito!”.

In visayan, it is “Abli”(Ab-li).

Close in Tagalog is “Sara” (Sa-ra) and in visayan it’s “Sirado” (Si-ra-do).

Our Filipino to English translation for today is totally basic and simple. I hope this will help you out guys if you’re planning a trip here to the Philippines.

I have nothing much to say and if you’ve got something there, you’re totally welcome to comment and give a beep. J

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