Filipino love and your money…

I was in the sofa thinking hard about what I should post for today. I was thinking of something related to Filipino love since I have few post about it and I know you guys want to know about it.

But specifically what?

So I open up my MIRC software (because there are lots of foreigners I see there) and logged in. Join the Cebu Philippines channel and before I even chatted in the room someone just did grabbed my attention.

Please read image above and after the post you could share on what you can say about this guy’s post in the chat room.

Well, first off let me share what I think.

#1 it will in danger his life.

I think you all know this. Exposing yourself like this that you have money is attracting lots of people, may it good or bad intent.

I have chatted with an American guy that now lives in Manila Philippines. He shared to me a story of his friend that went to a bar and met this girl. He of course treats the girl for a drink and the girl says “could we go in your hotel room?”

So they did! They do the dead and he went to the bathroom to take a break with a thinking of continuing that deed. He was surprise to find the girl he met with two guys in his room and doing some stuff to them.

Let this be a warn to you guys! You guys should be careful out there!

#2 He won’t find real love like that.

Like what? Like that posting in public. He sounds so desperate! Don’t be in a rush my friend. Just like Mikey Bustos said in his Filipino love courting tutorial, don’t be too fast! You may want to check that out, because really it may sound just for fun or comedy purpose but what he’s saying is really true. So get that great tip from Mikey!

#3 finding a real Filipino love is not about money.

This is another thing that some people show just to make that someone be with them.

Well, honestly some people do want that. I know someone who’s so pretty, hot girl, but she would prefer a guy who is rich. She doesn’t care if the guy is hot or not, if it’s attractive or not, but as long as he is rich and he can afford stuff, then he’s the man.

Don’t really get her but hey! It’s her choice! It’s her life!

Well anyway, if you want someone who could stand with you no matter what happen, no matter how strong or weak the storm is, no matter how everything could be suck, you need someone who could accept you no matter what or who you are.

How? That’s why we have a courtship stage, and the boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. We need to get to know the person we want to spend the rest of our life with before we go to next stage.

Marriage here in the Philippines is forever you know. There’s no divorce here! Annulment? Yeah but it will take you years!

So when finding that Filipino love, cherish every step, love every seconds of the day and get to know that person first. Think if you want to spend your every day life with that person, think if you want to wake up every day with that person…. So, can you?

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