Exotic Philippines 002: Month of March Stats!

It’s been 2 months now that I have started this blog. So far, so good and I’m now getting comments from people. Well, sadly some just want to get some links or let’s just say are spam.

Sorry dear spammers! You’re not welcome here! I’ve got the time in the world to reject your comments and now set to moderation the comments. :P

The month of March have already ended and it’s time for me to let you give a look in the status of the Exotic Philippines blog.

We’re getting direct traffics now! (Yey!)  And we get traffics from blogger (thank you!), the top search engines, social bookmarking websites and social media websites. That’s pretty good than last month!

Well, all in all I’ve got a total of 449 visits for this month of March with 1,707 page views! The top country visitors came from the Philippines, USA, Canada and UK.

The top 5 Exotic Philippines blog posts for the month are:

What to watch out here in Exotic Philippines?

I’m still in the middle of configuring some stuff here in the blog and hopefully I’ll get finish it before the month of April ends.

What is it? Well, I’m having a hotel reservation page here in the website! I don’t know if you’ll like it but I do hope that you guys do!

I want to give you guys a one stop Philippine tourism blog, that’s why I want to put the hotel reservation in here. I’ll launch it as soon as I can! I hope I could get your support and make your reservations here in Exotic Philippines, where it wouldn’t be just a blog, but also a hotel reservation blog.

I’m taking one step at a time. I've got loads of stuff to do and want to do. So let’s take it easy everyone! But would love to know what you want to see in this blog. Give me a message, through the contact page here in the website and tell me what you think (if you’re shy to post it in here publicly).

Another thing to expect from the blog is that I’ll be posting maybe next month some videos that I will have. My sister is coming home from the US so we get the time to go around the Philippines ‘till first week of June.

I’m hoping and wishing to get my own camera, at least a digicam but I really want a DSLR but a digicam would be fine. J

So I don’t know if my budget will fit that I could be able to buy a digicam for myself, but I hope someone could donate. haha.. Don’t worry I’m not expecting it from you guys. I’m thinking that someone I know would love to donate. But sadly, that person don’t even read here because I told them so.

But anyway, let’s hope for the best in this blog and for all of us!

Need your thoughts!

Okay! I’m thinking of having a forum here in Exotic Philippines. Still thinking about it since it needs to be moderated, so I’ll be in need of people to moderate the forum.

So what do you think? Let me here your voice! Should we have a forum here in Exotic Philippines?

Do you appreciate what this blog do? Want to send help for this blog? Your every cents goes a long way