The Crispy Delicioso Lechon!

Philippines Lechon

My mom was craving for lechon baboy. So I grab the chance! With my family, we  all went to CNT Guadalupe, Cebu Philippines to eat one of the best lechon in Cebu. They serve a great and tasteful lechon!

CNT is one of the known chains here in the island of Cebu who makes lechon. Guadalupe is their main branch so it’s a lot way cheaper than other branches they have here. As far as I know, they only have chains here Cebu. So yeah, you can only taste their lechon here.

So here’s a short video of my visit in CNT Guadalupe. It’s a quick one because I was really hungry (it was around 1 or 2pm already) and after that I was totally full that I want to go home and sleep.

From Lapu-Lapu City to Guadalupe in Cebu City, it’s just around 1 to 2 hours of travel if there is traffic and all. But for days like Sunday, Easter Sunday, and most especially if it is Manny Pacquiao’s fight you won’t feel any traffic at all. So it will be around less than hour of travel.

Lechon is a whole pig that is roasted using the charcoal. The pig can be young or adult one but they say the young one is tastier. It is very popular in Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines and other countries, but they say, the Philippines have the best lechon and they’re totally right!

I’m not really a fan of the famous lechon baboy. I do eat it but I’m not really into it. I can eat maybe around ¼ kilo, but I think I’ll be really full by that. Why? I’m not a fan of that oily kind of food. I love its roasted skin because it’s a little bit salty and totally crispy (if fresh cooked).

Lechon is one of the Filipino food that are in demand on December and on easter Sunday here in the Philippines. With the lechon in your table, your birthday will be totally perfect! The famous lechon baboy is actually one of the favorite foods of the Filipino. Festivals, parties, events, celebrations would be a blast if you have lechon!

The famous chef, Anthony Bordain even visits Cebu to taste the lechon. He loved and said that Cebu’s lechon is the most delicious comparing to Bali or Puero Rico.
lechon parade

In Balayan,Batangas Philippines, they have a lechon parade and also claimed that they have one of the best lechon!

There’s also a so called lechon Capital of the Philippines, the La Loma, Quezon City Philippines! So if you’re in Manila, you can go there and grab the tasteful lechon!

If you’ve got leftovers of the Lechon, no problem! You can cook it as an another dish like lechon paksiw.

So come and taste the best lechon in the whole world! Come over here in the Philippines and get to experience the best thing that mother nature can offer, taste the excellent foods and have some Exotic Philippines!

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